Uh-oh… Kylie’s 18th birthday bash outfit BOMBS with her fans


Her fashion choices and style have won serious compliments over the last few months – a time during which she began experimenting a lot more with her look.

And while today is the most anticipated in Kylie Jenner's series of 18th birthday celebrations, for once not everyone is all that taken with what she has on.

Taking part in a meet-and-greet event at Beach Club in Montreal, where serious festivities will kick off later this evening, the teenage reality TV star largely failed to impress.

"She's ONLY 18 BUT Looks 30 …. too MUCH surgery at such an early age," said one observer. Another commented: "She could at least look happy," while a third was even blunter: "She looks bad!!"

For the occasion, she had worn a Mugler white crop top and matching knee-length white skirt in leather.

The label is also a favourite of her sister Khloe Kardashian, although it doesn't come cheap: the top costs €910, while the skirt is €1,217.


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However, at least her evening outfit seems a lot more snazzy: she emerged on the Beach Club decks wearing oversized aviators and a short, multi-coloured mesh dress.

The massive venue is sometimes called Canada’s answer to Ibiza: a mini party island with a beach, pool, A-list DJs… and lots of booze.  

Ms Jenner is allegedly being paid €175,000 by Olivier Primeau, the club's owner, just to show up.

She has already taken to Snapchat to share clips of her helicopter ride to the spot – although, initially anyway, there is no sign of her boyf Tyga, or her sisters.