Aquarium nails are apparently a thing, and they are totally WEIRD


So, we are just a few weeks in to 2017, and we have already seen so many bizarre beauty trends.

The latest obscure beauty trend is aquarium nails, and we just don't really understand them.


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Nail artists use acrylic, baby oil (or water) and nail baubles to create mermaid-approved claws that are a little bit OTT, even for us. 


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This nail trend is similar to the snow globe nails of 2016, but with a little bit of under-the-sea flair.


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Equipped with glitter (and lot's of it) and various mermaid-related gems, these nails are truly outrageous, in a weirdly wonderful kind of way. 


My 2nd attempt making #aquanails aquarium #aquariumnails

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While they do look pretty cool on Instagram, we don't think we'll be trying them any time soon.