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Spencer Matthews and his close friend James apparently have a very tight bond, judging by this exclusive wedding photo of the pair.

New father Spencer welcomed baby Theodore last September, and has known Kate Middleton's brother, James, for a long time.

Today, reality star Spencer shared a new photo from the happy day, as he declares "I feel lucky every day to be married" to his wife Vogue Williams.


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The adorable photo shows Spencer and his pal James looking especially dashing as they jump for joy on Vogue and her husband's special day of celebration.

He captioned the snap; "Thought I’d share this fun snap of James and I on my wedding day to the one and only Vogue Williams! What an amazing weekend that was…"

The pair were married on the Scottish grounds of the Matthews family estate last year, and have been inseparable ever since.


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Spencer proposed with this massive rock at the Lyceum Theatre in London's West End last February, and their joy at starting a family is palpable.

The happy couple debuted their TV series Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too this week, which hilariously follows the pair as the navigate parenthood with their newborn son Theodore.

We want more photos like this Spencer, give us the goods.

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Vogue Williams shared the most adorable snap of her and baby Theodore.

And we cannot handle how cute he is!


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The mum wanted to get her hair done but wasn’t sure if this was a possibility with her son in her care.

The mum shared an adorable selfie with her son and her hairdresser in the salon, saying: “I’m testing the waters of where I can bring Theodore.

“So far it’s everywhere, which is good because I don’t want to leave his side!”


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Theodore looks like a tiny train conductor in his collared onesie and wide-brimmed cap.

He looks too cute pouting with full lips just like his mum's.

Many fans have already commented on the photo, advising Vogue to cherish these moments she has with her son while she can.

“Awwww so sweet! Mummy & Son time all the time, love it”, said one fan.

“Take them everywhere! Extra pairs of hands are great in any form!!” said another.


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Vogue has enjoyed spending as much time as she can with little Theodore and loves having a bring along buddy to take with her wherever she goes.

The young mum and her husband Spencer welcomed their son into the world on September 5th.

And since then, they have began to discover the ins and outs of parenting, including the pros of day dates.

We are glad to see Vogue treasuring her time with her son and can’t wait to see how he grows to look more like his mummy and daddy each day.



Spencer Matthews is loving being a father.

Pictures of his son are beginning to cover his Instagram page, and we could not be more excited about it.

Baby Theodore is one of the cutest babies we have ever seen.


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The doting dad recently shared one of the most adorable snapshots yet, showing his little boy wrapped up in his favourite towel.

After giving the baby a bath, Spencer shared his son’s obsession with bunnies.

“Oh, after baths, I also have a bunny towel… I Basically love bunnies!” the dad mimicked Theodore’s voice.


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Him and his wife Vogue also bought their boy a knitted hoodie designed to make the wearer look like a tiny rabbit.

Complete with dotted eyes, long whiskers, and floppy ears, baby Theodore could not look cuter in the warm coat.

The parents adore their son’s fascination with the furry creatures – after all, it does make for some precious pictures.


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Vogue has been equally as excited with their family’s newest addition and has been capturing images of her son shining with joy.

Theodore is the spitting image of his father; however, he appears to have his mum’s modelling skills.

Vogue and Spencer welcomed their first child into the world about a month ago and are still adjusting to life as new parents.


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Low sleep, long nights, and constant cries appear to have faded into the background for the pair as they focus on the smiles and cuddles their beautiful baby boy gives them.

What a gorgeous family!