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Huge congratulations are in order for Mrs Hinch aka Sophie Hinchliffe who has announced she is expecting her first child.

The Instagram star revealed the big news in a touching photo with her husband Jamie and their dog Henry posing by the Christmas tree.

The 28-year-old captioned the photo: “My Hinchers, Mr Hinch and I have been keeping a little secret.”


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The mum-to-be gushed: “All of our Christmas wishes have come true, our mini Hinch will soon be due.”

Sophie added: “Henry is going to be the best big brother ever! I hope you’ve all had the most magical Christmas Day.”

Fans were quick to congratulate the Internet sensation following her major announcement.

“Congratulations! This couldn’t happen to a better couple! Merry Christmas you beautiful people,” one wrote.


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Another said: “Oh wow this is the most exciting news!! With yours and Mr Hinch’s genes this baby is going to be beautiful!”

“What an amazing year!! Massive congratulations Mr & Mrs Hinch!!” one gushed.

Another advised: “Take good care of yourself! Wonderfully happy news for you and Jamie xx”

Sophie took to Instagram stories this morning to express her shock at the huge support since she announced she was expecting her first child.

“I’m so blown away by the amazing messages and comments we’ve received. I love you all and I know my Hinchers will be with me every step of the way.

“I’m nervous but so excited,” Sophie added.

We are absolutely thrilled for Sophie and Jamie. Talk about the best Christmas present ever.


Every once in a while, we stumble upon Instagram gold.

And today is your lucky day, as we have uncovered a page unlike any other.

Combining our FAVE hobbies – eating and stopping to look at cute dogs – @dogs_infood offers the most wholesome content.


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Cue to the awwh – the foodie dogs are the cutest things we've ever seen.

The bizarre but dogtastic pictures take some of the best food snaps Instagram has and meshes them with some fabulous pooches.

Some even include some famous pup, from the likes of Bertram The Pomeranian (@bertiebertthepom), Blaine & Bart Danzig (@danzigbros) and Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug) – FYI, these dogs have better career prospects than we do. 

The results are an adorable mind f*ck and it's hard to even pick a favourite.​


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The account was launched in January and to nobody's surprise, it has amassed 655K followers.

Regardless of how good or bad your Monday has been – this is a sure way to put a smile on your face.

Go give it a follow – you're welcome.



The best piece of fashion advice that Millie Mackintosh ever got was from her grandmother. 

“My grandmothers used to say flaunt what you’ve got. When I was a teenager I had really bad acne and I didn't feel very good about it. She would give me a really short mini-skirt and would say to go out there and flaunt your legs cause that’s one of your best features," she tells SHEmazing.

"If you’re not feeling to good about one thing just forget about and focus on something that you do feel good about.

"She's such a glamorous lady, I posted this picture of her Instagram wearing this faux fur coat I did in one of my collections it got about 20,000 like. She’s always got these amazing retro sunglasses she really is fantastic." 

The former Made in Chelsea star and fashion icon is as every bit stunning in the flesh as she is on her 1.3 million follower-strong Instagram. Dublin, she says, is one of her favourite cities. 

“It feels quite familiar now, I don’t quite know my way around yet. I must have been about 10 times now. I always feel really happen when I land in Dublin. I always seem to end up in Roberta's for cocktails." 


Always a pleasure staying with you @themarkerhotel! Will be back soon I hope 

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As well as sampling the chicest watering holes around capital, Millie adores Irish street style. 

“I love Irish style I think you’ve got great designers. What I really appreciate about the Irish girl is that she really loves to dress up and loves to get a new outfit for every event. I feel like there’s a lot of thought that goes into the outfits and I love that because I love to dress up as well." 

But how can us Irish girls get the Chelsea look? Don't worry it can be done, and Millie's got the inside scoop on how to dress like an Insta-star this summer. 

“I’m really loving summer tailoring and summer suits. I wore a really fun yellow one which was High Street recently. You can dress them up or down or wear them as separates.

"Or you could wear the top and the trousers with a tank top for a sports lux look. You can also wear just a bra and heel when you’re all done up for a more sexy look." 

Not a suits fan? The classic summer dress is always in style. 

“A summer dress is a staple and will see you through lots of events. Go for one that you can wear with different shoes- like espadrilles during the day and maybe a red statement heel for the evening.

"You can throw a denim jacket over it or not jacket if it’s a nice evening. Something you can wear from office to evening." 

Engaged to fellow MIC cast member Hugo Taylor, she's got a big style event coming up this summer- her wedding.

“I’m very excited. Last weekend I had my hen party which my best friend organised so that was a really good send off. It’s later this summer but there’s still bits that I’ve left to do but I’m really chill about it.

“I don’t want to be stressed out because I think you’ve got to enjoy it all and enjoy every moment."



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One thing she's definitely not going to get stressed about is skincare. When it comes to summer beauty Millie is all about keeping it light and fresh.

“I like letting the skin breathe and I love wearing a tinted moisturiser and I’m really loving Lancôme Skin Feels Good. It’s got SPF and pollution protection which is really good for when you live in a city. It gives a nice coverage but it still looks like your skin. I’m all about that summery quite fresh make-up which looks quite subtle yet glowy and healthy.

“It’s about keeping your skin hydrated in the heat, you don’t want it to be too shiny but you don’t want it to be dried out from the sun either."

Known for her devotion to exercise and healthy eating- she was even featured on the cover of Women's Health. However she's no stranger to a cheeky treat, the new Magnum Praliné in particular. 

“I love food. My family’s confectionery history is sweets and toffee, chocolate. I am into healthy eating and exercise but I do love a treat as well. I love Praline. The new Magnum Praliné flavour that I’m here to launch is a favourite of mine." 


In love with the Amore collection from @virginiamacari 

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The face of Magnum's Pleasure Seeking series, Millie has managed to combine fashion with one of the yummiest ice-creams of the summer. 

"I’m a big believer in pursuing your pleasure and style has always been that for me," she says. "The Magnum ethos of ‘a day without pleasure is a day lost’ really resonates with me. 

"I am always pushing myself to embrace and enjoy everyday."


At first glance, 20-year-old Alexis Ren seems to live a charmed life, sharing filtered snaps of tropical locations and amazing experiences with her 9 million Instagram followers.

The stunning model shares hundreds of bikini snaps on her page, showcasing her enviable good looks, but the LA native admits that it's not always as it seems. 

The Instagram super star has previously opened up about her body confidence issues, and admitted that despite being called perfect by her followers in every comment section, the model has struggled with a punishing regimen. 


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Now, the Insta model has revealed to Cosmo that working in the cut-throat modelling industry left her with major body confidence issues. 

While working in Australia, the model gained a bit of weight without noticing, but her agency certainly did. 

'They were like, 'You did gain weight and if you could start working out a little bit more…'" she told Cosmo. '

'I just felt so out of control.'


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'I was my worst critic ever,' she said. 'The only sense of relief I had was to be able to monitor my eating and my workouts.'

The star previously admitted via Twitter that she struggled with disordered eating. 

Taking to the social media site, Alexis said that she has previously pushed herself to the point of malnourishment through her work, and that this unhealthy state is apparent in her older posts.

She also stated that she previously struggled with a 'toxic state of mind' when it came to food and fitness. 

She felt that people only liked her for her body, and felt forced to push herself to maintain it. 

Alexis also revealed that she felt some guilt about her negative state of mind. 

'I would look at my profile and be like, "Look at this girl! She has, like, the most perfect life!' and I would feel so guilty for not feeling blessed all the time,' she told Cosmo.


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Thankfully, Alexis is moving past her disordered thoughts about her body, and told her Twitter followers that she no longer uses food and exercise to punish herself. 

Kudos to Alexis for pulling back the perfectly-filtered veil on her Instagram life to reveal the real struggles behind it. 



We've all been there.

You post a selfie in which you look pretty damn good, if you do say so yourself. But one hour and zero likes later, you're thinking your next selfie should be taken from an airplane as you swiftly exit the country forever.

One thing we would NOT recommend doing, however, is taking to Instagram again to blast everyone who didn't click that little loveheart… as one woman learnt to her detriment this week.

Australian model Cassi Van Den Dungen's pre-holiday inspirational quote scored her "only 14 likes," something which she was none too happy about.

"After going away on an amazing holiday/road trip I come home to see my post on new adventures had only 14 likes," she wrote, posting a close up shot of the figure, circled in red.

"The lowest amount I've ever had on Instagram… I have to say I'm pretty shocked because this, to me, either means that people A) don't like me having new adventures, as if I'm not allowed fun, or B) it means people don't like new adventures.

"Either way, all I have to say to those people who didn't like my post and don't like having fun is ……YOU ALL SUCK!!!!!"

Awks. Needless to say, the backlash has been pretty intense:

Cassi, who recently starred in Australia's Next Top Model and has almost 10,000 Instagram followers, did make an effort to defend herself today.

"The people who know me or at least understand my type of humour are understanding what I said," she wrote on Facebook.

"It was a light hearted bit of fun. TOO many people are so serious these days."

If that was a joke, she had us all fooled.



Being Insta-famous and posting a selfie can make you more money than working four days a week, according to this social media model. 

So, where can we sign up then?!

Gabrielle Epstein, from the Gold Coast, Austrailia, has nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram and makes her money by carefully placing endorsements in her IG snaps. 

When a person gains more than 100,000 followers on the picture-sharing site, companies start to take notice and use these Insta-models to promote their business.

So we have a long way to go then ladies!

"I definitely earn more money from Instagram, 100 per cent, " Gabrielle told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

"About a year and a half ago I was travelling to Brisbane a lot for work and by the time you take out the agency's 20 per cent, GST on commission and then tax, the model is left with little."

Ms Epstein includes clothing, jewellery and cosmetic products in her pictures, which can sometimes reach up to 25,000 likes. 

According to the model, companies can pay her hundreds for a single post and thousands for campaigns which run over a number of weeks.

And another model using her Insta-status to gain more money is singer, Cody Simpsons's friend, Ruby Green, 17. 

She has just over 165,000 followers and says that Instagram has helped her receive receive gifts from companies who pay her to post about their products.

"Instagram has its perks and has helped me a lot with getting my name out there."