Alexa Chung to launch second Eyeko collection

After the success of Alex Chung’s first collaboration with the cosmetics company, Eyeko, Alexa has revealed that she plans on organising another eye range with the make-up company.

Alexa revealed at Sunday’s Met Ball that she was always a fan of the brand and often used Eyeko’s eyeliner long before signing a deal with the company.

“I was in London anyway, so I met up with Max and Nina (Leykind, the company’s founders) and we just immediately started brainstorming ideas for some sort of—ambassadorship, I guess you’d say. I liked the idea of focusing on just one thing—everything about eyes.”

Alexa said she was very excited about her latest line and revealed that her new collection will be out in June.

“We started out with a classic black eyeliner—and now we’re doing these new shadows, which are out in June!”