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Another Dublin pub has shut its doors, and we're beyond upset about this tragedy. It seems like so many gems of the capital city have been forced to close, and the latest one is hitting Dubliners hard.

The Hill pub of Ranelagh has announced it will "close with immediate effect" due to "circumstances beyond our control."

The venue released a short statement on Twitter, with customers showing their support:

"We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers over the last few years, you have all been amazing," the pub wrote.

Fans and visitors of the location made sure to show the pub love in the comments, wishing the pub luck with any other business ventures they attempt.

Independent businesses and nightlife spots have been noticeably struggling to stay open in the city centre, with rent costs sky high and corporations reducing the market to a monopoly.

We wish the best of luck in the future to The Hill, hopefully it can reopen in a few years for some fresh pints.

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Is there anything more satisfying than a well-deserved post-work pint? 

Sometimes a little tipple is just what's needed to unwind after a long day on the grind, and as we're slowly but surely seeing that little stretch in the evening, thoughts of mid-week gatherings and bright beer gardens are begging to creep back into our minds. 

But luckily, we live in a country brimming with cosy little pubs just waiting to welcome us after a long, hard day. 

This week, we're heading west to bring you our pick of the best spots in Galway city. 

1. Bierhaus, Henry St. West, Galway

With a menu focused on showcasing quality local and international beverages, Bierhaus is favourite among craft beer lovers.

But don't worry if beer's not your thing – they also stock a huge selection of speciality ciders and spirits.  

The relaxed vibes, delicious pub grub and live music make it the perfect place to relax after a hard day's work 


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2. The Oslo, Upper Salthill, Galway

Home of the Galway Bay brewing company, this gastro bar offers a large selection of beers, wines and spirits, as well as decent food which available to order all day long. 

Soak up the atmosphere in the European style beer hall, or catch the big sporting events on one of Galway's largest screens 

And while we might not have the weather for it right now, on a sunny day The Oslo is the ideal place to enjoy a little al fresco dining. 


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3. An Pucan, Forester St., Galway 

A well-known establishment just off Eyer's Square where the craic is pretty much guaranteed.  

Trad sessions, bar food and great Irish craft beers – what's not to love? 


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4. Tig Coili, Mainguard St., Galway

Legend has it, the Guinness here is second to none. 

A favourite among locals and tourists alike, Tig Coili is pretty much you quintessential Irish pub. 

Great atmosphere, always busy (but not too packed) and live music to get you in the mood 

5. The Dew Drop Inn, Mainguard St., Galway

Known by many locals as Myles Lee, this cosy little bar is commonly known as Galway's most comfortable pub. 

Comprising of two rooms, one with a small bar and the second a comfortable seating area and open fire The Dew Drop Inn is bursting with charm and character. 

Oh, and it also boasts one of the best heated smoking areas in the city! 

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There are going to be some very disappointed tourists hanging around Temple Bar this Friday, longing for a pint of Guinness only to be told they've come to the wrong place.

As us Irish folks know all too well at this stage, Good Friday is the only day aside from Christmas Day when pubs must close and alcohol is unavailable to buy.

Of course, as with any rule, there are a few ways to bend it – but only a few, mind you. If you don't fancy panic-buying at your local off-licence this Thursday and can't bear to finish out the week without so much as a (responsible) sip of wine, try one of these options…

Have a flutter on the dogs

Harold's Cross Greyhound Stadium is once again offering full bar facilities for anyone booked in for a restaurant package. So head along for a night of betting and a few pints. Generally there's a minimum group size of four, and you'll need to get your reservation in fast by phone or online.

**IT'S A GREAT FRIDAY EVERY FRIDAY**If your looking for something fun and Irish to do on a Friday Night in Dublin,…

Posted by Harold's Cross Greyhound Stadium on Thursday, 10 March 2016


Hop on the boat… kinda
If you've spotted the La Peniche restaurant-boat docked on the Grand Canal, this Friday would be a good time to check it out. La Peniche offer a three-course dinner cruise for €42pp at 6pm or 9pm including a glass of Prosecco, with a bar serving wine, beer, Guinness and more once the boat is moving. A three-course lunch option is also available for €35 if you want to catch some springtime rays as you eat (and drink).


Catch the train
It's legal to purchase alcohol on a train or in any train station bar, provided you can show a valid Intercity ticket. So take a road trip somewhere while enjoying a drink… or stay in Dublin and head to Madigans in Connolly Station.



In probably one of the best TV reunions ever, former That '70s Show stars, Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama and Danny Masterson all met up for a few pints on Friday night and had some well-deserved bro-time. 

The three actors, who were best friends on the show and indeed, best friends in real life, looked like they were really having a laugh as they posted photos on Instagram of their night out. 



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And while Wilmer and Danny look like they were dressed to impress, poor old Ashton didn't seem to get the memo as he arrived in a t-shit and knit beanie. 

Their IG photo captions were super cute too, with Ashton simply saying, "fam," and Wilmer saying, "Three woes walk into a bar… #family."


Three woes walk into a bar… #Family

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It's almost been ten years since That '70s Show was taken off the air, so it's good to see they are all still good friends.

Although, if Ashton and Mila were anything to go by, it might be the tightest-knit TV show cast EVER. 


Tonight, U2 play the first of their four sold-out concerts in Dublin's 3Arena. And what did the lads do to prepare themselves for the gig? 

They went out for a pint of Guinness, of course!

The lads spent a few hours in Peter's Pub on South William Street, and surprisingly, went pretty much unnoticed until they posted a photo onto their Twitter account. 

They captioned the snap of the four pints, "The boys are back in town," which made fans even more excited about tonight's gig. 

And as for who the photographer was? Many fans are claiming it's Bono as they're trying to take close-ups of the shared photo. 

Either way, it's a brilliant idea to let their fans know the boys are back on home turf. 


Well, this is exciting! Just when we thought Guinness couldn't get any better, it goes and opens a new experimental bar. Hurrah!

Yep, Guinness is giving you the chance to go beyond the (kinda) shiny gates and have #allthepints in its new brewery.

The Open Gate Brewery at St. James' Gate is located in the little secret door beside the main entrance and opened its doors to the public for the first time yesterday.

The experimental brewery has perviously been open to just brewers to explore recipes and create new ones, but now the industrial-feel bar is going to be open for anyone to walk in and try a wide range of new brews. 

The usual draught Guinness will be available, as well as their most recent venture, Hop House 13 Lager. Also on sale is Dublin Porter, West Indies Porter and a small batch of experimental beers (that sound really cool). 

Diageo's Mark Sandys said, "People are becoming more interested in beer and the stories behind it, and The Open Gate Brewery gives people the freedom to experiment and find new tastes. 

The new bar is only open Thursday and Friday from 5.30pm to 10.30pm but it is supplying some deadly beers on draught for you to try, including Guinness Nitro IPA (interesting), OGB Milk Stout (even more interesting) and OGB Imperial Dunkel Weisse, which has 8.4 percent alcohol (VERY interesting). 

 A pint of beer is €5 and a half-pint is €2.75 but you can also order four beer-tasters for €5 and speak to the brewers about the origins of each. We like it!



We certainly know how to make the most of a beer garden 'round these parts. 

Indeed, if there's a hint of sunshine – even in the depths of winter – hoards of Irish folk are more than happy to transfer outdoors to finish their pints and chats. 

Gas heater switched on; an extra geansaí applied; a sturdy disposition: with the right, can-do attitude even freezing temperatures and the occasional sprinkling of rain can be cheerfully endured. 

However, we could only shake our heads in wonder when we spotted two particularly hardy chaps finish their beer garden pints… while waist-deep in flood water. 

With the nearby river bursting its banks amid heavy rainfall over the weekend, a pair of patrons at the Kirkstall Bridge Inn in Leeds very much took matters into their own hands.

John Kelly and Steve Holt, the plucky individuals in question, run the Kirkstall Brewery that owns the pub. They told BuzzFeed they were "irked by the river’s inconsiderate nature" and decided to reclaim it by taking their beers outside.

And while the water was initially only knee-deep, the flooding continued until it soon reached their waists.

The pair reported afterwards that "the beer was spot on… but we only had a couple". They eventually departed when they "got told off by Steve’s missus and had to get out".

Reckless; dangerous; just a bit of good fun? Well, they're all over social media anyway. And one thing's for sure too – a bit of November beer garden chill doesn't seem so bad now after all.


Countless numbers of Irish women might disagree – but research has now revealed that men are, in fact, BETTER in bed after taking a few pints of the black stuff.

Yes, in her recently published book, The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide To Saving Your Sex Life, Dr Kat Van Kirk highlights the four different ways beer-drinking guys benefit when it comes to getting busy in between the sheets.

And coming in for particular praise are dark beers such as Guinness.

Why? Because, explains Dr Kirk and as reported by askmen.com, the high amounts of iron contained in stout increases the amount of blood circulation to the penis. This in turn can then boost a man’s libido and lead to longer, more intense erections.

That's not all, however. No siree. Dr Kirk, a clinical sexologist and marriage and family therapist, also explains that beer ultimately supplies your body with plenty of phytoestrogens which are scientifically proven to delay orgasm.

Meanwhile, Italian researchers have found that daily beer drinkers have more stamina than their sober counterparts — and are 31 percent less likely to have heart disease, heart attacks or strokes (nope, we're not questioning it either).

Finally, Guinness is especially rich in probiotics and B vitamins, which are excellent for digestive health (because nothing says 'mood kill' like a dodgy tum). This also means "you won’t feel sluggish during sex," Dr Kirk adds.