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Yep ladies, you read that right. Matt Damon is finally coming back to reprise his role as Jason Bourne.

The new movie debuted its trailer at the Superbowl last night, which shows Matt shirtless and ripped.

We honestly never thought we'd see another Bourne film, but there you go – he surprised us all.

Now, whether you just can't wait for all the thrills of this dramatic spy movie or you just can't wait to see Matt Damon topless again, you won't have to wait very long as the premiere date is this July. 


Beyonce was undoubtedly the star of the Superbowl half-time show last night. She is Queen Bey, afterall.

But, there was one heart-stopping moment when the queen herself nearly fell over.

But, as it is Beyonce afterall, she proved herself to be the ultimate showgirl by saving a disastrous fall by flipping over in an excellent freestyle dance move.

The mum-of-one was in the middle of an erratic performance when eagle-eyed viewers spotted her stumble as she sang her new song, Formation.

And the little blunder didn't go unnoticed by fans either:

Meanwhile, she also announced a WORLD TOUR this summer, and we're so friggin' excited.

Beyonce is coming to Dublin once more… Now the only question is, who will score tickets?!


The queen of surprise has graced us all with a new song and a brand new video.

Beyonce released the track and accompanying vid just a day before she's set to preform alongside Coldplay at the Superbowl.

What's more, Blue Ivy makes her music video debut and looks SO cute and sassy we can't even deal.

Queen Bey made her song, Formation and video free to stream on Tidal, so watch it NOW.

One thing's for sure though, she certainly knows how to get people talking.


It's pretty safe to say that carpool karaoke with top name celebrities is an ingenious concept for a chat show segment, especially when James Corden is involved. 

After his gas trip with Adele around London, he has now taken Coldplay's Chris Martin out for a bit of a spin. 

Well not a spin per say, he's actually giving Chris a lift to his hotly anticipated Superbowl performance next week (for the purposes of the video anyway). 

While Justin Bieber will always be our favourite episode of carpool karaoke followed closely by One Direction, this one is definitely up there. 

The segments form part of James' hit US show, the Late Late Show with James Corden

Watch Chris and James chat and have a little sing along in another hilarious edition:




We love nothing more than a celebrity poking fun at themselves, and Kim Kardashian doesn't disappoint in this latest clip

The star appears in phone network T-Mobile's new commerical, which will be broadcast during the ad break for next week's Superbowl. Conan O'Brien treated viewers to a sneak peek of the ad on his show last night, with Kim appearing as a surprise guest later in the night.

We have to admit, this is hilarious.

Save the data, guys. Do it for Kim!




There is very exciting news for Katy Perry and her fans today as she has officially been conformed to perform during the halftime of the Super Bowl!

The singer released a video in association with Pepsi showing her in a halftime ‘test-centre’ with all of the ideas she has come up with so far.

We really hope she goes with the glitter stadium while wrapped in bacon idea.

It looks set to be one hell of a halftime show if this promo video is anything to go by – and let’s be honest, Katy Perry isn’t one to be ‘low key’ is she?!

The star was absent at last night's American Music Awards despite winning three awards as she is currently spending time in Australia. 

Katy has been struggling with the paparazzi down there, blasting them for taking photos of her in a bikini and even calling out paparazzo Jamie Fawcett in a rather angry tweet:

Eek, we think they better think twice about messing with Katy when she doesn't want to be photographed!