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When it comes to fake tan, us Irish ladies are total pros.

Whether you keep fake tan strictly for special events or couldn't handle the thought of stepping outside without a sunkissed glow, you're no doubt already an expert in the application, removal and maintenance of tanning products.

Here are just a few of the struggles us fake tan lovers (read: addicts) have to face on a regular basis.

1. Feeling like a giant pink marshmallow after exfoliating all our tan off
It has to be done to ensure an even application but… NO-ONE LOOK AT US NOW PLEASE.


2. Writing off a solid chunk of our Thursday night as tanning time
Think of it as an investment for the weekend.


3. Always trying to get the balance right when tanning our hands
And don't get us started on tanning between our fingers…


4. Spending ten minutes twirling and waving our arms to speed the drying process along
So attractive whilst naked and clammy.


5. Freaking out because we've lost the only t-shirt we can wear while our tan develops overnight
Going topless is NOT an option. Skin on skin = streak city.


6. Ruining bed sheets, towels, carpets and walls on a weekly basis
Someone needs to invent tanning insurance.


7. Having to be stretchier than a gymnast when no-one's around to tan our back
That tiny area in the middle is a PAIN.


8. Ending up with manky faded patches if we leave it on longer than four days
Inside of the elbow, ankle, back of the knee and of course the underboob area. Scabies, anyone?

tan animated GIF


9. Knowing that certain items of clothing will only work when we're super-brown
Looking at you, white dress.


10. Being jealous of anyone who can actually work the pale look
We could too, if we weren't so pink and pasty-skinned.



If like us you completely refuse to accept that the summer is over, this week’s Beauty Product of The Week will bring a smile to your not-so-sun kissed face. The cold season has appeared from nowhere it seems, and us summer-lovers are dreading the effects it might have on our complexion.

We need a saviour- something that will help us keep our glow as the days get short and sunny afternoons seem like a distant memory. This is where Bondi Sands comes in. With their brand-new range of ‘GLO’ products, you can hang on to your summer glow this autumn. 

The new range is perfect for busy ladies (and gentlemen) who wish to glow up instantly. With three new instant tan products: Gloss, Matte and Shimmer, Bondi Sands has your sunless tanning needs covered. This gorge new range blurs the lines between self-tan and makeup, providing instant colour and texture that lasts. With shimmering colour and high shine luminosity, Bondi Sands Glo smooths out imperfections and is customisable for the face and body.

GLO MATTE ONE DAY TAN: Think Australian Summer, bottled. GLO matte will give you a natural beach babe tan, providing instant lustre and matte colour to skin. The skin perfecting formula can be used to top up both natural or self-tan, or to contour the face and body with a bronzing brush. 

GLO SHIMMER ONE DAY TAN: For that lit-from-within glow, GLO shimmer one day tan is infused with light reflecting particles to highlight, giving you a glistening bronzed finish. Buff across the collarbone, cheekbones, eyelids and beyond, to enhance your skin’s natural radiance.  Alternatively, mix with foundation to customise your glow and add a delicate sheen to your skin.

GLO GLOSS FINISHING GLOW: Worn on top of GLO Shimmer, GLO Matte or alone, GLO gloss finishing glow delivers both colour and texture to create a bronzed dewy look. A definite beauty bag essential, the reflective high-shine formula highlights your face and body, adorning your skin with radiance.

Transporting the Australian summer is what Bondi Sands do best, and as the gloomy Irish winter approaches, the new GLO range is JUST what the doctor ordered to keep us looking glowy and sun-kissed.

Pick up your Bondi Sands ‘GLO’ products today for just €11.99. Available at Cloud10beauty, Lloyds, McCauley’s and independent pharmacies nationwide.




Feeling shame can impact negatively on women’s wellbeing, confidence and mental health. A new survey conducted by St. Tropez, has found that shaming can be a very real part of Irish women’s day-to-day life. In Ireland, tanning is commonplace, with 1 in 5 women wearing tan daily and almost half (44%) revealing they’d wear it to dinner.

Yet despite being the biggest tanning region of Great Britain with 65% of Irish women using self-tan vs 45% in the North of England (the UK region with the most number of self-tan wearers),  why are so many shaming? Who is doing it and why?

55% of Irish women admit to judging their fellow females for wearing a sunless tan with 7 out of 10 (68%) women in Limerick admitting to having judged other women who use self-tan specifically compared to just over a half (54%) of women in Dublin.

58% of women who have experienced judging looks and insults say that their confidence was seriously knocked, they went straight home, and they did not wish to leave the house. Whilst 70% of the women surveyed admit a badly applied tan is the number 1 reason they judge another’s appearance.


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Shocking. In an age where positive body confidence messages are high on the agenda in schools, the workplace and from consumer brands – it appears that its women who need to start supporting the cause.

But, in-spite-of the stigmas, the survey revealed that the top two reasons for Irish women proudly wearing fake tan are to make them feel confident and look well with 41% citing confidence in particular. In addition, having a post-holiday tan is a confidence booster for 27% of Irish women, which also suggests that golden glowing skin inspires us to feel our best and on top of our game.

These insights have led St. Tropez to boldly address the stigmas surrounding self-tanning head-on, with a motivational campaign entitled You Set the Tone which aims to highlight that tanning is more about how you feel than how you look and a goal of empowering women to feel more confident, every day. Launching on the 10th April, the campaign aims to put the Self back in self-tan and has the support of Philanthropist and Charity Founder, Katie Piper, as well as an army of brand fans.

Katie said, “I’m backing St. Tropez’s You Set the Tone campaign as it’s vitally important for women to feel confident in their own skin and with their own bodies, and if a beauty product or regime can help them achieve this, it can only be positive.

Every woman has an individual reason for how they wear their make-up or hair and it’s no different with self-tan. Tanning doesn’t just add colour, it can also help to even out skin tone, cover up pigmentation or redness, allow you to wear less make up or go without heavy foundations.

The survey findings show that us women need to be supporting and celebrating each other and finding ways to improve our self-esteem and ultimately, our mental wellbeing”

St. Tropez is pledging to give women across Ireland the tools to feel confident, look glowing and make tan-shaming for bad application a thing of the past with game-changing developments. New St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Gel, which sold out within hours of its official launch in February, is a one of a kind innovation that means no-streaks, no-transfer, no-stickiness and no-fake tan smell, and 88% of users agree.

Enough of the judgement! St. Tropez boldly empowers women to set their own tone.



We are forever envious of the lovely Vogue Williams. The new mum never fails to look absolutely stunning no matter what the event.

She’s got the most beautiful, healthy glow and now you can too as the presenter has finally launched her own tan range.


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The DJ has been teasing the range for quite some time so there’s no doubt fans are eager to get their hands on it.

The full Bare by Vogue collection features a foam, a lotion and an instant tan. Each product comes in three shades- medium, dark and ultra dark.

The luxuriously rich tanning range is enriched with Super Peptides which help to smooth, plump, firm and improve skin elasticity, all whilst creating a flawless ready to wear colour.

The formulas are enriched with Goji Berry, Oatmeal, Chamomile, Pomegranate and Grapefruit which help to promote natural skin health and the ultimate glow!

We will certainly be treating ourselves to this range. The days of hiding our pasty pale Irish skin will be long gone and we will be glowing like Vogue in no time.

The tan will be available online and in stores from next week:

Foam 150ml: €25
Lotion 200ml: €25
Instant 150ml: €18



It has been a blustery autumn so far, and we have rarely let our legs out in the cold air – let alone the sunlight.

Sadly, we have bid adieu to our summer holiday bronze and have been forced to confront the fact that we will not get it back any time soon.

Or can we?

bBold has launched their new, affordable luxury tanning set just in time for the winter holidays.

The award-winning beauty range has collaborated with Boots to offer the perfect gift set – consisting of customers’ most favourite bronzing products.

The set includes: bBold Liquid Dark, Flawless Legs (medium and dark), Xtra Dark Mousse, Prep and Maintain Moisturiser, Microfibre Gloves, Contour Kit, Multi-Purpose Brush, and a Glittery Make up Bag.

Originally costing €130, you can buy the set in Boots for just €49.99 – but act fast because it’s only available this week (until October 17th).

The self-tanning range combines naturally derived ingredients like red berry erythrulose, aloe vera, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E that will revitalise and nourish dry and damaged skin while maintaining a gorgeous tan.

bBold is eco-conscious as well, providing products that are paraben-free, vegan friendly, and against animal cruelty.

And their non-streak formulas make the self-tanning creams easier than ever to apply at home.

So make sure to pick up your kit this week, whether it’s a Christmas present or you just want to treat yo self. Go on, you deserve it!



Model and DJ Vogue Williams has had a busy year, with the birth of her first child and her non-stop TV work.

However, the presenter is showing no signs of slowing down, as she took to Instagram to give fans a preview of her upcoming and hotly anticipated tan brand.

She announced five months ago that she is lending her hand to beauty product development, and clearly the venture is progressing.

'I have just gotten the bottle for my new gel tan and how good is this?' she exclaimed, showing her followers the pop-up lid bottle.

'I love the way it opens.' 

The sneak peek is giving us an insight into what Vogue's tan offering will actually look like when it lands on our shelves. 


A post shared by voguewilliams (@voguewilliams) on

The former Fade Street star previously said that while she appreciates that there are many tans on the market, she hasn't quite found one that ticks all the boxes.

'I’ve been working on a product line over the last few months. It's a TAN,' she told her followers. 

'It's still a work in progress… at the moment I am still trialling formulations – testing different consistencies, colours and fragrances (all safe to use while pregnant too btw!)' 

'Launching my own tan is something I have always wanted to do.. there are so many on the market but I have yet to find one that I'm 100% happy with, so why not create my own!'

We can't wait  to see the finished product. 



It's no secret that us Irish girls have a bit of an obsession with fake tan. 

Our fair pale complexions weren't exactly designed for direct sun-light, and well, we'd rather get our glow from a bottle than risk damaging our skin.

However, it comes with a lot of questions – from making it last longer to the dreaded patchy spots – the application of fake tan is truly an art form in itself. 

But never fear, because we spoke a CatwalkHQ Self Tan expert some of the most common queries so you can prep yourself for the season ahead. 

What is the best way to prep our skin before applying fake tan? 

"Make sure to start your prep at least a day, if not two days before you want to apply tan. Exfoliate skin to remove any previous tan and to get rid of any dead skin cells to leave a smooth base for the tan to apply to.

"Following this, make sure to hydrate your skin by applying a moisturiser, preferably oil free as this won’t leave any residue that will affect the tan application. Do this in the days leading up to your tanning day."

What steps can we take to make our tan last longer? 

"As mentioned prepping your skin is key, so a good foundation will automatically help this. In the days prior to applying your tan make sure to keep skin hydrated. This will also help avoid that dreaded patchy effect!"

How to remove tan without it going patchy? 

"By moisturising the skin to help prolong the tans wear, this will also have the added effect of allowing it to wear more evenly."

How does shaving affect tan?

"Shaving right before tanning isn’t a great idea as it will leave the pores open and attracts the tan to them.

"Similarly, shaving after isn’t ideal either as it wears the tan more quickly.

"For optimal results shave or wax at least 24 hours prior  to tanning and this will allow time for pores to close. If you are in a rush however and do need to shave and tan within close proximity to one another try running cold water over the shaved areas to help close the pores a little."

Is it safe to put tan on your face?

"Generally yes, certain tans will have ingredients that won’t agree with your skin so try and find one with more natural products. 

"When applying tan, don’t apply it directly to the face. Pump a small amount out onto your mitt and mix with a moisturiser, then using a buffing brush work it onto your face, avoiding the eye area."

Missed a spot? What's the best quick fix? 

"Similar to how you apply tan to your face, pump out a small amount of tan onto a mitt and mix with moisturiser and buff onto the missed area. The moisturiser mixed with the tan will make the colour less harsh and will allow it to blend seamlessly."

With summer fast approaching, how will the chlorine in pools affect our tan? 

"The more contact your body has with water – be it showering, the pool, or the sea – the quicker your tan will fade. Some tans fade a lot more evenly than others.

"Some tips to help avoid patchy tan would be to pat yourself dry as opposed to wiping motions. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and use an SPF that sprays onto the skin as opposed to a lotion."

Any other tips or advice? 

"When tanning hands and feet make sure to use the same technique as the face. This will give a far more natural look to them. Don’t forget to get in between those fingers and toes too. Tan also doesn't generally have SPF in it is, make sure not to forget it!"



Getting dolled up for a night out is half the fun, but when you're getting ready on your own and have to tan your back, it becomes a struggle. Ugh.

For years we have tried different hacks, including putting a tanning mit on a clothes hanger and trying to reach around.

But now, Cocoa Brown tan has created a new tanning mit which will come in fairly handy on your next night out.

The Self Tan Back Applicator will hit the shelves in June and will sell for only €7.99. It will be stocked pharmacies nationwide, Penneys and Cocoa Brown stockists in the next few weeks. Hurrah – just in time for summer!

Girls, we'll never have to strain ourselves again.


Us Irish ladies are certified fake tan experts, but even we don't get things right all of the time.

No matter how carefully you apply it or how long you let it dry for, there's always the haunting worry that you might end up with a massive hand-shaped white mark on your leg, or an ankle that's six shades darker than you'd hoped.

Luckily there are some simple things you can do to ensure your tan is streak-free and even every time.

Here are some of the tips we swear by…

Choose your exfoliant wisely
Scrubbing away dead skin and leftover tan is a must if you want to avoid patches and streaks. But be sure to use an oil-free exfoliant like a salt scrub to avoid residue that can wreak havoc with your tanning product. Even better, use an exfoliating glove with body wash, instead of a scrub.


Moisturise with care
Be cautious how you moisturise before applying fake tan. Use a lotion rather than a cream, choosing one that sinks in quickly and doesn't leave a residue. Some tans call for no moisturiser beforehand, but if you can't bear the thought of skipping out, just be sure to give your lotion an hour to sink in fully.


Use a mitt or glove
We all have our own methods of applying fake tan, but to avoid telltale dark patches in between your fingers, it's essential you protect your hands. Foam mitts work great for tanning mousse and cream, while liquid or oil tans work well with latex gloves. To ensure your hands still get an even glow, mix some product with moisturiser and gently apply on the backs of your hands using cotton wool pads.


Invest in a buffing mitt
If you're sick of dark knees and elbows, it's time to get professional. Buffing mitts come cheap, and can be used on any areas where a build-up of tan is common, to spread out the product without wiping it off completely.


Maintain your tan properly
If your tanning product has a strong smell the next day, take a short shower without body wash and gently pat yourself dry. Keep showers short as a general rule to avoid colour fading ahead of time, and avoid chlorinated pools.



Most of us – at some stage or other – have delved into the just fine and dandy fake tans readily available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

You read the instructions carefully and give it your best try. Most of the time it works out great, and for those other times… well, we just won't talk about them. 

So when we recently discovered that you can use an old tea bag to self-tan, we pondered over whether it would work or not. 

Yes, we make face masks and hair masks from products in our kitchen cupboards but tanning is a whole different story. No one wants to end up a weird brown or orange hue when they wake up in the morning!

So, we found beauty writer, Cheryl Wischhover's account of how she used the delightful tea bag to tan herself. 

The results may surprise you.

Cheryl first tells us that there is an active ingredient in tea called tannic acid that gives it its colour, so the stain is perfect for tanning. 

She used Twinings English Breakfast tea for the DIY project. Recipes vary online but she used one tea bag for every one to 60mls of hot water. Cheryl split the difference and used 12 teas bags in 475ml hot water. 

She left it soaking for about 20 minutes, wringing all the bags out individually to make sure she got all the concentrated liquid out. 

She ended up with the most powerful looking mug of tea she has ever seen!

Cheryl then poured the liquid into a mist-spray bottle and tested it on her arm. It dried in quite quickly but she had to spray a lot of it to get a dark colour. When she woke up the next morning it was still there. Result!

She then decided to go to the gym and it all heads downhill from there. Within 20 minutes of running on a treadmill, pockets of brown liquid were falling by her side. The smell of tea filled the air and she had to rub the remainder onto her towel. Not a very good look!

It all started so well but as a durable tan, we think we'll still with our regular stuff, thanks all the same.