Is this the first social media modelling agency?


These days, wannabe models don’t have to wait to be spotted by a scout on the street before reaching stardom. They have Instagram instead, where they can amass thousands of followers all by their lonesome – and Galore, a multimedia company are taking note.

They have launched a new division of their company called Kitten, which is “one part mother agency and one part marketing company” according to founders Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat. Modelling agency One Management has also teamed up with Kitten to form One.1K to “merge technology and fashion”. Their aim is to represent some of the big social media fashion stars.

So far, they have Ashley Sky, Melissa Satta and Rocky Barnes. Scott Lipps, the founder of the agency said:

“I've been super active on social media for a few years, and it's become an incredible marketing tool …I noticed girls were getting booked from it.

“Brands want viral campaigns….It's about managing and packaging the models the right way.

“We can capitalize on what's happening in pop culture, and help girls get great deals based on their followings.”

So you know what to do if you want to break in to the fashion world ladies – you could be next!