We certainly know how to make the most of a beer garden 'round these parts. 

Indeed, if there's a hint of sunshine – even in the depths of winter – hoards of Irish folk are more than happy to transfer outdoors to finish their pints and chats. 

Gas heater switched on; an extra geansaí applied; a sturdy disposition: with the right, can-do attitude even freezing temperatures and the occasional sprinkling of rain can be cheerfully endured. 

However, we could only shake our heads in wonder when we spotted two particularly hardy chaps finish their beer garden pints… while waist-deep in flood water. 

With the nearby river bursting its banks amid heavy rainfall over the weekend, a pair of patrons at the Kirkstall Bridge Inn in Leeds very much took matters into their own hands.

John Kelly and Steve Holt, the plucky individuals in question, run the Kirkstall Brewery that owns the pub. They told BuzzFeed they were "irked by the river’s inconsiderate nature" and decided to reclaim it by taking their beers outside.

And while the water was initially only knee-deep, the flooding continued until it soon reached their waists.

The pair reported afterwards that "the beer was spot on… but we only had a couple". They eventually departed when they "got told off by Steve’s missus and had to get out".

Reckless; dangerous; just a bit of good fun? Well, they're all over social media anyway. And one thing's for sure too – a bit of November beer garden chill doesn't seem so bad now after all.