Love Island’s Georgia: Lying about that kiss is kind of Josh’s fault

Don't @ me, but I do think that Georgia lying about trying to shift her best friend's lad is kind of Josh's fault?

Hear me out – Georgia has had it rough over the past few days, her lover Josh, who in her own words she opened up to and could see a genuine future with, come back from Casa Amor with a new girl, levaing Georgia mugged off in front of the eyes of the world, and  now single in the villa. 

While up to this point, Georgia was a bubbly girl's girl, we saw an almost instant change in her behaviour here. Straight away she was a woman on a mission with something to prove – mostly to Josh that despite his cruel and savage rejection, she was still desirable. 


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It began with her selection of contestants Sam and New Jack for a date. 

Sam is currently coupled up with new gil Ellie, who Georgia has no loyalty to, however New jack is coupled up with Laura, who already had her previous man Wes snatched from under her freckled nose by Megan. 

Laura and Gee are besties, so Georgia felt that if she talked to Laura about her wish to go on a date with Jack before it happened, she would be covered, however unsurprisingly Laura absolutely did not see it this. way.

Gee then went on to not only kiss Jack once at the end of the date, but swooped in for a second kiss after he pulled himself away from the first one, and despite videographic evidence, she is vehemently denying this, and going so far as to call Jack a liar.

Now, the villa is in uproar, with both the guys and the girls divided over whether they believe Georgia or not. 

Now, I'm sure that absolutely everyone here can relate to being dumped. It hurts so incredibly badly and it's 100 times more horrific if your former flame instantly starts seeing someone else.

We need to remember that this has just happened to Georgia on a television show, after she has lived with her man Josh for a month, and now has to live with, even sleep in the same room with, Josh and his new girlfriend Kaz. 

That is an unimaginable amount of mental pressure and psychological torment for a 20-year-old person to have to deal with, and being the proud woman that Gee is, and I think she is choosing to unhealthily express and vent her frustrations by acting out in a way that proves she is valuable and desirable. Unfortunately, Laura's feelings are collateral damage. 

While absolutely Georgia is the one actioning this inexcusable behaviour, I do think Josh's rejection is the catalyst.