‘Having flashbacks’ Kim Kardashian is struggling to get over her assault


While there's been radio silence from Kim Kardashian herself, a number of people – including family members  – have been willing to update the public on the reality star's condition since being held at gunpoint by a gang in Paris last week.

Speaking earlier this week, her younger sister, Khloe, explained that the family have realised the importance of making adjustments in light of the burglary, but was less forthcoming when it came to Kim's reaction to the incident.

However, a source close to Kim and Kanye has revealed that the mother-of-two is struggling both mentally and physically since being gagged and bound in her Parisian apartment.

"Kim is very paranoid still when she is alone," the insider revealed. "She has been having flashbacks and hasn't been sleeping well."

Acknowledging the massive support network she has, Kim is looking to the future, with the source adding; "She is hoping with time it all gets better. Now is about recovering and being around the people she loves and trusts."

While the family have attempted to shield its younger members from last week's ordeal, it seems Kim's daughter North has picked up on her mother's distress.

"Being around her children is the biggest distraction for her mind. North West is aware her mom is sad and not herself, but Kanye and Kim are trying not to talk about it around her."

Kim has taken a step back from filming and promotional events in the aftermath of last week's ordeal.