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There is happy news for actor Jeff Goldblum and his new fiancée, Emilie Livingston as they announce they are getting married.

The Grand Budapest Hotel star popped the question to 31-year-old Emilie while on holiday in Hawaii.

His new fiancée opened up about the engagement, saying: “Jul 8 he proposed @ our fave #okstore. I was taken over by tears of joy n ecstasy! We picked the ring 2gether #inlove.”

Congratulations to the couple on their happy news!

Do you like the engagement ring they picked out? 



Sometimes, life can be hard. Here are some things that will definitely cheer up your Friday!

1. Get someone to do this to you


2. Imagine you’re holding this litter of loveliness (also known as a grumble)


3. Watch babies eating lemons. Do you know a baby? Even better, you get to see it in person


4. Just imagine having a pet baby meerkat, look how CUTE it is


5. Plan a trip to a bunny show jumping event, yes, they actually exist


6. Japanese square watermelon anyone?


7. Ring Russia, its country code is actually 007-AMAZING.


8. Laugh like a baby, apparently they laugh around 300 times a day, 240 times more than an adult.


9. Know that a group of flamingos are called a flamboyance and smile.


10. Having an ugly day? Be grateful you’re not a blobfish…


11. Think of sloths. Just sloths in general


12. Eat your dinner like this


13. Hug someone hot. Doesn’t matter who. Just make sure they’re hot


14. Indulge in some chocolatey goodness, hell, why not go all out and book a trip to Cadbury World.


15. Steal a siblings treats and act innocent


16. Look at old couples in love and feel inspired


17. Stick on some fluffy socks, they make everything better


18. Have a bubble bath, like this spiky little divil

28. Hot Water

19. Get some kip, if a cat can sleep for up to 18 hours a day, we should most definitely follow their lead


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Cork Airport is Happy – and it’s all in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.

The airport has created this great video to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis which affects over 1,100 people in Ireland – the largest proportion in the world.

Watch as everyone working and indeed visiting the airport joins in on the fun.

Including Darth Vader!


Miranda Kerr always looks so happy – and why wouldn’t she? She’s gorgeous and she’s the proud mum of a beautiful little baby – but she’s also been getting some help in the happiness department.

The maca plant, which is found in South America, was fed to mice over six weeks and amazingly, those given the highest dose were found to exhibit the least depressed behaviour. According to research at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China, their levels of cortisol (stress hormone) decreased, while their levels of dopamine (happy hormone) increased.

Miranda Kerr is among a selection of celebs who include this miracle plant in their diet – so no wonder she looks so happy! You can buy this as a supplement in health food shops and not only is it found to help depression, but also IBS symptoms, acne and it’s also said to boost your energy and libido!

We’ll have what Miranda is having!


This pet’s owners just made his wildest dreams comes true. Watch as this dog receives the best present of his life and fully shows his gratitude!



We all know Pharrell has a unique sense of style, from his giant hat to his famous short suit ensemble for the 2014 Oscars!

But now it seems that Irish lads can keep as cool and as stylish as Pharrell,  as its been revealed that the short suit is now coming to our local high-street stores.

The lads will also be able to mix up their short suits with various stylish looks, such as a tweed short suit to even a rocking tuxedo version.

While we all love shorts, we’re not sure if our lads will start wearing this work but who knows!







The song that has given Pharrell Williams international success and a Oscar nomination was actually not supposed to be for Pharrell in the first place.

Pharrell revealed in a recent interview, that Cee Lo Green originally wanted to record Happy and sounded amazing on it to.

“He sounded amazing on it, he burns my version! But … how do I say this diplomatically? The powers that be, at the time, did not see it fit for him.”

But Pharrell has insisted that Cee Lo has handled Happy’s success graciously.

“It’s not his fault — he was totally down with it … He was one of the most gracious people about it when it came out.”



Pharrell was in floods of tears at the beginning of the week, after watching all the parodies of his hit song, “Happy”.

There have been countless versions of the hit song, proving just how infectious Pharrell’s song is.

But this edited version shows really how “happy” Pharrell’s really is, even without the music playing.



The Happy singer was struggling to control his emotions, when he appeared on Oprah’s programme Oprah Prime, yesterday.

But don’t worry Pharrell was crying tears of joy, as the singer talked with the host about his childhood and the reaction Happy has had across the world.

One of the many viral reactions of the Oscar nominated song, was shown to Pharrell including Donegal’s own dance version of the hit song.

After, Williams saw the entire international compilation of various Happy covers, he started to sob and said: “I have no idea why I’m crying.”

The singer also saw snaps of his childhood before the video compilation, so it’s understandable why he might be a little emotional.

After he wiped away his tears, Pharrell went onto to discuss with Oprah what inspires his music.

“My best songs come from two different ways. Either when I have a really good gut feeling about something, it’s written in the shower or on a plane.”




Getting up early has so many benefits.

You’ll be able to fit more into your day than you ever imagined possible and being up that early is gratifying and beautiful.

Here are some ways getting up early can be made easier for you, especially if you are not naturally a morning person.

1. No stimulation
Put away all electronic gadgets 30 mins before bedtime. That means no phone, TV, laptop or tablet. Yes, you can do it!

2. Get enough sleep
You won’t enjoy getting up early unless you are getting enough sleep. That means, the earlier you go to sleep, the early you will be able to wake up.

3. Wake up slow
Set some relaxing music to switch on 15 mins before you need to wake up. This will ensure your mind is gently stimulated before you actually need to get out of bed.

4. Watch what you eat/drink
It is best not to eat or drink anything that will give you too much energy before bedtime. Alcohol is definitely best avoided. Have some caffeine-free herbal tea instead!

5. Gradual
Don’t just go from waking up at 8:50am to waking up at 6am. Set your alarm 15 min earlier each week to make it easier to adapt to and stick with.



Sometimes life can be difficult but there are some things you can do to make it enjoyable and to get the best out of it!

These things will make you a happier person, you’ll see!

1. Have a good breakfast

2. Make a daily checklist for college or work

3. Get some fresh air

4. Pay someone a genuine and nice compliment

5. Get at least 30mins exercise

6. Do something you’ve been putting off for ages

7. Call or meet up with friends

8. Get a cuddle – from your mom, dog, cat or lover, it doesn’t matter!

9. Do something you enjoy; reading, writing, listening to music, watching a movie etc.

10. Have a nice relaxing hot drink before bedtime and just sit.



Just when you thought the Pharrell Williams hit Happy couldn’t be any cheerier, you’re proven wrong.

The Pet Collective has made the song even happier by re-writing the tune for cute pooches.

With adorable lines such as “I might be waggy, but I want to play,” and, “Wag along if you feel like your tail is chasing you,” the Puppy & Doggy Version of Pharrell’s jaunty track is just the ticket when you’re feeling blue.