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Mariah Carey has been around for a long time; long enough for her kids to be singing her early noughties hits back to her as she wins an icon award.

Her twins, who she shares with ex-husband Nick Cannon, were in the audience cheering her on as she sang a medley of hits like Hero, A No No, Always Be My Baby and We Belong Together.

Eight-year-old Monroe and Morrocan were clearly beaming with pride as their 48-year-old mum took home the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards last night.


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The veteran singer received a toast worthy of a queen after Jennifer Hudson introduced the star onstage. Carey delivered a hilarious and emotional speech and didn't shy away from the bumps she's hit along the way'

“Icon? I really don’t think of myself in that way. I started making music out of a necessity- to survive and to express myself. I just wanted to create something so I could feel worthy of existing," she said.

"If I’ve learned anything, anything at all in this life, it’s that truly all things are possible with God."


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"Without getting into all the drama, all the ups and downs of my career- We’ve all seen them; we all make mistakes; there’s been a few memes- I guess I’ve always felt like an outsider: someone who doesn’t quite belong anywhere," she continued.

She referenced her loneliness in the industry;

"I still feel like that lost, interracial child who had a lot of nerve to believe I can succeed at anything at all in this world. But, and this is the truth, I did believe because I had to."

As usual, the iconic star delivered more meme material, throwing a tissue into the crowd before her speech began;

"The truth is: I’ve dedicated my life to my music, my saving grace and to my fans, who are unlike any other entity that I’ve ever known. They’ve lifted me out of the depths of hell and brought me out with their devotion and love."

She earnestly thanked her fans and supporters for helping her through the tough times;

"I want to thank all the people who’ve been with me on this journey through the highs and lows, through the struggles –through your struggles and mine."


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"To anybody who doesn’t allow themselves to be broken, and keeps getting up, and keeps holding on, and keeps standing tall, and keeps on believing, and keeps rising, I celebrate you tonight," she said, encouraging her followers to keep going.

"And to anyone who’s ever told me that a song I wrote helped save your life, I thank you because you saved mine, and I’ll be eternally grateful.”


Chris Rock has claimed that the current state of comedy has made it next to impossible to say anything "offensive and funny" anymore due to backlash.

While on presenting duties the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, he was presenting Bo Burnham with the Best First Film prize and joked;

"If it was five years ago, I could say something really offensive and funny right now, but I can’t do that anymore, so… hey!“

Hart controversially rejected the chance to apologise, after the Academy said they would be open to his return after doing so.

He then appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' day-time TV show, where she called for him to reconsider hosting the gig, but the job remains unfilled.

The LGBT+ are asking Hart to learn from the situation and act as an ally, rather than turn away from the problem.

Sarah Silverman was then criticised by Nick Cannon for old tweets containing homophobic slurs which Cannon claims she never faced consequences for.

Cannon believed it was a race issue, where black male comedians were facing different playing fields than their white, or female, counterparts.

A number of LGBT+ comedians rushed to Silverman's defence, claiming she had changed her actions and gracefully apologised, unlike Hart.

Chris Rock hosted the Oscars himself in 2005 and 2016, but said: “Steve Martin should host the Oscars! Because I’m not doing it, goddammit! You’re not getting me.”

The last time the Academy led the ceremony without a host was in 1989, so who knows what could happen this year?

One thing's for sure, Chris Rock has no intention on taking up the gig.


She has found love with Aussie billionaire James Packer, and now Mariah Carey's ex-husband has also put their divorce firmly behind him.

Yes, TV presenter Nick Cannon appears to be dating Massachusetts-native Samantha Johnson, a gorgeous America's Got Talent contestant (he also hosts the show) who just happens to bear a STRIKING resemblance to his former wife.

In fact, we positively did a double-take!

Not that the man himself seems to mind the comparison. In fact, it is now being reported that Mr Cannon, 34, is delighted that everyone is remarking on the similarity.

A source told Star magazine: "Nick obsesses over how much Samantha resembles his ex. He has gotten a kick out of comparing their smiles."

Samantha was voted off AGT at the semi-finals stage earlier this month. And while the 26-year-old was cautious of being too tactile with Nick on-set, she is said to be more eager to go public in the aftermath of her dismissal from the reality TV show.

Indeed, she took to Twitter early this morning to announce that from tomorrow, fans will be able to fund her debut album.

Nick and Mariah, 45, married in 2008 after whirlwind romance. They went on to have twins – a boy and a girl – together but sadly announced their separation in 2014. He filed for divorce last December. 

Ms Carey remains one of music's biggest stars. Having sold tens of millions of albums during her 25-year career, she is worth close-to half a billion euro.



Beyoncé, Rihanna and co. might have stolen Mariah's thunder a few times over the years when it came to being crowned the ultimate diva, but there's one area Mariah has always won out in… SHOES.

The singer took to Instagram last night to show off a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most enviable rooms in her lavish New York apartment. "Always my favorite room in the house… #shoes #shoes #moreshoes," she wrote, sharing a picture of the plush pink-and-gold carpeted room complete with shelf after shelf of heels and boots.


Mariah and her ex-husband Nick Cannon sold off their $9m (€8.3m) Bel Air mansion back in March, and Mariah has been living full time at her second home in Tribeca ever since. Don't feel too sorry for her though, as the singer's $9.5m (€8.75m) apartment is one of the most luxurious living spaces in the city.

After failing to purchase Barbara Streisand's $8m (€7.4m) penthouse back in 1999, Mariah instead opted to buy into a new 17-storey development in the Lower Manhattan area, purchasing both the duplex penthouse and the apartment below it. The result? A plush "triplex" style apartment with incredible Art Deco style furnishings, six bedrooms, a clothes room (not a wardrobe), and of course, the legendary shoe room.

It's been a rough year for Mariah, whose divorce from Nick was finalised in April after six years of marriage. But with the help of her Australian billionaire boyfriend James Packer, it seems the singer has found happiness again.

We're delighted… now if we could just get our hands on some of those shoes…


We always enjoy when someone is able to poke fun at themselves just a touch.


Word! LOL Happy 4th Everybody!!!

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It’s nice to know then even the super famous are able to take joke like the rest of us. Nick Cannon, 34, obviously doesn’t want us to think he’s sitting around crying about his estranged wife Mariah Carey.

The America’s Got Talent host posted some funny memes on his Instagram account, apparently not wanting to seem bitter about spending the American holiday weekend alone.


I always wanted to find someone like me… I talk to myself… Make myself laugh… I enjoy myself!!! #ImDatingMe LOL

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The photo reads “I’ve been single for a while and I have to say it’s going very well.”

Another was an image of a couple in front of fireworks compared to a solo Kanye West drinking from a bottle. The memes are pretty familiar, but we can’t say we expected  Nick to be posting them while his former love is all over social media with her new BF.

Nick has always had a sense of humour though. He was a comedian for a while after all…


Except I got Vegetable juice in my bottle!

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Meanwhile, Mariah seems to thoroughly enjoying her new romance with billionaire boyfriend James Packer.

The couple have recently been spotted at some very lavish parties and looking positively smitten as they strolled hand-in-hand on the beach in Spain.

James, who is Australia’s fourth richest man, apparently, had invited the singer to sail around the Mediterranean along with Mariah and Nick’s four-year old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

So it seems Nick is getting used to his single status then. We’re just happy he’s found “the One” (himself) to keep him company.

The couple’s split is rumoured to have prompted Nick to write a tell-all book about their life together after Mariah reportedly refused to meet Nick’s demands of an almost €27 million divorce settlement. 


The relationship between Mariah Carey and her billionaire boyf James Packer is certainly moving fast.

Indeed, significantly the couple will today jump on his personal jet, making a journey to Israel.

There, according to TMZ, they will attend together a private “pre-engagement spiritual seminar”.

The spiritual leader organising the event knows James well, and it is said that the businessman trusts him and his advice implicitly. In fact, the Australian father-of-three, who is worth around €5bn, feels the meeting is a must before he asks Mariah to marry him.

However, once today has concluded, it will be very much full steam ahead with a proposal: friends of James, 47, believe that the duo will be engaged – and possibly even married – before the year is out.

They recently enjoyed a sun-drenched holiday in Capri off the west coast of Italy – thus confirming publicly for the first time their union.

Both James and 46-year-old Mariah, a mother-of-two, have been married twice before.

Ms Carey, herself worth some €450m, split from her husband Nick Cannon 18months ago, but their divorce has still to be finalised.


OK there are some seriously cute celebrity couples in the spotlight at the moment, John Ledgend and Chrissy Tiegean , were looking at you. 

But we wanted to take a look back at some of the celebrity couples that have been forgotten about. 

You know how you cringe looking back a photos of your ex thinking 'what was I actually thinking?' Were wondering if these stars do that when they see this blasts from the past. Do they feel the same embarrassment as we do?

Here's some celebrity couples that you may or may not (and probably not) remember…


1. Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock
Ryan had a habit of dating people he worked with


2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Junior
Serious blast from the past


3. Britney Spears and Colin Farrell
It didn't last very long


4. Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon
Before Mariah came along


5. Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhall
They were actually seriously cute


6. Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergera
We literally had no idea


​7. Enrique Iglesias and Sofia Vergara 
She was referred to as Enrique's ex before she was known as Modern Family's Gloria.


8. Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morrisette 
They were even engaged


9. Natalie Portman and Moby
This is just so random..


10. McCauley Kulkin and Mila Kunis
We are so glad she ended up with Ashton


12. J-Lo and Ben Affleck
OK, so this is a better-remember union – and oh how we loved them as a couple


13. Tyra Banks and Will Smith


14. Justin Timberlake and Fergie  
Seriously, what?


15. Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin
Yep you guessed it, McCauley's younger brother. 



This pair certainly won’t be stuck for cash, that’s for sure.

Mariah Carey is reportedly dating Australian billionaire, James Packer. The new couple have been spotted holding hands while holidaying in Italy.

So, just who is James Packer… aside from being one of the wealthiest men down under?

Mr Packer is the son of the late media mogul Kerry Packer. The 47-year-old inherited the family company which he sold and now owns a string of hotels and casinos.

As the 4th wealthiest person in Australia, he is worth an estimated €4 billion. This makes Mariah’s €440 million look like pocket change!

The couple are currently vacationing in Capri in Italy. According to TMZ they are staying on the casino mogul’s yacht before heading on to Cannes and then St. Tropez.

We can only imagine what Nick Cannon must be feeling right about now!

This is the first person that Mariah has been romantically linked with since her divorce from Nick last year.

Mariah also made headlines two week's ago when her brother spoke out, saying that despite not having seen his sister in two years, he was extremely worried about her alcohol abuse issues. Although, reports have suggested that Mariah’s siblings are simply looking for attention from their 45-year-old sister.

It definitely looks like she’s managing just fine to us!  


Morgan Carey hasn't spoken to his sister in two years. Still, he claims that he has never seen her sober and he worries she is going to “die like Whitney Houston”.

Rumours of the 45-year-old suffering from depression and alcohol dependency have surfaced before, particularly last summer around the time she split from husband, Nick Cannon, 34.

Speaking to the National Enquirer, the star’s younger brother said that he feels Mariah is not fit to look after her four-year-old twins because of her substance abuse issues. He also claimed that she is taking a number of medications on a daily basis.

Mariah, her brother Morgan and their mother Patricia


“Mariah was drinking through her pregnancy, even while she was nursing… I can’t say that I have ever been around her when she was sober, and that’s very scary. “

This is not the first time one of Mariah’s siblings have spoken out in the media.

Her 53-year-old estranged sister, Alison, has also talked to the media on a number of occasions. Most recently, Alison spoke to Star magazine in January – at the same time that Nick was filing for divorce from Mariah after six years of marriage.

Alison, who is a former prostitute and has a history of drug abuse, told the magazine that she was reaching out to her younger sibling, and that she did not want money – despite Mariah being worth some €450m.

She added that she was desperate to meet her niece and nephew and that she wants her famous sister to love her again.

“There’s been a lot of water under the bridge. I’ve done things that were wrong. She’s done things that were wrong.

But I’ve reached out to her many, many times through the years in every way I could think of to try and ask for her forgiveness and see if we could start over. We are the only sisters each of us will ever have.”

Alison, who has been living with HIV since 1988, has also said she is broke and is struggling to support her two children. 

However, according to a 2006 statement from Mariah’s rep, the superstar is looking for Alison to want to help herself”.

Mariah can be there with love and support, the rep added, but at what point do you not enable someone any longer?”

Her rep furthermore said that Mariah has paid for rehab on a number of occasions for Alison.

It is not known why or when Mariah and her brother Morgan became estranged.

Morgan is also clearly not a fan of his sister’s ex, calling Nick “a crock of s***” and saying that he was only ever interested in her money.

“Nick was there for the cash from day one. He doesn’t give damn about Mariah.” 

When the siblings' parents divorced in the early Seventies, Mariah and Morgan remained with their mother, Patricia, while Alison went to live with their father, Alfred. 



Nick Cannon took to Instagram to promote Mariah's new album on Wednesday.

Nick posted a picture of the album cover along with the caption: "#1ToInfinity album in stores May 6th. #TheQueen #NoHate #HardestWorkingWomanIKnow". 

Two weeks ago Nick had also captioned the same image with the hashtag: "Family First".

When asked if he would ever get back together with Mariah, Nick told TMZ: "Um, yeah, you can never say never."

Unfortunately, Mariah has no interest in getting back together and is happy being single.

Mariah and Nick have stayed close since their split for the sake of their twins Monroe and Moroccan. 

They got married in 2008 and Nick filed for divorce in January this year.




It’s been five months since it was reported that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had split and now it looks like any reconciliation is off the table as Nick has filed for divorce.

TMZ have learned that the TV presenter and actor has officially filed for divorce from the singing superstar and did so before Christmas, on December 12th.

We have to say, we had hopes the couple would call off their separation – but it seems that is not going to happen now! Nick even got his ‘Mariah’ tattoo removed not long ago.

The couple were married in 2008 and are parents to adorable twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

Thankfully, Mariah will have something to distract her from the pain of her divorce as she announced on The Ellen Show yesterday that she is taking up residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.




Poor Mariah Carey was left red-faced last night after fans took to Twitter to criticise a less-than-perfect live performance.

The singer had planned to pre-record a rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You on Tuesday, with the video set to be shown on Wednesday's annual tree lighting at Rockefeller Centre in New York.

However a meeting with her lawyers to discuss her divorce from Nick Cannon apparently ran over by three hours, and so Mariah was forced to do her performance live last night instead.

Not a huge task for a seasoned singer like Ms. Carey, you'd think, but things didn't quite go to plan!

As well as struggling with a lot of the song's high notes, Mariah also appeared to struggle with her breathing and timing. Watch the clip below with Mariah's vocals isolated:

Ouch. Fans were quick to vent online about the flawed performance:

The singer did post a personal apology on Twitter – though given that it was posted before the live performance, the apology seems to be to those fans who had showed up to watch Tuesday's recording session.

We hope she gets her voice back on track for next year's rumoured tour of the UK and Ireland!