No, no, you haven’t accidentally put an energy drink in your coffee- this top is actually moving.

Not exactly the kind of floaty spring/summer floral design one would expect when the fashion crowd utter the word ‘movement’, this top is called ‘Caress of the Gaze’.


It’s been designed by LA-based artist Behnaz Farahi and it’s been designed to track the movements of people having a not-so sneaky peak.

The top has a small camera hidden in the fabric, and the mesh will shift and contort beneath an onlookers gaze.

The designer also claims that the camera can actually differentiate between genders, and there are plans for future designs to be capable of estimating the age of the individual staring.

She told Tech Monthly that the tunic is supposed to be “an extension of our own skin”. The design was based on scales and feathers like those seen in the animal Kingdom.

“Technology will enhance our bodily function and give us a power that our body doesn’t have,” she says of her designs.

The cropped tunic style top looks quite similar to a bird’s feathers. They’ve been attached to a flexible mesh which is laced with “muscle wire”.

The wire contacts and relaxes in unison to create the movement in the top. So the top can physically react to a passing stare.

The Guardian notes that she is keen to explore how blending technology and fashion impacts on social pressures and anxieties.

We cannot stop stare at this, and we're entirely sure that is part of the design's purpose.