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Katie Piper has shared a harrowing photo of her acid attack injuries to raise awareness on World Mental Health Day.

In March 2008, Katie’s ex-boyfriend told an accomplice to attack Katie with acid, which left her with major burns on her face, body and blindness in one eye.

Thanks to pioneering surgery, Katie’s vision and face were restored, but the mum’s mental health was still severely damaged.


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To mark World Mental Health Day, Katie has penned an open letter about how scared she was after the attack.

“I remember when I didn’t want to look at anyone. I remember when I didn’t want anyone to look at me. I remember when I was scared of people, scared of men,” she wrote.

“I remember when I was scared of the world. I remember when opening up to people and talking about my trauma and psychological damage just wasn’t possible.”


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Katie added, “Today on Mental Health Day my first meeting of the day is with my therapist. I still go, it still helps and I’m able to talk.”

She stressed, “Hold on, pain ends.”


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Katie's journey is proof that we are strong enough to overcome even the darkest traumas. What happened to Katie is simply horrifying and heartbreaking, but the mum has remained strong throughout her journey. Seeking professional help for mental health issues is one of the most difficult steps to make, but it is always worth it.

We have so much respect for Katie for opening up about such a traumatising moment in her life.


The latest craze, the Ten Year Challenge is making an appearance on everyone's social media.

It's where people are posting side-by-side comparisons of what they looked like a decade ago compared to how they look today.

Some of the contrasts are striking, other people haven't aged a day in ten years.

But for Katie Piper, it was a reminder of how far she's come since 2009.


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The 35-year-old uploaded two pictures – and they couldn't be more different.

Picture one showed a badly burned Katie who was suffering in the aftermath of an acid attack that had happened at the hands of an ex-boyfriend in 2008.

She captioned it, ''#10yearchallenge don’t let this challenge create anxiety within you about ageing- it’s an absolute privilege. 1st pic me age 25 year of 2009 in my mums kitchen. 2nd Pic is me age 35 last week in my own kitchen 2019! #lifeisprecious #health#humanbodyisamazing.''


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The second photo, from 2019, showed a beautiful and healthy Katie smiling in her own home.

The message that she writes about is important – while many of us are focused on the passing of time in relation to ageing, we must not forget that it also means we have survived and that we are alive.

Her fans showered her in support.

One said, ''This is the best 10 year challenge I’ve seen. Respect.''

While another wrote, ''So true, my favourite saying is ‘Do not fear getting older, it’s a privilege denied to many’.''

This post is so inspiring and has reminded us to remember that your health is your wealth. 



Katie Piper’s attacker has been released from jail.

In August, the Strictly Come Dancing star discovered that the man who had scarred her for life would be back on the streets of England.

Although this caused her distress, she credited her role on the dancing show to distracting her from “this difficult time”.

“It was important to put my message out to my friends, supporters and followers. This is a really difficult time for me," she wrote. "I am trying to come to terms with this decision and this is something I need to deal with."


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And now it appears that the court has followed through with their ruling.

Stefan Sylvestre, who was given a life sentence for his crimes, is out on parole after serving just nine years in prison, according to The Mirror.

The Strictly star has been managing her anxiety about the stressful situation through mediation and shared her feelings about the news on her Instagram.

She shared the quote: “Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out,” – Katherine Dunham.


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Katie has found her inner strength to deal with the situation at hand and has kept herself thinking positively, finding the confidence to continue on through the stress.

“Thank you for all the messages, birthday wishes and encouragement for tonight, very kind of you all!” she said.

“Using mediation to stay calm and centred today. See you on the ballroom floor tonight.”

The spirited survivor recently celebrated her 35th birthday on Friday, October 12th, and this was the last news she wanted to hear.


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Nevertheless, she is showing insurmountable courage and dedication to her current role and credits her fans and loved ones for encouraging her through this difficult time.

Katie was the victim of an acid attack in nine years ago when her boyfriend hired Sylvestre to through sulphuric acid on her.

Scarred for life but stronger than ever, the model has helped so many burn victims since then.


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The Katie Piper Foundation prides itself on making it easier to live with burns and scars by supporting and improving outcomes for burns survivors.

We are inspired by Katie’s bravery and optimistic attitude as well as her heart to help others along the way.



Let's be honest all women are excellent multitaskers. You just never know when you'll need to do the makeup on the train while prepping for that early-morning meeting, grab lunch while doing two conference calls or WhatsApp while binge-watching Netflix (it's harder than it looks tbh) – you constantly need to be adaptable and as we know, be prepared for the unexpectedness that a hectic life brings.. 

Katie Piper, author, advocate and now Strictly star, is a woman who knows all about this.

The mum-of-two took to Instagram to reveal that she had been up since 5am with her youngest daughter Penelope.

In the utterly adorable post, in which she lovingly cradles her second child, she wrote: "After a 5am start someone has fallen back to sleep, my little Pea."


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Despite the fact that she managed to get her to nod off in her arms, Piper lamented that she was still wearing her Strictly tan from Saturday night's first live show but said she'd no time to worry as she had to go to Sainsbury's anyhow.

"On a side note I wonder if this spray tan is going to look out of place when I go to Sainsbury’s later!" she added. 

How many of us have not even thought about a mirror before the weekly shop? Hungry kids (or, hangry feelings, generally) = priorities.  

Piper is no doubt, still on a high after the first Strictly show of its 16th season kicked off on Saturday – she performed a beautiful waltz with partner Gorka – but many fans thought that she had been under-marked, with judge Bruno advising her to relax more as he felt nerves may have impacted her performance. 

She penned an emotive post, thanking fans for their support, and her dancing partner for his patience.  

How STUNNING did she look on the night?

"You did it my darling, you did all the steps, you got to the end and it looked good. Now relax and don't overthink it. Don't worry about it too much, let him guide you because you can dance," Bruno said. 

This is one mum who should feel immensely proud – spray tan and all! 



Advocate, model and TV  presenter Katie Piper has released an emotional statement following the news that the man who attacked her ten years ago is to be released on parole, after serving only nine years of a life sentence. 

Katie, who is currently preparing to appear in Strictly Come Dancing, was victim to a horrific crime after her boyfriend ordered a man to throw acid at her as she was leaving her home in London. She was left permanently scared as a result of the life-altering attack. 

Stefan Sylvestre was given a life sentence in 2009 – her then-boyfriend Daniel Lynch was also jailed for the attack as well as assaulting Piper – but is to be released after serving less than ten years of his sentence.

Katie took to Instagram to thank her fans, and well-wishers for their support, during what she says is "a really difficult time" as she adjusts to the devastating news.

"It was important to put my message out to my friends, supporters and followers. This is a really difficult time for me," she wrote. "I am trying to come to terms with this decision, and this is something I need to deal with."

As she is currently rehearsing for her appearance in Strictly, the 34-year-old said it was a welcome distraction, despite the news.    


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The Parole Board confirmed Sylvestre was being released after an oral hearing, adding that Piper also read statements in person to the panel.

“Decisions are solely focused on whether a prisoner would represent a significant risk to the public after release,” a spokesperson said.

“The panel will have carefully looked at a whole range of evidence, including details of the original evidence and any evidence of behaviour change.”

In her autobiography, Katie previously revealed her fears that her attacker could be released from prison early after he applied for parole – he was denied the first time this happened as he was still deemed a threat to society. 

"The two of them had taken so much from me, and now this man’s punishment might soon be over. I thought, ‘I’m the one with the life sentence, not him. He can change his identity, change his name, get a new job, a partner, move on, but I can’t. I can’t pretend it didn’t happen because it’s all over my face.’"

Despite enduring such a traumatic event, Piper, also a mum-of-two, has become an incredible advocate, lending her support in numerous causes and even setting up the Katie Piper Foundation to aid other burn victims. 

She is nothing short of inspirational. One year on from the attack she also starred in a documentary called ‘Katie: My Beautiful Face’, to document her journey and it received over 3.3 million viewers.


Strictly Come Dancing has revealed the next contestant in their celebrity lineup. In a first for the show, a YouTuber will hit the Stricly dance floor this season.

Vlogger and author Joe Sugg has been confirmed as the fourth contestant. 

“My knowledge of dance isn't the best, so I'm just going to go into it completely open minded,” he said.

Joe did admit that he’s feeling slightly nervous about all the tan and lycra he’ll have to wear:  “I do feel pretty nervous about it. I just hope they have child sizes as I'm tiny!”

Strictly confirmed Katie Piper as the first contestant yesterday morning.

The mum decided to take part in the show to boost her confidence: “'I think it gives a wider message, my past is irrelevant, to be able to go forward and do these things is a bigger wider message. That’s something I want to take forward, and it’s nice to be part of something so light-hearted!''

Star of stage and screen Danny John-Jules will also be hitting the dancefloor. The Red Dwarf star said he is thrilled to be taking part in the BBC show.

Joining Joe, Katie and Danny will be popstar Faye Tozer. The Steps member said being part of Strictly is a dream come true: “I’m going to relish every moment.”

Strictly will continue to reveal more contestants in the coming weeks. Rumour has it the launch show will air on Saturday, September 1.

We are so excited for the show to return to our screens!


Strictly Come Dancing 2018 is certainly hotting up and we, for one, are more than ready to get this year's series back on our screens. 

The full line-up of this year's cast is almost complete and now BBC Breakfast have confirmed the first celebrity that is definitely taking part this year.

And it is one of our faves…Katie Piper!

According to the Metro, she said, ''it took a while to say yes because it’s something way out of my comfort zone.'' 

‘The only person I told was my husband and he thought I was joking. I’m worried I’ll be the first to go home!’ she confessed. 

So who is the lucky dancer that she has her eye on? Anton?

''I would really like to be partnered with Giovanni, but I have no sway in that at all. So watch out Giovanni, I’m coming for you!’ she laughed. 

When asked why she decided to take part in taking to that daunting dance floor every week, she said it was to do with gaining confidence. 

''I think it gives a wider message, my past is irrelevant, to be able to go forward and do these things is a bigger wider message. That’s something I want to take forward, and it’s nice to be part of something so light-hearted!'' 

The show's rehearsals's have already kicked off and we're following the pro dancers on Instagram to see all of the behind the scenes gossip and action. 

Katie's fans were so supportive wished her good luck on social media, writing, ''amazing news Katie! You’re going to be amazing!!I Can’t wait to see you on that famous dance floor!''

Another said, ''yes!!!! You’re going to be brilliant. Can’t wait to see your costumes/hair/makeup and dancing of course.'' 

Strictly starts filming this month, with the rest of the names to be revealed in the next two weeks before the series’ red carpet launch at the end of August. 

We will be rooting for Katie – we know she is going to be brilliant. 


Katie Piper has revealed she is pregnant with her second child after having previously feared she would be unable to conceive again.

The former model and television presenter debuted her baby bump in a photoshoot for Hello magazine.

She also took to Instagram to share the news with her followers and pay tribute to her husband Richard Sutton with a sweet Father's Day message – “I'm so excited to tell you all next Father's Day my husband will be celebrating with two children!!”

Fans were quick to inundate the star with message of love and congratulations with one excited follower saying, “What wonderful news amongst all this uncertainty, you look blooming so happy for you+your growing family xxx”

Katie and Richard have been married for two years and are already parents to their three-year-old daughter, Belle Elizabeth.

The announcement is extra special for the couple as Katie previously told The Mirror that she feared she may not be able to conceive her second child naturally.

Speaking to the paper in 2015, she revealed: “I got pregnant with Belle really easily, but now I've got a problem with my oesophagus.”

“There aren't enough vitamins to help me make a baby. That is why I have become so skinny. I think adopting is the best option.”

Huge congratulations are in order for the happy couple.  



Congratulations are in order today for presenter and columnist Katie Piper, who announced this morning that she is engaged to her long-term partner James.

The star took to her social media to share her wonderful news, tweeting: “So excited to tell you all….I became someone’s fiancée last night! I’m engaged to be married.”

The 31-year-old and James have been together for almost three years, and are parents to nine-month-old daughter Belle Elizabeth.

It seems that Katie had absolutely no idea that James was preparing to propose last night, having posted a snap of the setting for a romantic meal at home on her Instagram page.

“Pretending we are going out for dinner! Cooking 3 course meal, dressed in our best clothes – all taking place at our kitchen table!” she wrote, adding, “Parents’ night in/ out.”

Katie first came into the public eye after sharing the tragic story of her acid attack in the Channel 4 documentary, Katie: My Beautiful Face.

She has since gone on to set up her own charity, the Katie Piper Foundation, and has written a best-selling autobiography.

Huge congratulations to the couple on their wonderful news.

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