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With the general election well and truly looming, this election campaign video has certainly livened up proceedings. 

Fine Gael Kildare Martin Heydon TD has released a Back to the Future campaign flick and it includes everything from a DeLorean, white lab coats, red 'life preservers' and some pretty ace special effects. 

 Martin even enlisted the help of another Fine Gael TD Darren Scully and somehow convinced him to play the role of Doc. 

Watch the amazing video below: 



We all know it was Back To The Future day yesterday, and the whole world celebrated it with jokes about hover boards and lace-up shoes. 

Toyota even made a little clip to honour the day. 

But what no one expected last night, was Marty McFly and Doc Brown to appear on Jimmy Kimmel.

Yes, Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd took a ten minute trip down memory lane in probably the best actor reuniting ever:



After many years of hoaxes and ill-informed Photoshop edits, Back To The Future Day is finally here – and for REAL this time. 

There have been many Marty McFly based articles filtering the web over the past few days, from hoverboard-based posts, to Jaws 19 BUT for many, this video is something we've all been waiting for. 

Many of the original locations feature in this five minute clip and Marty's prized Toyota truck even makes an appearance:



In this science-fiction movie mash up, the  X-Men franchise gets all mixed up with Back To The Future, with pretty hilarious results.

Why does Marty McFly have Wolverine sideburns?!