LOVE IT! Kylie Jenner just rocked one of springs biggest hair trends


Just last week we raved about navy hair becoming one of springs biggest hair trends.

Now teenage makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has taken some inspiration from her past and reached for a navy wig to rock the look.

The reality TV star previously debuted navy locks back in 2015, but she's clearly not obver the blue-black hue.

Kylie has had every hair colour under the sun, from blonde to green to teal, but we love the wearability of the navy shade.

From the most subtle sheen to full on navy blue, this hair colour is destined to freshen up tired, wintry locks. 

Taking to Snapchat (of course) Kylie flaunted the lush look with wig stylist Tokyo Stylez before jetting off to New York to launch her latest pop-up, and hinted that the two were working on a secret project.

We're wondering if the duo are working on a set of wigs, so people can copy Kylie's looks without the commitment. 

We know which shade we would opt for.