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Spencer Matthews and his close friend James apparently have a very tight bond, judging by this exclusive wedding photo of the pair.

New father Spencer welcomed baby Theodore last September, and has known Kate Middleton's brother, James, for a long time.

Today, reality star Spencer shared a new photo from the happy day, as he declares "I feel lucky every day to be married" to his wife Vogue Williams.


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The adorable photo shows Spencer and his pal James looking especially dashing as they jump for joy on Vogue and her husband's special day of celebration.

He captioned the snap; "Thought I’d share this fun snap of James and I on my wedding day to the one and only Vogue Williams! What an amazing weekend that was…"

The pair were married on the Scottish grounds of the Matthews family estate last year, and have been inseparable ever since.


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Spencer proposed with this massive rock at the Lyceum Theatre in London's West End last February, and their joy at starting a family is palpable.

The happy couple debuted their TV series Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too this week, which hilariously follows the pair as the navigate parenthood with their newborn son Theodore.

We want more photos like this Spencer, give us the goods.

Feature image credit: Hello Magazine


Vogue Williams has shared the most encouraging message to women who are trying to be more active this year.

Many of us have vowed to join the gym, cut down on junk food and eat more greens this year, but it isn’t always easy.


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Vogue, who is a fitness fanatic, admitted that even she can struggle with staying focused on working out and eating well.

She posted a bikini photo to Instagram alongside the most honest message: “It’s January so I know lots of people will be starting at the gym. Firstly the fact you’ve even started is unreal, don’t feel intimidated in there.”


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She told her followers to go to classes, get the odd PT and you’ll be flying in no time.

The DJ explained that she adores going to the gym, especially because of the impact it has on both her physical and mental health.

“It’s great for my body but even better for my mind. Women are hard on themselves, I’m hard on myself too but I’m happy with my body now,” she wrote.


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Vogue may have a figure to die for, but the mum said being slim isn’t the be all and end all.

“It made a baby, that’s what impresses me most,” the mum gushed.

“I get asked a lot about what I do to stay in shape. I’m consistent in the gym and I eat healthy ISH. I never say no to things I want but eat them in moderation,” Vogue revealed.


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She begged her followers not to fall for ‘ridiculous flat tummy shakes or diet suppressants’ that are constantly promoted by celebrities and influencers around this time of the year.

“If you want to tone up and lose weight, move more and eat healthily. It’s a slower process than a full-on diet but the results show and last longer,” she added.

We love how honest Vogue is.

Our Instagram feeds have been flooded with posts about shedding the Christmas weight and the Kardashian clan are forever promoting diet shakes so there’s no doubt Vogue’s honest and positive post has made us and a lot of other women feel far better.


It looks like Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are going to be expanding their brood.

The couple, who welcomed their first baby in September, have opened up about a second child.

So when do they want to have this sibling for son, Theodore?

Spencer said that he wants to start trying ASAP.


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He said, ''[We want] lots of little Theodores. We'll name them all Theodore – Theodore one to four. I'm actually trying to convince Vogue that we should start trying again at the end of the year, though."

The pair invited Hello! magazine into their gorgeous London home and gushed about how this year has been the most exciting of their lives.

Vogue said, ''If anything Theodore has made our relationship even better.''

She continued, ''Seeing Spencer as a dad is incredible and he makes me able to be the mother that I am. I think that in the run up to being a dad he had already changed dramatically. It's all really about family now for both of us, and especially Spencer.''


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She added, ''He really puts his family first. Neither of us go out much anymore…we're so settled now and our priorities are so different. He’s the best thing that ever happened to us."

Spencer also thinks highly of his wife as a mum – a role that she has embraced with open arms.

Spencer said, ''I just think Vogue is the most exceptional mother – and I'm not just saying that because she can hear me. She is extremely attentive, she is caring, generous with her time…I've always been in awe of my wife, in many aspects, and being a mother is certainly her finest achievement."

They seem like the perfect family – and the pitter-patter of tiny feet may not be too far off for them. 


Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews have been working on a very exciting project and we are thrilled for the lovebirds.

Presenter Vogue confirmed that they will be releasing their very own TV show in 2019.

The DJ shared a promo photo from their show on Instagram earlier today: “Very excited to let you all know that @spencermatthews and I have been working on our own show!”


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Vogue revealed that the show will be titled Spencer and Vogue Adult(ish).

The series will air on E4 in the coming months. Vogue stated that it will hit our TV screens early next year.

Spencer is no stranger to the TV world. The dad starred on popular reality series Made In Chelsea for many years before leaving to focus on his life with Vogue.

“It’s been so much fun filming, we can’t wait for you to watch,” she gushed.


A post shared by S P E N C E R (@spencermatthews) on

The show will follow the couple’s new life as parents and we can’t wait to see how their lives have changed since welcoming their son Theodore.

Vogue gave birth to their baby boy on September 5, 2018.


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They confirmed their son’s arrival by sharing the cutest photos on their individual Instagram accounts and have been keeping fans up to date ever since.

Fans certainly adore seeing Vogue and Spencer’s family photos so there is no doubt their show will be a huge hit.

Will you tune into Spencer and Vogue Adult(ish) in the new year?



Vogue Williams shared the most adorable snap of her and baby Theodore.

And we cannot handle how cute he is!


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The mum wanted to get her hair done but wasn’t sure if this was a possibility with her son in her care.

The mum shared an adorable selfie with her son and her hairdresser in the salon, saying: “I’m testing the waters of where I can bring Theodore.

“So far it’s everywhere, which is good because I don’t want to leave his side!”


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Theodore looks like a tiny train conductor in his collared onesie and wide-brimmed cap.

He looks too cute pouting with full lips just like his mum's.

Many fans have already commented on the photo, advising Vogue to cherish these moments she has with her son while she can.

“Awwww so sweet! Mummy & Son time all the time, love it”, said one fan.

“Take them everywhere! Extra pairs of hands are great in any form!!” said another.


A post shared by voguewilliams (@voguewilliams) on

Vogue has enjoyed spending as much time as she can with little Theodore and loves having a bring along buddy to take with her wherever she goes.

The young mum and her husband Spencer welcomed their son into the world on September 5th.

And since then, they have began to discover the ins and outs of parenting, including the pros of day dates.

We are glad to see Vogue treasuring her time with her son and can’t wait to see how he grows to look more like his mummy and daddy each day.


It looks like Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are set to star in their own reality TV show and we couldn't be more excited. 

For the new parents, who welcomed their first kid Theodore in September, the show will reportedly follow their lives as newlyweds and as they adjust to life with a baby. 

It will be a miniseries on E4 and you can bet we will be tuning in. 


Not our best look @spencermatthews

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 A source said that ''reality' TV will always be in Spencer and Vogue’s blood – especially given they met on The Jump.''

They continued, ''after being approached a number of times, they’ve decided it’s time for them to head back on screen and open their doors to fans.''

And little Theodore will deffo be in the spotlight. 

“Theodore, who is affectionately known as Beefy by his adoring parents, will be taking centre stage as the cameras follow his mum and dad knee deep in nappies, as they try to figure out how on earth to be the best mum and dad they can be.”


Morning from the Matthews boys!!

A post shared by S P E N C E R M A T T H E W S (@spencermatthews) on

Their show will not be like Sam Faiers' Mummy Diaries but instead a “light-hearted look at the Matthews household” with the “hands-on” parents at the centre. 

Baby Theodore has been a regular feature on both his parent's social media since his birth.

Spencer posted an adorbs snap of him and his son snuggled up in bed, captioned, ''morning from the Matthews boys!!''

We cannot wait for this show – we'll be hooked for sure. 


There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning – laying around in a comfy outfit and having a good yawn on occasion. 

Clearly Vogue William's little boy Theodore agrees. 

Vogue shared a gorgeous snap of her new baby boy doing the cutest little yawn over on Instagram. 


A post shared by voguewilliams (@voguewilliams) on

Vogue gave us a bit of a giggle with her snap, captioning it 'Sundays got me like.' 

Theodore is Vogue's first child with husband Spencer Matthews. The couple welcomed their son one month ago. 

'This morning at 3:55am, we welcomed our son into a quiet London hospital… He is beautiful and healthy. We feel truly blessed,' she said at the time. 


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The couple are clearly taking to parenthood like a duck to water. Last night, new Dad Spencer shared another cute picture of Theo on his own Instagram. 

Bath time is one of those parent moments which can either be a gorgeous bonding experience or a bit of a splashy nightmare. Whichever way it went, Spencer gave his followers an insight into Theodore's cute after-bath attire. 

The one month old looked so cute in a fluffy, bunny-themed towel, and jaysus, we cannot get over how much he looks like his Dad.

'Oh, after baths, I also have a bunny towel… I Basically love bunnies,' he captioned the snap. 

We are loving following Spencer and Vogue's open and honest parenting journey. 



Spencer Matthews is loving being a father.

Pictures of his son are beginning to cover his Instagram page, and we could not be more excited about it.

Baby Theodore is one of the cutest babies we have ever seen.


A post shared by S P E N C E R M A T T H E W S (@spencermatthews) on

The doting dad recently shared one of the most adorable snapshots yet, showing his little boy wrapped up in his favourite towel.

After giving the baby a bath, Spencer shared his son’s obsession with bunnies.

“Oh, after baths, I also have a bunny towel… I Basically love bunnies!” the dad mimicked Theodore’s voice.


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Him and his wife Vogue also bought their boy a knitted hoodie designed to make the wearer look like a tiny rabbit.

Complete with dotted eyes, long whiskers, and floppy ears, baby Theodore could not look cuter in the warm coat.

The parents adore their son’s fascination with the furry creatures – after all, it does make for some precious pictures.


A post shared by S P E N C E R M A T T H E W S (@spencermatthews) on

Vogue has been equally as excited with their family’s newest addition and has been capturing images of her son shining with joy.

Theodore is the spitting image of his father; however, he appears to have his mum’s modelling skills.

Vogue and Spencer welcomed their first child into the world about a month ago and are still adjusting to life as new parents.


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Low sleep, long nights, and constant cries appear to have faded into the background for the pair as they focus on the smiles and cuddles their beautiful baby boy gives them.

What a gorgeous family!



Model and DJ Vogue Williams has had a busy year, with the birth of her first child and her non-stop TV work.

However, the presenter is showing no signs of slowing down, as she took to Instagram to give fans a preview of her upcoming and hotly anticipated tan brand.

She announced five months ago that she is lending her hand to beauty product development, and clearly the venture is progressing.

'I have just gotten the bottle for my new gel tan and how good is this?' she exclaimed, showing her followers the pop-up lid bottle.

'I love the way it opens.' 

The sneak peek is giving us an insight into what Vogue's tan offering will actually look like when it lands on our shelves. 


A post shared by voguewilliams (@voguewilliams) on

The former Fade Street star previously said that while she appreciates that there are many tans on the market, she hasn't quite found one that ticks all the boxes.

'I’ve been working on a product line over the last few months. It's a TAN,' she told her followers. 

'It's still a work in progress… at the moment I am still trialling formulations – testing different consistencies, colours and fragrances (all safe to use while pregnant too btw!)' 

'Launching my own tan is something I have always wanted to do.. there are so many on the market but I have yet to find one that I'm 100% happy with, so why not create my own!'

We can't wait  to see the finished product. 



Vogue Williams is celebrating her first birthday as a mum and it’s safe to say she is already having the most wonderful day.

The presenter turns 33 today and in honour of her special day husband Spencer has penned a very sweet birthday message.

He shared a gorge photo of Vogue posing with what looks like the most divine birthday cake ever.


A post shared by S P E N C E R M A T T H E W S (@spencermatthews) on

New mum Vogue looked absolutely beautiful in the snap.

The family treated themselves to Terry’s chocolate orange and Cadbury’s wholenut chocolate cake for Vogue’s big day.

He wrote “Happy birthday to my darling wife @voguewilliams."

“May you never change!! Your boys love you with all that they are,” Spencer gushed.

The couple have been enjoying every second of parenthood since welcoming their first child into the world at the beginning of September.

Vogue announced their son Theodore’s arrival by posting the cutest photo on Instagram.

'This morning at 3:55 am, we welcomed our son into a quiet London hospital… He is beautiful and healthy. We feel truly blessed,' she wrote.



It is easy to celebrate when our partner does a good job at something, for most of the time their happiness makes us happy…right?

Well, maybe not all the time.

Sometimes our competitive nature fights its way to the forefront, and we find ourselves jealous of just how talented some people are at seemingly everything.

Even the gorgeous Vogue Williams feels this way when it comes to her husband Spencer Matthews.


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As a reality television star, author, and fantastic family man, Vogue didn’t think her hubby could have any other skills to show off.

That was until he made it to the final round of Celebrity Masterchef.

The Irish model said that Spencer is “annoyingly” good at everything he tries and he knows it, reported The Independent.

Spencer is “competitive [and] loud. The most self-confident person I’ve ever met in my life,” the model told the newspaper.

“But also the nicest person I’ve ever met in my life. Annoyingly he is really good at everything.”

Vogue has her own strengths in their relationship. She has always been hard-working and career driven as a model, TV and radio personality, and Bear Grylls: Mission Survive winner.


A post shared by voguewilliams (@voguewilliams) on

The two recently welcomed a baby boy together named Theodore.

And since then, it seems the competition has been on between the two more than ever.

Vogue's comments about Spencer are so relatable but we all know we adore a confident man as well.

It is just one of those things we love and hate at the same time, with love winning out more so in the end.


Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews have finally revealed the name of their baby boy and we are in love.

The parents welcomed their son into the world on September 5, 2018 and we have been itching to know his name ever since.

The new mum kept her baby boy's name private for quite some time but the presenter finally revealed it in an interview with Hello magazine.

Vogue and Spencer opted for a traditional name and it is too cute.

They decided to call their son Theodore.


A post shared by voguewilliams (@voguewilliams) on

Vogue wrote on Instagram: "My whole world has changed with the arrival of our beautiful boy Theodore."

She continued: "The last two weeks have been the best of my life. I am loving every minute of being a mother, even the very sleepy wake up calls at night. Spencer and I have never felt love like it.

"Theodore you are our world," the mum added.

We simply can't get enough of the name Theodore. The traditional name is of Greek origin. It means "gift of God."


A post shared by voguewilliams (@voguewilliams) on

How cute!

Vogue and Spencer couldn't have picked a better name for their darling boy.

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