A bank accidentally put $5m into a girl’s account… and she went WILD


We're in two minds about this because, honestly, if five million quid ended up in your bank account, what would you do?

Christine Jiaxin Lee, a student from Malaysia but living in Australia, checked her bank account one day to find she had an added $4.6m in her available funds… and let's just say she went all out.

The mix-up, which was on the bank's part, meant that the 21-year-old could go on a wild shopping spree… and boy, did she.

The engineering student bought a very fancy apartment in Sydney as well as an abundance of designer handbags.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, this went on for a YEAR before the bank noticed and in that time she spent $3.3m.

However, when the bank copped on to Christine, she was arrested. Hours later she was released on bail but now has to report to her local police station twice per day, as well as give up her passport.

And she has to pay ALL of the money back.

Christine claimed that she thought the money was put in by her parents, which at first sounds like a long shot, but further reports say that her mother and father are paying the whole amount back to the bank as soon as, so their daughter won't be in debt.

She told the paper that her parents "are not very happy with me."

Well… obviously.