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Nicholas Sparks has issued an apology after emails he sent in 2013 were seen as ''anti-gay''.

The Notebook author appeared to be banning an LGTBQ club at Christian school Epiphany School of Global Studies, which he founded in 2006.

The 53-year-old took to Twitter to say sorry for his words, which he said were taken out of context.

He said, ''When in one of my emails I used language such as “there will never be an LGBT club” at Epiphany, l was responding heatedly to how the headmaster had gone about initiating this club.''

He continued, ''Like most schools, Epiphany has procedures and policies for establishing any student club. My concern was that if a club were to be founded, it be done in a thoughtful, transparent manner with the knowledge of faculty, students and parents – not in secret, and not in a way that felt exceptional. I only wish I had used those exact words.''

He added, ''Similarly, when I referred to a prior headmaster addressing the presence of gay students “quietly and wonderfully,” I meant that he supported them in a straightforward, unambiguous way – NOT that he in any way encouraged students to be silent about their gender identity or sexual orientation.''

Nicholas says he now sees how his choice of phrase could have hurt members of the LGBT community.

He said, ''As someone who has spent the better part of my life as a writer who understands the power of words, I regret and apologise that mine have potentially hurt young people and members of the LGBTQ community, including my friends and colleagues in that community.''

The emails were first published by The Daily Beast and were released as part of an ongoing lawsuit with the former headmaster, Saul Benjamin, over an alleged pattern of ‘harassment, racism, and homophobia.'

Nicholas denies the claims. 



Following the threat of legal action from the Civil Aviation Authority, Ryanair have committed themselves to emailing the passengers affected by their recent route cancellations.

Over the course of recent days, the CAA have accused Ryanair of misleading their customers by failing to properly highlight their legal rights – a concern which wasn't adequately addressed by the airline.

However, following the threat of legal action and under considerable media scrutiny, the airline have contacted affected passengers, who number in their hundreds of thousands, in order to clarify their legal rights amid the recent chaos.

Passengers have been told they can receive a refund or be transferred on to other flights or travel by trains, buses or car hire – progress in a situation which has been the focus of the CAA’s attention since September 18.

Commenting on developments, Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair's chief marketing office, has assured the public the airline are endeavouring to rectify the matter with immediate urgency.

"We apologise again sincerely for the disruption and inconvenience our rostering failure has caused some of our customers," he said. 

"We have taken on extra customer service staff and are moving now to process and expedite all EU261 claims from affected customers," he continued. "We are committed to processing all such claims within 21 days of receipt and hope to have all such claims."

More than 400,000 customers have been affected by the multiple flight cancellations in recents days.


No matter what your line of work, you're bound to send a few (or 50) emails every day.

Work emails can be tricky. Do I sign off everything with 'kind regards'? Is it too much to send a kiss to a colleague? Can I act casual in an after-work drinks email? It's a minefield.

Who you are and where you work can all be determining factors in deciding email etiquette, however a recent study found one of the worst things you can do.

coffee, contact, email

According to the Harvard Business Review, if you keep CC'ing your boss into an email, it can have a very negative impact.

Management Studies professor, David de Cremer, carried out research on 594 working adults to determine how CC'ing your boss into emails can affect a team's dynamic.

He said that the study "indicated that when the supervisor was copied in often, employees felt less trusted, and this feeling automatically led them to infer that the organisational culture must be low in trust overall, fostering a culture of fear and low psychological safety."

advice, advise, advisor

David noted that while keeping your boss in the loop in some situations is of importance, you need to choose wisely, as to not annoy them or make it seem as though nobody is trusted.

Just something to keep in mind…



OK, so most of us know what it's like moving in somewhere and having NO idea what your house/roommate is going to be like.

They could turn out to be the Wicked Witch of the West… or on the flipside, you could end up making a BFF for life.

However, for Winnie Chen, she certainly got the Witch…

Winnie is starting her first year in UCLA, and took to Twitter to share the exchange between her roommates… and it's nasty:

But her other roomie was certainly not taking any sh*t from a girl she doesn't even know yet, so responded with this email:

BOOM! She told her. Winnie then gave Twitter the final response:

There's no hope in HELL any of us would put up with that.



The worst part of our morning is waking up to the illusion of popularity with dozens of notifications on our phones only to realise they’re all emails.

And not just general emails – emails from sites that we didn’t even know we had subscribed to…because that pesky box gets us every time.

You know the one, right? The tiny little box that is invisible to anyone who doesn’t have a magnifying glass.

The tiny box that says ‘click me if you don’t want to be forever plagued by useless information about our latest offer’.

The tiny box that says ‘I will fool you into thinking you’re important when really I just want to tell you about this competition we’re running’.

The tiny box that says how easy it is to sign up but it will take an hour of your time, photo identification and a blood sample to unsubscribe.

We’ve accumulated so many of these emails that we dread the thought of even trying to sort it all out…until we found this life-changing website.

While life-changing might sound a little extreme to you right now, just you wait until you see how clutter-free your emails will soon become.

Wait until you can get a full night’s sleep without the persistent buzzing from your emails.

Wait until you will only be receiving emails you actually want to.

Unroll.me is up there with our all-time favourite online discoveries including the google doodle and babies tasting lemons for the first time on YouTube.

By simply entering your email address you can see the full list of all those sneaky websites that have your information.

And then with a sense of sheer satisfaction and freedom you can simply click ‘unsubscribe’.

Goodbye annoying emails, hello full nights sleep!


You can't control waking up on the wrong side of the bed – but you CAN control what you do after you get out of it. 

There are so many factors that can make your mornings less-than-ideal, like hitting a traffic jam or forgetting your umbrella when there's a downpour (I bet we all know that horrible feeling), but other little morning habits could make you start your day on the wrong foot.

Set yourself up for the best day possible by avoiding these morning behaviours:

Drinking coffee too early

Is there really ever a bad time for coffee? Well, yes, it turns out there is. Your energy levels rise naturally when you first wake up in the morning, so drinking coffee then causes an extra energy surge that can leave you jittery. 

Instead, you'll reap in more benefits if you drink coffee at least an hour after you've gotten out of bed. That's when your energy levels begin to plummet, so coffee will keep you in check for the afternoon. 


Your breakfast is too small

Grabbing a handful of berries and Greek yoghurt before you leave the house in the morning might sound like the perfect healthy breakfast, but something that small will set you up to binge in the afternoon or evening. 

Not only is it just not enough food, but it's lacking in nutrients that are key to feeling full. Adding some fibre and protein into your first meal of the day will set you up for whatever the day has in store.  


Checking your e-mails first thing

This one is a nasty habit that most of us are probably guilty of. Checking your inbox or social media the moment you open your eyes in the morning can set you up for stress all day. 

Instead of worrying about what the world is going to throw at you first thing, focus on starting the morning with something calming, like exercise, sipping on tea or talking to your friend. This will actually help your body's productivity level and get your creative juices flowing. 



So that’s how he did it!

In a very 21st century way, it seems that George Clooney wooed his fiancée through email.

Amal Alamuddin reportedly wouldn’t take his phone number, nor give him hers (our type of woman), so George got creative.

Tracking down her email address, George hilariously wrote to the successful lawyer: “I think the reported hottest man in the world should meet the hottest human rights lawyer in the world.”

Flattering and confident – we wonder what changed her mind?!

His sense of humour obviously worked for the lawyer and she and the “hottest man in the world,” (according to himself at least) are engaged to be married. Ah!

Who said romance was dead?




Sometimes it can be difficult to think of heartfelt and thoughtful gifts for your other half.

If you start collecting these things now, soon you’ll have plenty of cute collages or frames to give your love that will make lovely memories come flooding back.

And what could be more romantic than that?

1. Cinema tickets
Keep all of your movie stubs and in a few years you’ll be able to make the cutest collage ever with some retro movies in there.

2. Emails
In today’s technological world, letters rarely get written let alone sent. So instead of collecting love letters like our parents, print off your emails so you can keep them. It’s not quite as romantic, is it?

3. Birthday/Valentine’s/Christmas Cards
If things work out with your other half and you have a birthday card sent so long ago it is signed “from” – well that is going to be simply adorable!

4. Restaurant business cards
Going for dinner is a big part of most relationships. Discreetly collect business cards from the nice places you visit. Chances are at least a few will be in far flung places.

5. Airline boarding passes
Many couples love to travel together. If this is you then collect all of your boarding passes and you can create a lovely collage of pictures from your trip with the passes.

6. Flowers
Yes, we know flowers wilt but if you learn the simple art of flower pressing then they don’t have to! All you need is flowers, newspaper, and some heavy weighted books! Place the flowers in the arrangment you would like inside the sheets of newspaper. Then put the newspaper inside the middle of a large book. Place more large books on top. This weight will help to flatten out and dry them faster. In about 3-4 days your flowers should be ready and preserved to do whatever you like!

7. Festival tickets/wristbands
You’ll likely have to wrestle them off his wrist first! Festivals are always filled with feel-good memories of freedom and no worries. Perfect.

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