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Pete Davidson has performed his first stand-up comedy show since his troubling social media posts depicting suicidal thoughts.

He opened up about his relationship with pop singer Ariana Grande, his former fiancé. Since their much-publicised split, Pete has been relatively quiet about the singer, aside from his worrying Instagram posts.

The Saturday Night Live star performed a set in Boston on New Year's Eve, and you can bet the Thank, U Next star came up in conversation.


He first made a quip regarding their break-up a few weeks ago, Ari clapped back with; "For somebody who claims to hate relevancy you sure love clinging to it, huh. Thank u. next."

The topic of break-up songs was brought up by Davidson during his show, with the comedian commenting that;

"Here's the thing about the breakup song. Usually breakup songs you know who it's about but you don't really know. That G named all of us," he spoke to the crowd, blatantly referring to the number one song Thank U, Next.

"Bam. She named all of us. And then, tells us, yeah, he has a big dick." He continued. 

"So I start playing it. And we're all like, "Ehhh… it's ok." We're like "Okay, it's not that bad for you."

"It made me see how ugly people can get, and how cool people can be," he reportedly said, according to Us Weekly. 

The publication claims that Pete carried on with his Ariana conversation, saying that most artists don't actually name their exes in their songs.

He joked;

"Not this wonderful lady. This diabolical genius named all of us." He also said that the smash hit song premiered right before SNL, at which point he told his cast-mates and friends:

"We all have to listen to this song and you all have to look at me, it’s gonna be rough."

Yikes. He later described crying with his mother on the kitchen table after hearing the song.

Well, break-ups rarely end without at least one party feeling heartbroken.

At least Pete admitted that the song is catchy, he's trying to see the brighter side of 2019 by the sound of things…


Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings has given birth to a baby boy, after going into labour on Monday night.

Just weeks before welcoming her new human, the duo was in the iconic Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next video

Taking to Instagram, the 32-year-old posted a black and white photo.


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The adorbs picture was captioned: "I love him so much."

And Ariana has been sending the little fella and his momma some love – could you imagine having Ariana as an "aunt".

On Twitter, the singer tweeted the Youtuber, "omg" and "I love you so much." 

Supposedly the little man looks just like his daddy, Erik Stocklin.

Replying to a fan, Colleen said it was "spooky how much they look alike."

Erik also marked the birth of their first child with a daddy-son pic and we just can't,  it's just too cute.

Holding the baby human, he wrote:" IS THIS REAL LIFE!? I love you so much baby Stocklin! Mama Ballinger and Papa Stocklin are champs! This family is freaking amazing!"

The pair are yet to release the name of their son to the public, but we are in for a treat as Colleen is making a birthing video.

On Twitter, she told fans: "I have a long video coming soon of the birth of my perfect little angel. it’s going to take me a while to get up so please be patient."

"I need to take a few days to stare at my adorable son."


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Congratulations to the little family.

We can't wait to see how they deal with a whole new chapter of their life. 


Thank U, Next has been on everyone's lips and we ADORE the self-empowering message Ari is belting out.

And then Ariana dropped that iconic video and it's all anyone has been talking about. 

But we may have just found a parody of the music video that might rival the masterpiece.

Everyone welcome to the stage: James Corden's Thank u, Jeff.

In a segment for The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host takes on the smash hit.

Trolling the pop song, James is rocking some silk pjs, with a burn book of his own dedicated to Jeff Goldblum.

The lyrics are genius and Jeff takes over the role that Kris Jenner stole in Ariana's version.

James also includes the bend and snap, a sexy piano sequence and a pillow fight.

I'm not sure if we will ever get the image of James humping his bedroom carpet out of our head – but the video is pure brilliance.

Even Ariana loved the parody and asked for the Thank U, Jeff book.

Replying to the video on Twitter, the singer wrote: "Omg…may I please…Please for Christmas have the Thank U, Jeff book? It's for a friend, promise."

I've re-watched the video more times than I care to admit – just amazing.


Thank U, Next has racked up an incredible 89 million views and counting.

The video smashed Youtube's record for the most views in 24 hours and it's still trending as number one.

It doesn't really come as a surprise since it incorporated all the films of our entire adolescence and, of course Kris Jenner as Regina's mum was just iconic.

But as we've combed through the video for the millionth time, it becomes clear that Mac Miller is missing from Ariana's burn book and the singer has spoken out to why.

Replying to a fan who tweeted: "When she flips through the thank u next burn book and pics of her with Sean, Ricky, Pete & Mac arrive……………we had to f*cking stan."

But Ariana said the reason why Mac Miller wasn't in the book was because he had a special place next to her.

"M ain't in the book, he's next to my bed," she replied.

If you've been dissecting the video as much as we have since it's release, you'll spot that before the singer closes the burn book, she belts out: "Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, ‘cause he was an angel."

Now time to super zoom and those of you who are eagled-eyed, you will see on her nightstand, a number of picture frames – though we can't make out what's in them, we can only presume from Ariana's tweet that they're pictures of her late ex.


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Heartbreakingly, Malcolm passed away from an overdose in September.

Ariana has paid tribute to him by covering up some old 'Pete' ink with a tattoo in Malcolm's honour.


We are still reeling from the iconic Thank U, Next video, which Ariana dropped over the weekend.

Besides from smashing a Youtube record for the most views in 24 hours, the singer has made a slight adjustment to a 'Pete' tattoo.

In the behind the scenes action of the video, the 25-year-old debuts her new tattoo which is dedicated to her late ex, Mac Miller.

The new ink covers her old tattoo which was for her former fiancé Pete Davidson, which means our hun is officially moving on.


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Flaunting the new ink, Ariana said in the video:  “Look at my Myron, guys, come look. How cool right?”

Myron is Mac Miller's dog, which has been snapped in a number of photos with Ariana since Malcolm's tragic death. 

Mac Miller sadly passed away from an overdose on September 7, 2018.


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The new tribute tattoo has covered up old ink which read '8418'.

The ink was a tribute to Pete’s late father, who sadly lost his life in the September 11 attacks in 2001. 


Ariana Grande is gearing up to release her second music video for the anthem Thank u, Next. 

The singer has been dropping hints about the video since she began filming – giving us serious 00s nostalgia. 

Ariana has posted a series of snaps dressed up as Regina George, holding Burn Book, and with actor Jonathan Bennett who played Aaron Samuels in the cult flick.

This culmination of references led fans to believe the video was Mean Girls focused, however, a behind the scenes video released by Ari shows that there were a few films which will receive homage in Thank u, Next 2.0.

The behind the scenes shows recreated scenes from Bring It On, Legally Blonde and 13 Going On 30.

Ariana is starring alongside actors from the original films in the upcoming videos, including Jennifer Coolidge and Stefanie Drummond (yup, army pants and flip flops girl).  

We cannot WAIT for the actual video to drop today:



Mean Girls is one of the most iconic teen movies of our time, and tbh, Aaron Samuels was our first ever on-screen crush. 

The North Shore High lothario toyed with the hearts of both Cady and Regina while having a heart of gold (and enviable hair) himself. 

Played by Jonathan Bennett, we we're huge fans – and clearly so is Ariana Grande. 

Ariana Grande has teasing snippets of her upcoming music video for her iconic anthem Thank u, next. 

The video is clearly Mean Girls themed – and we're gagging to see it. 

Aaron Samuels, being an intrinsic part of the film, naturally had to make an appearance. 


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Posting to Twitter, Jonathan Bennett uploaded a snap of himself and Ariana Grande. 

Keeping with the Mean Girls puns, he wrote: 'You’re like really pretty,.'

Ariana is holding a copy of Jonathan's parody Mean Girls  cook book, The Burn (Cook) Book.


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The book and it's launch are chock-a-block with Mean Girls puns.

'Kalteen Bars, Gretchen's Wieners, Fetch-uccine Alfredo, You Go Glen (Hot) Cocoa, Ms. Norberry Pie, Just Stab Caesar Salad and Is Mac and Cheese a Carb?' are all recipes – and of course, it was released on Octber 3rd.