Just when you think the Internet cannot possibly get any weirder, we are faced with CHEESE NAILS. 



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We love cheese (more than we care to admit) and we love getting our nails done… but frankly we don't see the need to combine the two. 

However, like it or not, cheese nails are here, and people seem to really love them. 


Cheese-Nails  #nailart #cheesenails #mouse #matte

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Simply search #cheesenails on Instagram, and you will be faced with hundreds of people who are rocking cheesy nails. 

The trend was popularised by Tastemade Japan, who shared a video on how to achieve cheese nails.

The video in question has been viewed over 364,000 times since it was uploaded last year, which is pretty darn impressive. 

Despite the clear popularity of these nails, we will be keeping cheese on pizza… where it belongs.