Want to find out what has Miranda Kerr so happy?

Miranda Kerr always looks so happy – and why wouldn’t she? She’s gorgeous and she’s the proud mum of a beautiful little baby – but she’s also been getting some help in the happiness department.

The maca plant, which is found in South America, was fed to mice over six weeks and amazingly, those given the highest dose were found to exhibit the least depressed behaviour. According to research at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China, their levels of cortisol (stress hormone) decreased, while their levels of dopamine (happy hormone) increased.

Miranda Kerr is among a selection of celebs who include this miracle plant in their diet – so no wonder she looks so happy! You can buy this as a supplement in health food shops and not only is it found to help depression, but also IBS symptoms, acne and it’s also said to boost your energy and libido!

We’ll have what Miranda is having!