Roz Purcell’s 10 Year Challenge is political, and we’re in stitches


The 10 Year Challenge has been doing the rounds on social media, in which people share two snaps of themselves side by side, one from 2009 and one from 2019. 

The 10 Year Challenge has become popular with celebs and normal folk alike, and if yiu have been on social media over the past 24 hours, you cant have missed it.  

Irish model turned influencer Roz Purcell has taken to Instagram to share her own aging snap, and it's absolutely gas. 


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The gym loving model is currently living it up on a trip to Bali, so for her 2019 side of the snap, she chose one of herself enjoying her holiday, flower in her hair, cuddling  a very cute little doggo.

However for her 2009 shot, she posed along side someone altogether very different.  

Giving her best 2009 pageant pout, Roz is standing alongside none other than the current POTUS Donald Trump. 


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'I'll just leave this here……#10yearchallenge here's to better company' she captioned the snap. 

The image is a relic from Roz's days as a pageant queen, after she represented Ireland in the Miss Universe pageant. 

The vent was held in Las Vegas in 2010 (so almost 10 years) and Roz came in 7th place.