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Every once in a while, we stumble upon Instagram gold.

And today is your lucky day, as we have uncovered a page unlike any other.

Combining our FAVE hobbies – eating and stopping to look at cute dogs – @dogs_infood offers the most wholesome content.


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Cue to the awwh – the foodie dogs are the cutest things we've ever seen.

The bizarre but dogtastic pictures take some of the best food snaps Instagram has and meshes them with some fabulous pooches.

Some even include some famous pup, from the likes of Bertram The Pomeranian (@bertiebertthepom), Blaine & Bart Danzig (@danzigbros) and Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug) – FYI, these dogs have better career prospects than we do. 

The results are an adorable mind f*ck and it's hard to even pick a favourite.​


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The account was launched in January and to nobody's surprise, it has amassed 655K followers.

Regardless of how good or bad your Monday has been – this is a sure way to put a smile on your face.

Go give it a follow – you're welcome.


Nothing brings me more joy then stalking adorable animals on Instagram, so naturally when I stumbled upon little Winnie, I nearly fainted with the excitement.

Winnie, or Winter to her close friends, is a white miniature Pomeranian, who was born in Korea.

After just a few months of life, Winnie made a big move to New York City, where she now lives with her lucky owners Erinn and Sam.

Winnie, who is basically a real life stuffed animal, spends her days like most dogs…

She goes for walks with her mum and dad, enjoys travelling (she’s quite the globe trotter) and also loves fashion (obviously).

While currently she does not have as many followers as her some doggie-famous counterparts, she is certainly “one to watch”.

Winnie, we love your work!

Never change…


Sassy canines of Instagram are a major weakness of ours: we love following their adventures and seeing them get into mischief. And we just-about melt when a particularly adorable pooch marks a milestone event, such as birthdays and anniversaries, online. 

But if observing the antics of a Satateside hound (and most of them do tend to be US-based) is absorbing – wait until you meet Jake.

Yes, we'll admit that lately we've been positively bowled over by this adorable brindle Staffie – whose adventures around Dublin city are documented via the popular @jakefiles.

And nope, we're not the only ones – more than 2,000 people now follow Jake as he travels to the Phoenix Park to observe the deer, visits the Garden Of Remembrance to pay his respects, and says hello to Patrick Kavanagh by the banks of the Grand Canal. 

Here, SHEmazing! rounds up the very best of Jake's escapades: