So, it turns out Russell Brand once auditioned to be in 5ive (no, really)

If there was ever a worldwide vote for 'person least likely to be in a boyband', there's a pretty good chance Russell Brand would come in at number one (or top ten at least). 

But as turns out, everything you thought you knew about the British comedian is a lie. 

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Russell revealed that he had once auditioned for the boyband, 5ive, admitting that the process had been a "pitiful experience". 

"As a young man, I made many mistakes. During one of my frenzies brought on by the methamphetamine, I thought that perhaps I'd do rather well in the boyband 5ive."

He went on to explain how he arrived into audition room with beer in hand before putting it to one side so he could belt out his best rendition of Extreme's More Than Words

"It was a pitiful experience, the people were staring down at the table in disbelief and great disappointment by the time I left."

As we know, Russell didn't make the cut, but according to the man himself, he could have been "the maverick in the boyband. The troubled one, the first into rehab one." 

He's nothing if not self-aware. 

Check out the full clip below.