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Back in the day, hanging out in the pub with your parents and siblings was part and parcel of a Sunday afternoon.

After Mass had come to an end and the roast had been devoured, countless families in Ireland would retire to the local for the afternoon.

Looking back, it seems a little questionable, but at the time no one batted an eyelid, and you loved nothing more than getting your greasy mitts on a glass of coke and packet of peanuts,

And with that in mind, here are just 9 things you'll remember if you were on first-name basis with the middle-aged bartenders.

1. Pubs back in the 90s had a distinct smell which you just don't find anymore.

A mixture of secondhand smoke, Old Spice, and spilled Guinness was the scent of your childhood.

2. You and your siblings would drive your father demented trying to decide what 'mineral' and snack you'd like.

The packet of peanuts would be in your hand before you realised there were Bacon Fries to be had, and all hell broke loose.

3. After the second round, the pub was essentially yours for the taking. 

Your parents didn't mind where you wandered as long as you didn't make a holy show of them, so you spent much of the day sitting beneath wobbly tables in a makeshift fort.

4. Hanging out in the jacks was (inexplicably) something to get excited about.

Brushing your hair with the comb that came in your Lucky Bag felt like the height of sophistication for a nine-year-old.

5. The same went for the pay phone in the porch.

If you were on the hunt for Call Cards, you knew you'd be in luck, and if you had a spare 20p you might even give your mate a buzz to fill them in on the latest.

6. Depending on the pub, you might get your hands on a purple Snack bar or (if you were in serious luck) a yellow Snack bar might find its way to your table.

You tended to favour the pubs which stocked up on confectionary with the same enthusiasm they stocked up on Guinness.

7. Despite the craic to be had in the jacks and the porch, there came a time when your interest in the local started to wane.

You might have been bribed with another glass of coke, but you knew the jig was up.

8. It took a good 15 minutes for the entire clan to walk home, so you'd start rallying the troops in order to catch your favourite TV show.

The Simpsons would be starting at 6pm, and this wasn't the time to mess around.

9. Getting your parents out of the bar always took longer than expected as they did the rounds and said goodbye to every damn person in the lounge.

"Will you either whist, or say hello to Barbara from the front of the estate."



Today, Ireland play Scotland in the 6 Nations – and we're all heading to the to watch it.


However, pub selection is crucial, so we've done the work for you!

We have carefully selected pubs from across the country, that are the perfect spots to take in the match (and a few too many pints!)

Cheers lads!


Oliver St John Gogarty in Temple Bar.

Award winning food, wonderful drinks and a bit of live music after the match – what more could you want? 

Image result for gogartys


The Rob Roy in Cork City.

The perfect place to enjoy a pint and the rugby this weekend. 

Image result for The Rob Roy cork


Cullens in Collooney.

Right on the main street of this gorgeous town, Cullens is a brilliant sports bar, with reasonable priced drinks and amazing staff. 

Image result for cullens pub collooney


The Creamery in Bunratty.

Next to the world famous castle lies a world famous pub, with more character and craic than you can imagine. Plus, the wings are absolutely DIVINE. 

Image result for the creamery bunratty


Lavery’s Bar & Gin Palace, Bradbury Place. 

22 HD TV screens spread throughout the venue? Say no more. 

Image result for laverys belfast


Murty Rabbitts, Forster Street. 

This spot is one of Galway's oldest pubs, so it is rich in character and history. Plus, they have a deadly pint of Guinness. 

Image result for Murty Rabbits


The Central in Navan.

Good food and GREAT cocktails! Plus, they have a glorious rooftop, with TVs, so you'll miss nothing! 

Image result for The Central in Navan


Is there anything more satisfying than a well-deserved post-work pint? 

Sometimes a little tipple is just what's needed to unwind after a long day on the grind, and as we're slowly but surely seeing that little stretch in the evening, thoughts of mid-week gatherings and bright beer gardens are begging to creep back into our minds. 

But luckily, we live in a country brimming with cosy little pubs just waiting to welcome us after a long, hard day. 

This week, we're heading west to bring you our pick of the best spots in Galway city. 

1. Bierhaus, Henry St. West, Galway

With a menu focused on showcasing quality local and international beverages, Bierhaus is favourite among craft beer lovers.

But don't worry if beer's not your thing – they also stock a huge selection of speciality ciders and spirits.  

The relaxed vibes, delicious pub grub and live music make it the perfect place to relax after a hard day's work 


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2. The Oslo, Upper Salthill, Galway

Home of the Galway Bay brewing company, this gastro bar offers a large selection of beers, wines and spirits, as well as decent food which available to order all day long. 

Soak up the atmosphere in the European style beer hall, or catch the big sporting events on one of Galway's largest screens 

And while we might not have the weather for it right now, on a sunny day The Oslo is the ideal place to enjoy a little al fresco dining. 


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3. An Pucan, Forester St., Galway 

A well-known establishment just off Eyer's Square where the craic is pretty much guaranteed.  

Trad sessions, bar food and great Irish craft beers – what's not to love? 


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4. Tig Coili, Mainguard St., Galway

Legend has it, the Guinness here is second to none. 

A favourite among locals and tourists alike, Tig Coili is pretty much you quintessential Irish pub. 

Great atmosphere, always busy (but not too packed) and live music to get you in the mood 

5. The Dew Drop Inn, Mainguard St., Galway

Known by many locals as Myles Lee, this cosy little bar is commonly known as Galway's most comfortable pub. 

Comprising of two rooms, one with a small bar and the second a comfortable seating area and open fire The Dew Drop Inn is bursting with charm and character. 

Oh, and it also boasts one of the best heated smoking areas in the city! 

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Is there anything more satisfying than a well-deserved post-work pint? 

Sometimes a little tipple is just what's needed to unwind after a long day on the grind, and as we're slowly but surely seeing that little stretch in the evening, thoughts of mid-week gatherings and bright beer gardens are begging to creep back into our minds. 

But luckily, we live in a city  packed with pubs just waiting to welcome us after along, hard day – here's just some of our favourites. 

1. The Beach Tavern, Irishtown 

Nestled in the heart of Dublin 4, The Beach Tavern is your quintessential Irish pub, brimming with the craic and character you need after a long week. Great drinks, great atmosphere and most importantly Great prices. Simple.


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2. Anseo, Camden St. 

A quick hop, skip and jump from the Luas, decent draught and bottled beer, sweet tunes and the odd woofter dog there too.

3. Pmacs, Dundrum

Board games, pool table, old school arcade games and seating designed to imitate an early 20th century 'living room' – what more could you want? 


Transients Welcome… #pmacsdundrum #dundrum #neon

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4. The Bernard Shaw, Rathmines 

Always an excellent spot for a cheeky evening tipple – good crowds, chilled vibes and delicious pizza – enough said, really. 


The G+Ts are ready and waiting 🙂 #internationalginandtonicday

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5. The Horseshow House, Ballsbridge 

Bang slap in the middle of Ballsbridge, with a MASSIVE smoking area and beer garden – the perfect way to enjoy that little stretch in the evening. 


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Count Dublin lucky, because it has been chosen as one of three citites to host an inflatable Moe's Tavern.

Yep, The Simpsons are coming to Dublin next month to launch the inflatable pub, which is only open in London and LA.

However, it's no wonder it's coming to Dublin, since Inflatable Pubs Global, the company running the launch, is Irish-owned.

Owner of the company, Lisa McMahon said of Moe's Tavern: "Effectively it is like a blow up marquee, and made from the same material as a bouncy castle, but the interior will be an exact replica of the one in the Simpsons 

"We are even hoping to be able to import and provide Duff beer like Homer drinks.

Image result for moe's tavern gif

"We have done an inflatable Queen Vic for an EastEnders fan, and we can do The Rovers Return from Coronation Street or McCoys from Fair City, or even the ‘local’ from back home for emigrants.

"Next on the list is the Nags Head from only Fools and Horses!"

The location and details of the launch are still under wraps, but you can find out more info here.