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Everyone everywhere is talking about British model, Cara Delevingne and you would think at this stage, her name would be easy to say by now.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Reese Witherspoon, Kate Upton and Zooey Deschanel who struggled to pronounce Cara’s surname last Sunday.

The actresses and model were caught a little worse for wear in a lift at the Met Ball. Reese was definitely the funniest out of the bunch as she slurred her way through pronouncing Cara’s name and in the end gave up by yelling  “can’t say Cara’s f**king name”.

After watching this video, we’re convinced more than ever that these girls would be great to hang around with on a night out.



After the success of Alex Chung’s first collaboration with the cosmetics company, Eyeko, Alexa has revealed that she plans on organising another eye range with the make-up company.

Alexa revealed at Sunday’s Met Ball that she was always a fan of the brand and often used Eyeko’s eyeliner long before signing a deal with the company.

“I was in London anyway, so I met up with Max and Nina (Leykind, the company’s founders) and we just immediately started brainstorming ideas for some sort of—ambassadorship, I guess you’d say. I liked the idea of focusing on just one thing—everything about eyes.”

Alexa said she was very excited about her latest line and revealed that her new collection will be out in June.

“We started out with a classic black eyeliner—and now we’re doing these new shadows, which are out in June!”



The biggest fashion night of the year has happened and we’re not really sure what to think!

There was a definite return to old Hollywood glamour, with lace, smooth curls and red lips a-plenty while those looking for a modern flair opted for dresses with cropped tops.

As usual there were fashion disasters, with some usually dependable actresses surprising us with bad decisions, but there were also a few stunning successes.

All in all, we’re a little underwhelmed – see what you think!



Madonna was not a happy bunny last night after Anna Wintour banned her from wearing a dress the singer dubbed, “Sexual Mummy”.

She posted the below picture to Instagram yesterday with the caption: “What i wanted to wear to Met Ball but Anna said Not this year! So I’m gonna work on music instead?”

What do you think? Was the legendary Vogue editor right to ban the ‘dress’ or should Madge have been allowed to wear it?




Cara Delevigne is well known for being a messer and the model managed to drag a few famous ladies down to her level last night.

Reese Witherspoon, Stella McCartney and Kate Bosworth decided to make their own fun at the Met Ball, as they joined Cara in her attempt crack Rihanna.

The singer was posing for photographers in her stunning Stella McCartney dress as the girls stood out of shot, trying to get her to laugh. We don’t know how, but Rihanna managed to keep her composure.

RihannaMetBallThe gorgeous ladies appeared to be having more fun than anyone else at last night’s event and a number of pictures appeared on Instagram showing just how hilarious they all were.

If this was secondary school, we’d definitely want to be in their gang.





First of all, we need to take a second to appreciate how amazing Kim Kardashian looked at last night’s Met Ball.

After a year of disastrous fashion decisions, including the floral monstrosity she wore to last year’s gala, Kim was absolutely stunning in that gorgeous Lanvin gown.

Now on to the juicy stuff.

While she tried her very best, Kim just couldn’t have the night go without a hitch and managed to flash a lot of – probably happy – people before she made it to the red carpet.

That precarious hip-high split betrayed her and Mrs Kanye West gave the world a view of her underwear.

Silver lining: at least they matched her dress…




Ok, so it was all in jest, but Jay Z and Beyonce made the world swoon once again as they staged a fake proposal on the red carpet last night.

Looking stunning as always, Queen Bey had a fashion mishap when her ring came off and husband Jay Z went on the hunt to find it.

Once he located it, the mischievous producer decided to fake a proposal, quite possibly making history at the Met Ball.

We really do love those two!