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CeeLo Green is feeling the backlash after he wrote a series of controversial and offensive tweets about rape last week.

Both the JBAB Freedom Live show and the Gretna Heritage Festival have both announced they are dropping CeeLo from their line up, citing the Tweets as the reason.

Freedom Live posted to their Facebook page about the decision.

"We seek a department-wide culture of gender dignity and respect where sexual assault is completely eliminated and never tolerated, where sexual assault victims receive compassionate and co-ordinated support, and where offenders are held appropriately accountable."

"Unfortunately, one of the performers we signed for the JBAB Freedom Live show on 20th September recently posted comments on social media that we consider to be completely inconsistent with Navy core values."

"Regardless of intent or context, the lack of sensitivity towards an issue that is one of the great challenges facing our Navy is unacceptable. As a result, we have made the decision to pull Cee Lo Green from the Freedom Live event."

The Gretna Heritage Festival gave similar reasons, stating that CeeLo "does not represent the festival's wholesome family environment."

His reality TV series The Good Life has also been cancelled following his Twitter outburst.



Cee Lo Green has avoided being charged with rape after the court found that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him.

A woman had alleged that the singer gave her ecstasy without her consent during dinner, and when she woke up in his bed the next morning, she wasn’t sure what had happened the night before.

Green’s lawyers argued that the two had ‘consensual relations’, and due to the lack of evidence, Green walked away with only three years’ probation and 45 days of community service instead of a jail sentence.

However, Cee Lo wasn’t happy with being able to sleep in his own bed instead of bunking with another prisoner that night. Instead, he decided to voice his opinions on Twitter, and as we all know, Twitter and angry celebrities do not mix.

Check out his tweets (which have since been deleted, along with his entire Twitter account) below: 

He thought he got away with this one, but nope – one tweeter let him know we all saw:

Hmmm…whatever did or didn't happen, we thought he'd know better than to tweet about such a sensitive subject. If being accused of rape didn't hurt his reputation, these tweets ought to do the trick instead.



The song that has given Pharrell Williams international success and a Oscar nomination was actually not supposed to be for Pharrell in the first place.

Pharrell revealed in a recent interview, that Cee Lo Green originally wanted to record Happy and sounded amazing on it to.

“He sounded amazing on it, he burns my version! But … how do I say this diplomatically? The powers that be, at the time, did not see it fit for him.”

But Pharrell has insisted that Cee Lo has handled Happy’s success graciously.

“It’s not his fault — he was totally down with it … He was one of the most gracious people about it when it came out.”



A source has confirmed that Gwen Stefani will be joining the judging panel on NBC’s The Voice.

The 44-year-old is set to replace Christina Aguilera, who is stepping down to go on maternity leave.

However, she won’t be the only new judge on the show.

Pharell Williams – who was a guest mentor on the show last year – was signed to replace Cee Lo Green.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will remain on the show but with the other new judges in the show, we hope that things will get better.

The new season will start shooting in June, we can’t wait to see the new talent that lies ahead.