Its official Binky Felstead and her boyfriend, Alex Mytton, have split up for good.

Binky’s sister A-L, who also stars in the MIC New York spin-off, said that both Binky and Alex have both called it quits on their relationship.

"They’re not together now. I didn’t actually see any of those scenes but all I know is that they’ve gone their separate ways now. I know it hasn’t been easy for her but she’s trying to move on and build up her confidence again."

Binky faced a lot of criticism for staying with Alex, despite all the cheating allegations surrounding him. A-L said it was difficult for her to see Binky in that relationship.

"Although it was blatantly obvious to me and mum what she was doing wasn’t right, her argument was that she had to learn these lessons herself. It was difficult but it seems that she’s come through it now."

But A-L says Binky has finally moved on and has even met some new people in New York.

"Well Binky certainly met people out in New York– they were off to the Hamptons and doing lots of things so I think she met a lot of new people. So yeah, I think she had a nice time when she was out there.”