WATCH: Justin Bieber stormed off during a VERY awkward interview

At first, this interview with Justin Bieber looked perfectly normal. The hosts of the Spanish radio show ask Justin a series of questions about his new album, and his awards. 

But then it takes a very awkward turn at the end. The hosts begin to ask him whether he dresses himself and then if he has a woman in his life (and at this point Mr Bieber looks pretty fed up).

But then it turns from bad to worse when they ask him to help them "break the Internet," along with the radio show's "hundreds of millions of followers."

"Hundreds of millions? Crazy," he says and calmly walks out. They shout his name but Justin's pretty much done.

He did seem to to along with it at first, maybe to be polite, or maybe the interview was running long and this was his only way of getting out. Either way, it's good to see Bieber with a level head.