Beauty mistakes that make you look tired


Wearing make-up is supposed to make you look brighter, fresher and impossibly dewy, right? In theory, perhaps, but most of us are guilty of the following beauty mishaps:

Using too much powder
Over-powdering tends to leave your skin looking older and tired. A light covering of translucent powder is enough to get rid of the dreaded shine.

Not applying moisturiser
Moisturising before you apply your foundation is the best way to avoid dull, tired, flaky skin. Remember to pick one up with an SPF.

Using the wrong colour concealer under your eyes
Whether it’s too dark or too light, the wrong concealer will make you look tired. Make sure you apply your make-up in a well lit room.

Not using a primer on your eyes
Primer under your eyes is a great way to stop dark colours from smudging your them. Nobody likes the raccoon look.

And if you’re still looking a little tired after fixing your make-up routine, you might want to consider an earlier bedtime…