James McAvoy and his X-Men co-stars got up to a lot of mischief while shooting the movie.

The actor returns as Professor Charles Xavier in action flick X-Men: Days of Future Past, and said he shares a “real strong bond” with his co-stars, including Michael Fassbender and lovebirds Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult.

“We had a lot of fun when we were filming. We’ve got a real strong bond, both of the groups do actually. Me, Michael [Fassbender], Nic [Hoult]… Jen Lawrence, Peter Dinklage, Josh Helman… There was a lot of farting about, you can see [it],” he said.

“But then, I don’t know, that translates on the cameras [because] we’re all tied so closely and the things we sacrifice for each other, that makes a good ensemble. These movies always pick up a good ensemble,” the actor added.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits Irish cinema screens from May 22nd.