She ALREADY has her Plan B lined up for after Made In Chelsea

As a cast member of the hugely popular Made In Chelsea reality TV show, Nicola Hughes is witnessing her profile rapidly rise. And when filming for this series wraps up, she’s hoping to make the move into presenting.

“When I was in Canada filming for RTE’s Exiles show, I worked for a TV station out there. I was able to build up my show-reel, which is invaluable," she tells SHEmazing! "And Made In Chelsea is brilliant experience too. I’m learning lots about being in front of a camera and about all the technicalities and behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into producing a big show.”

Nicola Huges has been dating her Made In Chelsea co-star Alex Mytton for around eight months – and things have already moved fast. They’ve holidayed together and she now lives with him in central London. They’re both also met each other’s respective families and despite his one-time bad-boy reputation, they are very much loved-up.

Away from the parties and glamour of the London social scene, Nicola reveals that their perfect night out is actually a night in.

“We laze around like slobs!” she laughs."It’s just so hectic all the time that if we have an evening off we want to stay in – Alex DJs a lot as well so heading out to a club would feel a bit like work for him anyway. We're happy to just put our feet up and watch Fortitude.”

Nicola and Alex went horse-riding in Hyde Park for her birthday last month


Nicola also says that although she spent years – unsuccessfully – pestering her parents to get her a dog, she and Alex are unlikely to take the plunge into puppy parenthood anytime soon. “It’s actually something we’ve spoken about. But the timing’s not right. We live in an apartment and we both travel a good bit so it wouldn’t be fair. But one day when I have a house and a garden and all that, it’s definitely on the to-do list.”

She adds that she and Alex are hoping to go to Morocco later this year. “We had planned to go see the Northern Lights, but it didn’t work out in the end. Alex is dying to go to Morocco so hopefully that will pan out instead.

Nicola and Alex have holidayed together before 


“I’m not really a sun person – you’ll usually find me in the shade with a book and a big hat on. I like waiting until it’s evening time before emerging into the rays.”