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Listen, mornings can be hard. And we feel you when all you want to do is run a million miles away from your alarm clock and never see the front door to your office again.

Within the first ten minutes of waking up all you want to do is fall into a big black hole, and after that, you usually regain yourself and get ready for the day ahead.

However, sometimes if you got little sleep the night before, or have other things on your mind, you won't be the most cheery when entering the office. It's understandable.

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It's understandable, sometimes. We'll let you off with the odd grumpy morning, but if you stick your headphones in and ignore your colleagues every day, it's a big business no-no.

Turns out, giving a polite greeting to your colleagues every morning will have a big impact on your working day.

Founder of career advice blog, Jobacle, Andrew G Rosen, shared this piece of career advice in an article entitled 7 reasons to say good morning to your co-workers.

"Joe and Stacey work next to each other," Andrew explained. "They sit no more than five feet apart.

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"Even though they often arrive at work before the rest of the team, there's no communication between them. Only silence."

Sound familiar?

Apparently, Andrew has said that this type of behaviour is an "alarming trend" that needs to be worked out immediately.

However, if you always greet your co-workers when arriving into the office, it means they will be more willing to help you with work throughout the day and even after you move onto another job.

It can't be that painful to wave and say 'Hi!' to your co-workers in the morning, right?!



Mornings are hard.

Want a little extra time sleeping? Have an early exercise class? Just not bothered to go through your wardrobe at 6am? Then we have some handy tips to help you get dressed quicker every morning.

Whether you're heading to work or a weekend family brunch, you'll get ready in no time with these four tips:

The may seem obvious, but honestly, how many do you tick on a daily basis?!

Be a weather girl

Listen, we live in Ireland. And as much as we'd like to show off our new gúna, sometimes the weather just won't let us live our best lives.

So instead of listening to a weather report for the entire week, take a look on your phone the night before and then decide what is suitable to wear the next day.

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Be practical

Open your diary or calendar the night before and see what's on the cards for the next day.

If you have meetings, then you'll know to dress accordingly. But if it's just a regular day in the office or you're heading for lunch with a friend, then you'll know to dress casually.

Low Angle View of Shoes


Have everything ready the night before

Were you one of those gals that just slipped on their uniforms 30 minutes before school started? You had it all ready to go?

Now that you're an adult, you can still stick to the same routine. Have everything out the night before – including bras, knickers, etc – so they're waiting for you in the morning.

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Don't forget about your handbag

There's no point having all of your clothes ready, and then racing around the house to find your diary and keys for 20 minutes.

Make sure you have your handbag, and all of its essentials, ready to go for the next day.

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See, this plan is foolproof!

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


We've long been told of its virtues – that it's the most important meal of the day and certainly not one to be missed. 

Still, in reality a lot of us also find that breakfast is often a serious PAIN to manage. 

Because an extra 15 minutes in a toasty warm bed on a cold, dark January morning is going to trump porridge or poached eggs any day.  

That a whole load of us just don't 'do' breakfast… beyond maybe a cup of coffee or tea.

However, it being the new year and all, we've decided that 2017 could very well prompt us to FINALLY embrace a morning feed of sorts. 

Here are five fab breakfasts… for people who don't actually like eating breakfast:

1) Fruit and a yoghurt:

A great entry-level breakfast for those of us who are adamant that we're NOT hungry in the morning. And gloriously, this doesn't require any prep; scoff the yoghurt before taking the fruit along with you for the car, bus, train, or the walk into work. Should require you to be up approximately 30 seconds earlier than standard. 

2) A smoothie:

A cheater's breakfast: it's quick, easy, filling – and it doesn't feel too 'much' if you're not a fan of early-morning snacks. Use fruits, nut milk, raw oats, nut butter, and protein powder for something sweet. Or go super healthy with leafy greens, ginger, avocado, citrus fruits, and seeds.

3) Home-made granola bars:

OK, bear with us here – sure thing home-made granola bars sounds a bit ambitious, but they're actually oh-so easy to master and a batch of them will do you for a week. Better still these delicious ones only use four ingredients: bananas, oats, dates, and nuts.

4) Peanut butter wrap:

Something a bit different for those who just don't 'do' eggs, cereals, or toast. Take a wholemeal wrap, spread with peanut or almond butter and then top with a mashed banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Wrap it up and devour – on the go if necessary.

5) Night-before porridge:

Porridge takes just minutes – minutes you may not have, however. The solution? Make up a batch the night before and leave it out, ready to be blasted in the microwave. Using oats – and the likes of chia seeds, grated apple, and cinnamon if you're feeling fancy – soak overnight in water, milk, or nut milk. The following morning you'll have breakfast ready in about 90seconds.


PS It might take a while to switch into the ways of the habitual breakfaster. However, a load of studies show that you'll be healthier and slimmer munching on something or other shortly after you rise.


Imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing that hits you is the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

In the real world, that normally never happens and you have to trudge down to the nearest coffee shop in order to get a cup. Not ideal when you're still half asleep.

Well, enter the most amazing alarm clock in thee world.

Designed by Joshua Renouf, the delightful device is called the Barisieur and it's seriously every coffee lover's dream. Not only will it wake you up, the Barisieur will boil the water, pour it over your grinds, keep your milk cold, and gather up your sugar. Mmm hmm.

However it might be a while until you have this sitting on your bedside locker because it's currently still in development for mass retail. You can preorder it though, via a waitlist on Renouf's site

And another bit of bad news, it's kinda very expensive, and will set you back about $300 to $380 (€270 – €340).

I guess trekking down to the coffee shop is just going to have to do for now. 


Some of us are morning people, and then some of us are NOT. At all. 

And for anyone who thinks it's a struggle to get up every morning, then you can probably relate to these too: 

1. You cringe every time your alarm clock goes off in the morning.


2. Your first thought when waking up is, 'Noooooo.' Followed by, 'Ugh, I'm hitting snooze.'


3. You genuinely believe it is the worst part of every single day.


4. It doesn't matter what time you go to bed at, you still wake up wanting more sleep every morning.


5. Your alarm clock looks like THIS… and it seriously stresses you out.


6. You've gotten your morning routine down to a science. The faster you can zip through brushing your teeth and getting dressed, the longer you can stay in bed.


7. You know the first ten seconds after getting up are the absolute WORST. The shock of cold air!


8. Getting up early on the weekend is like torture to you.

But when you finally get to sleep in with NO alarm clock on, it is complete bliss. 



Mornings, who like them? Nobody, that’s who.

This dog knows exactly how we feel when that alarm goes off in the mornings – and he doesn’t like it one bit.

This is so cute!



Some people have the ability to hop out of bed in the morning and take on the world with an energy other people can't muster. You try to wake up earlier, make the most of your day but it's just so comfy in there. Here are the signs you probably most definitely are not a morning person: 

1. You keep dozing off
You actually try to stay awake, but your mind starts to wander and sooner or later you start to doze off. It’s a never ending cycle of dozing off and waking back up. It can be embarrassing though if someone else has to wake you back up.


2. You set numerous alarms, all within 5 mins of each other
You used to just use the snooze button, but you have decided to set numerous alarms in an effort to try and get as much sleep as you can. It gives you numerous chances to actually get up, but you know you will end up just waiting until the last one goes off.

3. When you eventually wake up, you fall straight back to sleep
You say to yourself “I’ll just close my eyes for a bit”, next thing you know it’s been half and hour and you wake up completely disorientated. You swear that next time you won’t go back to sleep, but it’s become a weekly routine.

4. You have to rush to get ready and end up missing your bus
You have 5 mins to get dressed , have breakfast and do your hair. Challenge accepted. Of course you get nowhere near being ready and you end up looking like a mess. Worst of all, you see your bus pulling away just as you get to the bus stop.

5. If you wake up earlier than expected, you just lay awake, waiting
If you’re unceremoniously woken up by outside noises or the rest of the people in your house getting up, it’s hard to get back to sleep. You just lay there waiting till it’s time to get up because your whole routine is broken.

6. It usually takes another family member to finally get you up
You keep going back to sleep, so it takes one of your family member’s to actually get you out of bed. You do everything to stop them from getting out of bed, but the threat of getting water poured on you finally gets you up.

7. You don’t have breakfast, you just have coffee
You might have some fruit or a cereal bar, but the main part of your breakfast is actually coffee. You don’t know how you could survive without coffee, and you’re always seen with a cup in your hands.

8. Having lunch is the highlight of your day
If you somehow manage to survive until lunch time, you are overjoyed with the thought of lunch. It is the only thing that keeps you going throughout the day and once you finally get lunch you feel ten times better.

9. You completely regret staying up till 5am binging on Netflix
You just couldn’t stop once you got going and now you are really making up for it.You wake up seeing visions of Kevin Spacey with one of his speeches from House Of Cards still ringing in your ear. This is a regular occurrence and next time you probably won’t end up going to sleep at all.

10. You try to avoid having conversations at all costs
You hope you don’t bump into someone you know, but if you do, you don’t say much, you just nod and pretend you’re listening. If you do end up saying anything, it just sounds like gibberish and it makes no sense.

11. Your brain doesn’t function properly that early in the morning
Nothing seems to work, your brain doesn’t process things well and if someone asks you to work out something your brain just completely shuts down.

12. You despise morning people
You can’t fathom how they have so much energy and zest this early in the day. You wish you could be that chirpy in the morning and, anytime they greet when you come in, you find it hard to crack a smile.

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Morning are the absolute worst, aren’t they? Here are some things that run through every girl’s mind when that dreaded alarm clock goes off:

1. “Snooze, where’s snooze? SNOOZE !”


Ten minutes of bliss. Followed by ten more.

2. “I suppose I should really get up now.”



3. “Why did I stay up so late last night?”


You vow to be in bed at 9pm sharp tonight. We all know it won’t happen.

4. “Is there a job out there that doesn’t involve getting up before half eleven?”


…And still finish at 5pm? Thought so.

5. “Is my hair too greasy not to wash?”


Because those extra five minutes could go so far right now…

6. “Will I get away without make-up today?”


Struggle on girfriend…

7. “Oh crap, I have no clean clothes.”


Pulling things out left, right and centre just to put an outfit together is simply soul destroying.

8. “Breakfast or near starvation until lunch?”


It’s the most important meal of the day – ALWAYS have breakfast, ladies!

9. “Please GOD, don’t say it’s raining outside today.”


As you pull on those not-so-waterproof pumps you pray the skies don’t open and leave you with shivering puddle feet all day long.

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Nobody likes that rushed, panicky feeling that goes along with knowing you are running so, so late for work or college.

Here are a few tips that might make that morning rush a little bit easier to manage!

Unsurprisingly, the secret to a smooth morning lies in preparation and organisation the night before.

1. Pick out your clothes the night before

2. Get up on time

3. Pack your lunch the night before

4. Keep your keys somewhere you’ll actually be able to find them

5. Have breakfast ready to go and keep it simple if you don’t have a lot of time

6. Pack your bag the night before



Getting up early has so many benefits.

You’ll be able to fit more into your day than you ever imagined possible and being up that early is gratifying and beautiful.

Here are some ways getting up early can be made easier for you, especially if you are not naturally a morning person.

1. No stimulation
Put away all electronic gadgets 30 mins before bedtime. That means no phone, TV, laptop or tablet. Yes, you can do it!

2. Get enough sleep
You won’t enjoy getting up early unless you are getting enough sleep. That means, the earlier you go to sleep, the early you will be able to wake up.

3. Wake up slow
Set some relaxing music to switch on 15 mins before you need to wake up. This will ensure your mind is gently stimulated before you actually need to get out of bed.

4. Watch what you eat/drink
It is best not to eat or drink anything that will give you too much energy before bedtime. Alcohol is definitely best avoided. Have some caffeine-free herbal tea instead!

5. Gradual
Don’t just go from waking up at 8:50am to waking up at 6am. Set your alarm 15 min earlier each week to make it easier to adapt to and stick with.