No need to paint your nails with this app


It seems there is an app for everything these days!

From managing your life to cooking your dinner and even helping you stay fit, you are sure to find something downloadable that is aimed at making your life a whole lot easier.

And it seems one particular beauty regime may now have it’s very own app too.

The latest app concept will mean you won’t have to remove your nail polish if you want to change your style – the Bloom your Nails app will do that for you. The concept allows nail patterns to change instantly via a tiny screen with a wireless connection on each nail. Sounds, eh, a little strange!

The concept was developed by Taiwanese student Gin Lee, who said: “‘Bloom your nails’ is a set of wearable devices. Users can replace the patterns and design via a mobile application. Users can upload their own designs and even sell them to other users.”

What’s next, a tiny screen over your face so you don’t have to put make-up on yourself anymore?

While it is not yet a reality, Gin’s idea has won an Intel contest for wearable computers – no, we never idea of this award either – so it may very well become the latest beauty must-have.