5 tips on how to become a morning person


Getting up early has so many benefits.

You’ll be able to fit more into your day than you ever imagined possible and being up that early is gratifying and beautiful.

Here are some ways getting up early can be made easier for you, especially if you are not naturally a morning person.

1. No stimulation
Put away all electronic gadgets 30 mins before bedtime. That means no phone, TV, laptop or tablet. Yes, you can do it!

2. Get enough sleep
You won’t enjoy getting up early unless you are getting enough sleep. That means, the earlier you go to sleep, the early you will be able to wake up.

3. Wake up slow
Set some relaxing music to switch on 15 mins before you need to wake up. This will ensure your mind is gently stimulated before you actually need to get out of bed.

4. Watch what you eat/drink
It is best not to eat or drink anything that will give you too much energy before bedtime. Alcohol is definitely best avoided. Have some caffeine-free herbal tea instead!

5. Gradual
Don’t just go from waking up at 8:50am to waking up at 6am. Set your alarm 15 min earlier each week to make it easier to adapt to and stick with.