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Thank U, Next has been on everyone's lips and we ADORE the self-empowering message Ari is belting out.

And then Ariana dropped that iconic video and it's all anyone has been talking about. 

But we may have just found a parody of the music video that might rival the masterpiece.

Everyone welcome to the stage: James Corden's Thank u, Jeff.

In a segment for The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host takes on the smash hit.

Trolling the pop song, James is rocking some silk pjs, with a burn book of his own dedicated to Jeff Goldblum.

The lyrics are genius and Jeff takes over the role that Kris Jenner stole in Ariana's version.

James also includes the bend and snap, a sexy piano sequence and a pillow fight.

I'm not sure if we will ever get the image of James humping his bedroom carpet out of our head – but the video is pure brilliance.

Even Ariana loved the parody and asked for the Thank U, Jeff book.

Replying to the video on Twitter, the singer wrote: "Omg…may I please…Please for Christmas have the Thank U, Jeff book? It's for a friend, promise."

I've re-watched the video more times than I care to admit – just amazing.


Carpool Karaoke is full of surprises – from the fact that James Corden can sing to the guest appearances and random stuff the celebs get up to.

So it's not a shocker that we love the segment – and the latest act to buckle up and sing along is the trio – Migos.

Quavo, Takeoff and Offset have taken seats in Corden's car to rap some of their classic hits, such as Bad and Boujee, Motorsport and Stir Fry.

James revealed their appearance on the show by tweeting a clip – and in true Migos' fashion – it looks like chaos with the lads flashing a ridiculous amount of jewellery and cash.

The host of the popular programme, The Late, Late Show also undergoes a swag makeover – and it looks hilarious.

And if you're wondering where on earth dabbing came from, as you see 10-year-olds everywhere doing it – thank the Migos.

The Atlanta group discussed the massive viral trend that they are responsible for in the episode.


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The sneaky look also reveals the three lads jamming along to I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me), by the great Whitney Houston. 

If anything, the segment due to air on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Late Show looks like pure entertainment – whether you're a fan or not.


From Pretty Woman to Stepmom, it's fair to say that Julia Roberts has earned herself some pretty impressive acting credits over the years.

And on Wednesday night, television viewers were treated to a little taster of every single one.

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Julia Roberts recreated some of the most famous scenes of her career, for a segment James has cleverly coined, Role Call.

With the help of a green screen, props, and a very enthusiastic host, the actress took fans on a trip down memory lane, starting in Notting Hill.

The 10-minute clip also paid tribute to films like Closer, Erin Brockovich, My Best Friend's Wedding, and Pretty Woman, to name just a few. 

The sketch even gave a nod to Julia's upcoming film, Wonder, which has yet to be released.

“Oh I haven't seen it yet, when does it come out?" he asked Roberts, who replied, "Wonder is coming out November 17!”

Check out the full clip below:


If there was ever a worldwide vote for 'person least likely to be in a boyband', there's a pretty good chance Russell Brand would come in at number one (or top ten at least). 

But as turns out, everything you thought you knew about the British comedian is a lie. 

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Russell revealed that he had once auditioned for the boyband, 5ive, admitting that the process had been a "pitiful experience". 

"As a young man, I made many mistakes. During one of my frenzies brought on by the methamphetamine, I thought that perhaps I'd do rather well in the boyband 5ive."

He went on to explain how he arrived into audition room with beer in hand before putting it to one side so he could belt out his best rendition of Extreme's More Than Words

"It was a pitiful experience, the people were staring down at the table in disbelief and great disappointment by the time I left."

As we know, Russell didn't make the cut, but according to the man himself, he could have been "the maverick in the boyband. The troubled one, the first into rehab one." 

He's nothing if not self-aware. 

Check out the full clip below. 


For most people taking part in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke would be actual life goals.  But for Britney Spears it seems the experience wasn’t quite the dream we’d expect it to be.

While recounting her time in the car with James for an American radio station on Friday, the Toxic singer said that cruising around Los Angeles with the British entertainer – whose name she appeared to have forgotten – was “so awkward”.

The 34-year-old told KTU 103.5FM: “It was a little awkward, like, driving by grocery stores…People walk by and there are like 18 cameras around us.  This is just so awkward.”



So many more things on the way… #Glory is coming soon. Pre-order now!

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According to Entertainment Tonight, Britney also described how The Late Late Show host “controlled the whole thing” before jokingly discussing how sick she was of hearing Baby One More Time and Oops!…I Did It Again on repeat.

But overall the mother of two did enjoy her time with James.  She said:  “It was really fun…The guy was just so incredibly sweet.”

“I had no idea he has kids, he's a teddy bear.  I was like, ‘I just want to hug you right now’.”



Took a ride around LA with @j_corden & did a little #CarpoolKaraoke  Watch the @latelateshow on 8/25 to see it!

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Britney received a fair bit of criticism online after the segment aired on Thursday as Twitter users suggested she had mimed the lyrics to her own songs.

One person tweeted the star saying: “Britney you knew this was a carpool karaoke right?  And not carpool snapchat lipsync?”

While another said: “Goes to Carpool Karaoke.  Concept is to sing along your own songs.  LIPSYNCS ANYWAY.  The one & only Britney Spears.”

Whether it felt awkward at the time or not, it sure looked like the celebrity pair were having fun reliving Britney’s glory days dressed in those famous grey and white school uniforms.


With all the buzz from last night's Grammy awards, it's only fitting that James Cordon and Justin Bieber had a celebratory carpool karaoke after the awards ceremony. 

Well, obviously it wasn't really filmed after the Grammys, but we are happy to feign total belief for this clip because it is so worth it. 

While Justin's last stint in the car was flawless and gave us a newfound appreciation for the Biebs, this 'post-Grammys' rendezvous is everything and more. 

From donning matching suits for the event, rocking out to Record of the Year Uptown Funk to applying moisturiser to each other, it's another knock-out for James Cordon's highly successful US chat show. 

Oh and the moment when they are both rooting through their goody bags from the night had us in literal stitches. 

Watch the hilarious video below:



It's pretty safe to say that carpool karaoke with top name celebrities is an ingenious concept for a chat show segment, especially when James Corden is involved. 

After his gas trip with Adele around London, he has now taken Coldplay's Chris Martin out for a bit of a spin. 

Well not a spin per say, he's actually giving Chris a lift to his hotly anticipated Superbowl performance next week (for the purposes of the video anyway). 

While Justin Bieber will always be our favourite episode of carpool karaoke followed closely by One Direction, this one is definitely up there. 

The segments form part of James' hit US show, the Late Late Show with James Corden

Watch Chris and James chat and have a little sing along in another hilarious edition:



Last night saw girl band Little Mix appear on the Late Late show with James Corden as part of their American tour to promote their latest single, Black Magic. 

It is just a few weeks since Perrie Edwards was dumped by her fiance Zayn Malik, but she seemed in top form last night as she chatted to the television host. 

Although her relationship with the former One Direction member via text recently, Perrie was smiling brightly and seems to be in good form with the help of her fellow band mates. 

Perrie who is 22-years-old was lucky enough to get a big hug from the show host, James, as he wanted to make sure that she was ok. 

James asked her "are you ok? It's been a tough few weeks. Are you alright?" and smiling Perrie replied "You know what? I'm good. We're having an absolute blast in America."

"Things are going so well and I just wake up every day and I thank my lucky stars I have these three girls." 

Although Perrie is in the midst of heartache, Little Mix are still promoting their newest single which has remained at number 1 in the UK charts for three consecutive weeks. 

The band were also lucky enough to be invited to perform with Taylor Swift over the weekend at her show in Santa Clara, California. Leigh-Anne described the experience as "Incredible. Do you know what? She is the most loveliest person ever, she's so lovely."