While it may seem like the fashion industry is making strides towards body positivity and self-love, not every company seems to be on the same page (or planet for that matter). 

Wish.com, a popular online-shopping service, has come under fire after it used slim models to advertise plus-sized women's tights. 

Sure, it's no secret that in the past thin models have been employed to advertise larger clothes, but it's almost 2018 and we're better than that.

The ads in question show tiny models stretch the plus-sized tights in bizarre poses, in what can only be assumed is an effort to demonstrate their bigger size. 

The models can be seen in various positions, with some even managing to fit their entire bodies into the garment. 

Needless to say, customers were disgusted by the "disrespectful" images, with many even taking to twitter to ask the question in everyone's lips: 'Why not hire a plus-sized model?'