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No, no, you haven’t accidentally put an energy drink in your coffee- this top is actually moving.

Not exactly the kind of floaty spring/summer floral design one would expect when the fashion crowd utter the word ‘movement’, this top is called ‘Caress of the Gaze’.


It’s been designed by LA-based artist Behnaz Farahi and it’s been designed to track the movements of people having a not-so sneaky peak.

The top has a small camera hidden in the fabric, and the mesh will shift and contort beneath an onlookers gaze.

The designer also claims that the camera can actually differentiate between genders, and there are plans for future designs to be capable of estimating the age of the individual staring.

She told Tech Monthly that the tunic is supposed to be “an extension of our own skin”. The design was based on scales and feathers like those seen in the animal Kingdom.

“Technology will enhance our bodily function and give us a power that our body doesn’t have,” she says of her designs.

The cropped tunic style top looks quite similar to a bird’s feathers. They’ve been attached to a flexible mesh which is laced with “muscle wire”.

The wire contacts and relaxes in unison to create the movement in the top. So the top can physically react to a passing stare.

The Guardian notes that she is keen to explore how blending technology and fashion impacts on social pressures and anxieties.

We cannot stop stare at this, and we're entirely sure that is part of the design's purpose.



In a move that brings together the worlds of luxury fashion and technology, Apple announced yesterday that they are teaming up with fashion label Hermés to create a collection of Apple watches. 

While many may anticipate the fashion giant merely lent it's expertise to creating a new series of straps, Apple Watch Hermés is a very collaborative line. 

Each watch comes engraved with the Hermés signature, the typeface can be customised to Hermés's famous orange and three exclusive dials reference classic Hermés watch face designs. 

You can also choose between three different strap designs – the single tour, the double tour and the cuff – which are all handcrafted in Paris with the label's famous leather. 

"Apple and Hermès make very different products, but they reflect the deep appreciation of quality design," said Apple's chief design officer Jonathan Ive.

"Both companies are motivated by a sincere pursuit of excellence and the desire to create something that is not compromised. Apple Watch Hermès is a true testament to that belief."

The product will be available just before December at selected Apple and selected Hermés retail stores. 


Do you sleep side-by-side with your smart phone? Do you really miss it when its battery is dead or you’ve left it at home? Are you unable of making it a few hours without holding it closely?

Then it sounds like you’re guilty of being in a relationship with your phone.

According to new research from Jurys Inn, Ireland’s love affair with technology is heating up while our offline relationships could be heading for the rocks. This new study exposes Ireland’s technology obsession and ranks the smart phone habits that make our blood boil.

Here are some signs that you and your phone are exclusive:

Your phone is the only one you want to wake up next to
Rather than cuddling up and greeting your other half in the morning, you would rather turn over and check on your other love, your phone. According to this study, one in three of us confess to checking our phone as soon as we wake up, even before kissing our partner.


You choose your phone over friends
Would you rather check on your phone (just in case someone is urgently looking for you of course – not just to check how many likes you got on your latest Instagram) rather than joining in on the conversation while you’re catching up with friends?

A huge 69% of people say that friends using their phone while mid-conversation is the most annoying phone habit.


You don’t notice the world around you while with your phone
This may be romantic when you and your significant other don’t even pay attention to what’s going on around you because you are so engrossed in each other, not so much when it’s with a phone.

35% of people say the smart phone habit they find most annoying is people bumping into them because they are distracted by looking at their phone.


You could just gaze into each other’s eyes for hours
You could lie there aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram, twitter, Facebook and snap chat updates and suddenly realise two hours have passed and you have done nothing with your life. But this lack of productivity doesn’t bother you, you will do it all again tomorrow.


You would rather watch a concert through the screen of your phone
You pay €60 for a concert ticket, charge up your phone, then stand in the crowd while holding your phone above everyone’s heads watching it all in through the tiny screen. Let's face it, If your phone was dead and you couldn’t check-in and Snapchat the entire concert, you might as well have stayed at home.


You have mastered the double – sometimes triple – screen
You can watch TV, browse your newsfeed on Facebook and take selfies all at the same time. In fact, watching a movie is just an hour and a half long excuse to scroll through your phone, hopefully without anyone else noticing.


Your phone being dead gives you separation anxiety
For you this is extremely tough, what if you missed Kim Kardashian's newest selfie, a picture of someone’s dinner or one of your friend’s screenshots in the group WhatsApp?

You are part of the 50% of Irish people who admit checking their phone more than 10 times a day and when you don’t have the option of doing this it makes you uneasy. Or more likely you are part of the 16% of people who say they check their phones more times than they could possibly count.


Your phone can toy with your emotions
You’re pretty much heartbroken when your phone has been dead or left at home for hours and you turn it on to absolutely no new messages. None. Not even one from your mam!


You feel guilty about how much time you spend together
You feel genuinely bad that you spend so much time on your phone (because you have been called out on it) but you just can't help it. According to the Jurys Inn study, one in five of us feel guilty about how much we use our phones and wish we could kick the habit.


You go on holidays together
You take your phone everywhere, and going on holidays is no exception. You literally couldn’t imagine spending a week away from your beloved smartphone while on holidays.



Do you ever find yourself wishing there was some use for all your pent up rage?

Well, researchers have developed the technology to convert sound into energy for mobile phones – so you’re in luck!

You don’t have to actually scream, though louder sounds create more energy, but even loud cheers or noisy chatter in a restaurant could charge your phone.

The device is about the size of the Nokia Lumia 925, and revolves around rod-shaped generators sprayed with zinc oxide, which creates electricity when it is flattened or stretched.

Apparently this technology could soon be used to keep air conditioners going, aswell as computers and even buses and trains!

We’ve got to get ourselves one of these things – any excuse to shout! 



It seems there is an app for everything these days!

From managing your life to cooking your dinner and even helping you stay fit, you are sure to find something downloadable that is aimed at making your life a whole lot easier.

And it seems one particular beauty regime may now have it’s very own app too.

The latest app concept will mean you won’t have to remove your nail polish if you want to change your style – the Bloom your Nails app will do that for you. The concept allows nail patterns to change instantly via a tiny screen with a wireless connection on each nail. Sounds, eh, a little strange!

The concept was developed by Taiwanese student Gin Lee, who said: “‘Bloom your nails’ is a set of wearable devices. Users can replace the patterns and design via a mobile application. Users can upload their own designs and even sell them to other users.”

What’s next, a tiny screen over your face so you don’t have to put make-up on yourself anymore?

While it is not yet a reality, Gin’s idea has won an Intel contest for wearable computers – no, we never idea of this award either – so it may very well become the latest beauty must-have.


What do I do with it?!  Kids of the 90’s will find this pretty hilarious!



Sometimes you want a really specific piece of clothing and can’t find it ANYWHERE! Well, there’s an app for that.

Or maybe you just aren’t 100% sure you don’t look like Lady Gaga leaving the house and need a second opinion.

But there is no one home… there’s an app for that too!

Whatever your dilemma, it’s nothing a trip to the app store can’t fix.

1. Shopstyle
Do you really, really want a black top with daisies on it; long-sleeved and cotton only? This app will search a huge database of online shopws to find it for you (if it exists!)

2. Go try it on
Not sure about the bag with this outfit? Snap a picture and upload it, other users will be more than willing to tell you to change.

3. Pinterest
Pinterest is brilliant for style inspiration and can help you plan items you need before a big shopping trip. And you can save photos you like on your very own style board.

Can’t quite put an outfit together just by looking in your wardrobe? Sometimes its hard, especially at 6.30am! Take photos of all your clothes, put pieces together and save them. You’ll never be stuck again!

5. Net-a-Porter
Because a girl can always dream…



Sometimes it can be difficult to think of heartfelt and thoughtful gifts for your other half.

If you start collecting these things now, soon you’ll have plenty of cute collages or frames to give your love that will make lovely memories come flooding back.

And what could be more romantic than that?

1. Cinema tickets
Keep all of your movie stubs and in a few years you’ll be able to make the cutest collage ever with some retro movies in there.

2. Emails
In today’s technological world, letters rarely get written let alone sent. So instead of collecting love letters like our parents, print off your emails so you can keep them. It’s not quite as romantic, is it?

3. Birthday/Valentine’s/Christmas Cards
If things work out with your other half and you have a birthday card sent so long ago it is signed “from” – well that is going to be simply adorable!

4. Restaurant business cards
Going for dinner is a big part of most relationships. Discreetly collect business cards from the nice places you visit. Chances are at least a few will be in far flung places.

5. Airline boarding passes
Many couples love to travel together. If this is you then collect all of your boarding passes and you can create a lovely collage of pictures from your trip with the passes.

6. Flowers
Yes, we know flowers wilt but if you learn the simple art of flower pressing then they don’t have to! All you need is flowers, newspaper, and some heavy weighted books! Place the flowers in the arrangment you would like inside the sheets of newspaper. Then put the newspaper inside the middle of a large book. Place more large books on top. This weight will help to flatten out and dry them faster. In about 3-4 days your flowers should be ready and preserved to do whatever you like!

7. Festival tickets/wristbands
You’ll likely have to wrestle them off his wrist first! Festivals are always filled with feel-good memories of freedom and no worries. Perfect.



This video will affect a lot of us today.

Because this is us. This is our generation and this is how we look. Not very pretty is it?