An app that lets you delete messages from someone else’s phone?


You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you accidentally hit send on a message that should NEVER have been sent? Well, there is an app that may rid you of that feeling, as it lets you delete messages – from other people’s phones!

This beautiful creation is called Ansa, and it works a bit like Snapchat in that you can go ‘off the record’ and your texts will be deleted automatically. Also, if you sent a message but it hasn’t been read yet, you can delete it for good!

The founder and CEO Natalie Bryla said: “The difference with other texting apps is that everything you say is permanent. If you think about that, you will want to use another app that allows you to talk more freely”.

Let’s not waste any more time talking – it’s time to get our hands on the app that could save us so many embarrassing moments! You can get it from iOS for iPhones, or the Google Play Store for androids.