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Gorgeous bride-to-be Sofia Vergara has been rather shady about her Big Day since getting engaged last December.

But clearly she was in the mood for wedding chit-chat on the Emmys red carpet last night: she dropped a MAJOR bombshell about her forthcoming nuptials.

Speaking to E!'s Ryan Seacrest, the 43-year-old actress confirmed that she'll be a married woman before the year is out: she'll say 'I do' to her handsome 38-year-old fiance, Joe Manganiello, in November.

Sofia also revealed that she's enjoyed adding her own special touches to the ceremony – including developing and creating her very own fragrance.

Showcasing the scent, which she has dubbed Love, at last night at the awards' show, she told Mr Seacrest that the fragrance "is romantic and sexy" – before offering him a whiff of her wrist.

The Colombian beauty went on to tell Mario Lopez that her wedding dress is going to be "very special dress," adding that it's "all beaded".


Contraband at the Emmys

A photo posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

And Ms Vergara admitted that she is doing pretty much all the planning: "I ask Joe, like, the important things," she revealed, "but I do everything."

Although she's adamant that the day won't be a monstrous, OTT Hollywood affair. "It's big, but it's not insane. It's an amount of people we can keep under control, mostly family."



Yesterday saw Sofia Vergara celebrate her 43rd birthday, and WOW does she look amazing for her age!

To mark the occasion she through a birthday bash with family, friends and of course her gorgeous fiance Joe Manganiello. 

Sofia looked super happy in a snap she posted with the Magic Mike XXL star saying "Happy bdaaaay to me!!".


Happy bdaaaay to me!!!

A photo posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

The Modern Family actress then went on to give us a glimpse of her celebrations from the rest of the night including a picture of a gorgeously set table before she sat down to a birthday dinner with her family. 

It seems the stunning model may have broke her diet for the night that was in it as she posted a picture of herself surrounded by six cakes with the caption "when your family knows what to get you for your birthday".

Sofia looked like she was having a great time as she was in full birthday attire with a tiara, a sash and a over-sized wine glass saying 'birthday girl'.


Happy verde

A photo posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

But perhaps the greatest gift of all, well in our eyes anyway, was the t-shirt with a topless picture of her fiance that she received. 

Change the 'birthday girl' cup to 'bride to be' and she's set for the hen night! 


Okay, we have serious relationship envy.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello celebrated one year together last week, and Joe couldn't help but gush about his gorgeous Colombian girlfriend as he spoke about the landmark day on a chat show yesterday.

The couple got engaged on Christmas Day 2014 after just six months together, and Magic Mike star Joe revealed he worked VERY hard to make the proposal as special as possible for Sofia. Speaking on Live! With Kelly and Michael, the actor admitted he prepared a speech for his fiancée-to-be… all through her native Spanish.

"I had a big speech in Spanish, and that's what I was nervous about," he told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. "The last thing you want to do is, like, mess up the Spanish on the proposal to the Colombian woman."

Having pulled the proposal off without a hitch, Joe said he could still even remember a few lines of Spanish six months on, telling the hosts his speech had included the words "eres mi todo," meaning "you are my everything." Aaaaw!

Of course it wasn't just the proposal that was stunning, as Sofia has been flashing a pretty impressive rock on her ring finger for the last six months, courtesy of her fiancé:

With a date set for later this year, Sofia has said she has huge plans for her big day. "I had to invite like all my family, and Joe has a lot of friends. So it became bigger and bigger and bigger," she told Ryan Seacrest last month.

With a proposal like that… we cannot WAIT to see what the pair have in store for their wedding.



Sofia Vergara, better known as Gloria from Modern Family, was the next celebrity to give us a look at her no makeup face.

Following a no makeup selfie from Kylie Jenner the other day, Sofia took to Instagram posting this while enjoying the sun.

The 42-year-old was getting in some tanning time before heading off to Mexico that evening with pal Reese Witherspoon.


A little sun before heading to Mexico lindooooo today !!! are u packed @reesewitherspoon

A photo posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

Sofia celebrated her anniversary with finance Joe Manganiello over the weekend, the pair were engaged in December 2014 after dating for just six months.

He stars in Magic Mike XXL which is set for release next week.


OK there are some seriously cute celebrity couples in the spotlight at the moment, John Ledgend and Chrissy Tiegean , were looking at you. 

But we wanted to take a look back at some of the celebrity couples that have been forgotten about. 

You know how you cringe looking back a photos of your ex thinking 'what was I actually thinking?' Were wondering if these stars do that when they see this blasts from the past. Do they feel the same embarrassment as we do?

Here's some celebrity couples that you may or may not (and probably not) remember…


1. Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock
Ryan had a habit of dating people he worked with


2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Junior
Serious blast from the past


3. Britney Spears and Colin Farrell
It didn't last very long


4. Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon
Before Mariah came along


5. Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhall
They were actually seriously cute


6. Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergera
We literally had no idea


​7. Enrique Iglesias and Sofia Vergara 
She was referred to as Enrique's ex before she was known as Modern Family's Gloria.


8. Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morrisette 
They were even engaged


9. Natalie Portman and Moby
This is just so random..


10. McCauley Kulkin and Mila Kunis
We are so glad she ended up with Ashton


12. J-Lo and Ben Affleck
OK, so this is a better-remember union – and oh how we loved them as a couple


13. Tyra Banks and Will Smith


14. Justin Timberlake and Fergie  
Seriously, what?


15. Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin
Yep you guessed it, McCauley's younger brother. 



Sarah Hyland won’t tell us anything!

Well, actually, she’s willing to tell us plenty about her new boyfriend. But nothing about co-star Sofia Vergara’s super-secret wedding.

With a recent conversation with E! News the Modern Family Star couldn’t stop gushing over her new found love.

According to Sarah “he's an amazing person”, and the two became close friends when shooting their film Vampire Academy.

The two have been spotted looking very loved up around various California locations and according to Sarah have been seeing each other since November.

While she wasn’t afraid to lift the lid on her own love-life, Sarah was careful to avoid spilling the beans on any of the details of Sofia’s upcoming wedding.

 We were all hoping for some decent scoop about the big day when Sofia and her fiancé Joe Manganiello, formerly of True Blood fame, soon to be seen in all his glory in Magic Mike XXL, tie the knot.

Sarah kept quiet about big day only saying "boy I don't know anything," and preferring to leave everything up to her fellow actor’s real life family; “she has a huge family to deal with that. Her fake family doesn't need to."


There is literally no sexier couple on the planet right now than Sofia Vergara and her fiancé, Joe Manganiello.

And just in case you were wondering…

Oh yeah – that’s him.  

Somehow we don’t think that either of this beautiful duo are going to have any trouble looking good on their upcoming big day.

But even the stunning Sofia needs to keep an eye on herself and enjoy everything in moderation.

In an interview with E! News, the 42-year-old Colombian beauty opened up about maintaining her physical appearance as part of her Hollywood life.

“I think I’m very sexy in general,” the Modern Family actress joked. “In our business, we always have to maintain. We can’t just not work out for seven months and eat chocolate all day long.”

Ms Vergara went on to explain how she tries to keep everything in moderation, even when her favourite thing is sweets.

“Everything in moderation. Sweets are my life. Sweets are something that I love and really make me happy.” Oh, we know that feeling!

While Sofia and her 38-year-old Magic Mike XXL star fiancé have been keeping a tight lock on their wedding plans, she did open up about how she wants her wedding to be about fun.

“To me, it’s not all about perfection but all about fun. Great music, great alcohol and great food.”

And we have no doubt that they are going to look SERIOUSLY great too! 


The Forbes list for the World's 100 Most Powerful Women was released today, and it contains some pretty heavy hitters.

Considered the annual benchmark for the females influencing and creating change over the last 12 months, the Forbes list doesn't lie.

This year's rankings are no different, and although German Chancellor Angela Merkel topped the list for the fifth time in a row, there are some other names in there that we reckon could knock her off the number one spot next time around.

Aged just 25, Taylor Swift is the youngest woman to be included, and while she has a long way to climb, she is doing well for her first entrance in 64th place.

The singer is estimated to have a net worth of around €75 million, and her award-winning album 1989 had the biggest first-week sales of any record in a whopping 12 years.

As well as that, she still has time to chill with her BFFs… and document it all for us on social media.


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Further up the list is fellow singer Beyoncé at number 21, this year's highest-ranking entertainer.

Given that Bey and her husband Jay-Z managed to generate an incredible €85 million from just 19 US shows on their On The Run tour last year, we reckon Beyoncé is a pretty powerful female alright.

US Vogue editor Anna Wintour also made it into the top 50, ranking at number 28 this year.

The famously ruthless magazine queen joins other fashion heavyweights Diane Von Furstenberg (75th place) and Miuccia Prada (79th place) on the 2015 list.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara might seem like an unusual inclusion at 57th place, but considering that she is currently the highest paid woman in television, we can see why she deserves a nod.

Sofia reportedly takes home €300K per 25-minute episode of the show, and that's not counting her film roles and endorsement deals.

Coming in just behind Angela Merkel in second and third place this year are US Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, along with philanthropist Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Other big names to make the list include Oprah Winfrey (12th place), Ellen DeGeneres (50th place),  Angelina Jolie (54th place) and Shakira (81st place).

That is quite a group of women!



It was arguably one of the most important days in her career, and family, friends and co-stars were on-hand to help actress Sofia Vergara celebrate her addition to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Of course, Sofia’s loving fiancé, actor Joe Manganiello was there too, but someone – aka the woman of the hour herself – appeared to forget all about him during her speech.

The Modern Family star was visibly emotional as she told the crowd: “I have to calm myself because my English is not going to be very good this time. It is unbelievable for me to be standing here today with all of you. I don’t have anything to say but thank you.”

She went on to give shout-outs to everyone from her real-life family to her Modern Family co-stars and crew members. After leaving the podium, however, she realised she had forgotten to give a special mention to her man.

Sofia proceeded to leg it back on stage, making up for the mistake in the sweetest and funniest way ever.

“Wait, I forgot to thank my handsome fiancé for always making me be on time…I almost missed my start today! Thank you. I love you,” she announced.

These two are too cute.


Who’da thought it? But in the topsy-turvy world of celebrity, Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara are now officially BFFs.

The 42-year-old Colombian and the 39-year-old Louisiana-native have been spending an incredible amount of time together in recent months — delightfully posting dozens of snaps of their outings to social media.

Reese and Sofia were at the Met Ball this week


The duo grew close during the filming of Hot Pursuit — the Anne Fletcher-directed movie released earlier this year to disastrous reviews. Still, the unfavourable response hasn’t put a dampener on their friendship. Indeed, just this week Reese and Sofia were snuggling up to one another at the Met Ball in New York.

Yesterday, Reese launched her much-hyped website, Draper James, which sells clothing, accessories, homeware items, and stationary. It proved to be a huge success too; within hours, many of the items had already sold out.

Meanwhile, Sofia is currently locked in a legal battle with her former fiancé Nick Loeb over embryos they had frozen during their relationship. She’s now moved on to Joe Manganiello, whom she is due to marry later this year, and wants the embryos destroyed — against Nick’s wishes.




Sofía Vergara and her very dashing fiancé, Joe Manganiello have been engaged since Christmas Day – and now we have finally got to see her stunning engagement ring!

And trust us, it was worth the wait! The huge rock was the centre of attention at last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, which she attended with her husband-to-be. The actress also spoke to reports about her plans to marry, saying that it is going to be a big wedding: “It’s going to be a lot of people. It has to be a lot of people.”

Sofía, who has a 23-year-old son Manolo with her ex-husband, hasn’t ruled out having children with Joe, saying that because he is younger than her, his wish to be a dad is expected: “I’m 42, but he’s younger than me and he’s never had kids so of course if we can do it, why not? It needs a lot of planning, but we have to leave it to God to see if it happens.”

How adorable would those kids be?!



Hearts are breaking everywhere today as it was revealed that two of Hollywood's hottest stars, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, are engaged.

According to reports, Magic Mike star Joe popped the question to his girlfriend of six months at sunset on Christmas Eve, and the stunning star accepted – obviously!

Modern Family star Sofia set the rumour mill in motion after stepping out this week in Hawaii with a big rock on her wedding finger, and a beaming smile on her face.

The news was confirmed by E!News, with a source telling the website: I've never seen two people so truly in love. The way they talk to each other, touch each other. It's incredible."

Sofia couldn't help gushing as she wished her man a happy birthday earlier this week, posting a cute photo of the pair, with the caption: "Happy happy bday to my love and best friend…to the one that makes me laugh like crazy! have a healthy wonderful year babe!!!@joemanganiello."

Could these two get any cuter? Congratulations to Sofia and Joe on their amazing news.

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