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Boots Ireland are proud to launch this year’s Night Walk in aid of the Irish Cancer Society Night Nurses. The Boots Night Walk will take place on Monday 7th September — you choose the time and place of your 5K and we’ll all walk together from afar!

Previously, annual Night Walks have taken place in various locations across the country, welcoming participants to walk together in order to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society Night Nurses. However, due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, this year they’re doing things a bit differently.

The Irish Cancer Society Night Nurses offer a wonderful service, including free end-of-life care to cancer patients across Ireland, allowing them to remain in their own homes, surrounded by family and friends during what can be a very difficult and anxious time in their lives.

Campaign ambassador Sile Seoige, who has fought her own battle with cancer, highlights the impact of cancer on families and the need for support.

“Having been through cancer, I know how challenging it can be for both the patient and their loved ones. Support services like the Irish Cancer Society's Night Nurses are vital. These incredible people bring such kindness to the homes of those who need it most. They sit through the night with the patient and are a reassuring presence for all the family. I am proud to support Boots Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society for this campaign and invite everyone to fundraise and get out and walk on 7th September 2020 in aid of this wonderful service.”

There are 192 Night Nurses in operation around Ireland, providing up to 10 nights of care for cancer patients in their own home, during the last days of their life. The service is provided completely free of charge and has experienced significantly increased demand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

People can support by participating and fundraising via BootsNightWalk.com or by purchasing an Honour Tag in any Boots store nationwide.


Kendall Jenner is facing a bit of backlash (and has been turned into a meme) after a video of her walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 was leaked. 

The video shows Kendall's rather lacklustre runway walk as she saunters towards the flashing cameras at the end of the runway. 

'I do a better walk than her when I’m walking to my fridge' the cutting tweet reads. 

Kendall Jenner was the highest-paid model in 2017, surpassing the legendary supermodel Gisele Bündchen.Kendall reportedly earned a staggering €18.7 million in 2017 thanks to her campaign coups and her social media endorsement deals.

She has appeared on the Victoria's Secret runway previously, with some of her poses being descried as 'awkward' by viewers of the show. 

Image result for kendall jenner victorias secret

 Kendall is clearly a gorgeous woman, with model looks for days, but many of her critics feel that she may have only been as successful as she is based on her surname. 

Looks are simply not enough to make it in modelling, with the elusive 'It Factor' being a requirement. 

We can't comment on the calibre of Kendall's runway work, but we would LOVE for Miss J. Alexander to weigh in…


There are few things more dread-inducing than the prospect of staring down a packed tube platform full of stressed out and aggressive commuters at eight in the morning or, even worse, getting gridlocked in that notorious London traffic.

The intense crowds, frequent breakdowns and that wonderful quirk of the Tube wherein it has zero air conditioning or ventilation can make your morning commute feel like a battle march.

Not to worry, though; with a few simple steps you'll soon be bossing that commute like a pro and the stress will soon feel like a distant memory.

Here's how to survive London in rush hour.

Source: Pixaby

Know the Rules of the Game

Anyone who has been in London for more than five seconds will know that there is a Byzantine etiquette system comprising of dozens of rules that must be followed in order to avoid the ire of your fellow passengers.

Most of these rules are honestly just a combination of noise, urban myths and personal preferences, so definitely don't spend too much time getting worked up over whether your platform posture in on point.

As long as you know the few simple essentials, your trip will go more smoothly.

These are; keep your Oyster card ready and in-hand the second you enter the station, stick to the right on the escalators, don't talk loudly and, most importantly, never make eye contact with your fellow commuters.

Come Prepared with Distractions

Chances are you'll be dealing with the same commute every day, to the point where you could travel the whole route with your eyes closed.

This kind of commuter autopilot is common, with the positive side being that you should be able to zone out and immerse yourself in less stressful activities during your journey – just remember to keep your wits about you on station platforms and road crossings!

A good online game is always the ideal way to get through the journey, ideally something engaging like a puzzle game or online escapade.

For example, there are now lots of roulette games online, from European to American, that you'll be able to play at any point during your commute when you need to zone out, thanks to that sweet and brand new Tube WiFi.

Your commute is also valuable time in your day that you can use to catch up on things you've been neglecting.

So, read that novel that has been gathering dust, finish that podcast, or simply burn through your emails.

Source: Pixaby

Mix It Up

A morning commute doesn't have to be something to just get through, to be banished to the annals of memory and not thought about until 5 pm. You can actually enjoy it. The best way to do this is by occasionally mixing things up.

Explore your city by walking part of the journey, which might involve having to get out of bed a few minutes earlier but is definitely worthwhile in such a beautiful and varied city as London.

Even just going via a different bus route might feel like a refreshing and pleasant surprise, as seeing your city as new again will remind you why you moved here in the first place.


Normally the one being taken for a walk, this tiny puppy aptly name Walker is bringing his new friend for a stroll!


How cute is this little guy?

Yoda the Chihuahua is so excited about his walk and he can’t hide it!



Spring is here and it is beautiful out – the perfect weather for a hike!

These walks vary in difficulty, from easy and leisurely to a day-hike that you will feel in your thighs the next day!

1. The Glen of Aherlow, Tipperary
This area of Ireland is simply stunning. Choose from a leisurely stroll around the Glen taking in the panoramic views or perhaps brave a hike up the Galtees.

2. Inishbofin Westquarter Loop Walk, Galway
Take in the beautiful scenery of this world famous area and you won’t regret it!

3. The Dingle Way, Kerry
Dingle is famous all over the world for it’s stunning views – have you experienced it yet? 

4. Glendalough, Wicklow
An historic walk with lots to learn and see. 

5. Killarney National Park, Kerry
This park is huge, get lost and see what you discover! From the lake to the waterfall and a stunning house, if you are feeling tired treat yourself to one of the horse drawn carriages.

6. Carrauntoohil, Kerry
The highest point in Ireland, this one isn’t for the faint hearted!

7. Croagh Patrick, Mayo
This mountain is not only a popular walk but is taken on by hundreds of pilgrims each July.

8. Sugar Loaf, Wicklow
Take in the panoramic views of Co. Dublin and Wicklow with this popular hike.