The Happy singer was struggling to control his emotions, when he appeared on Oprah’s programme Oprah Prime, yesterday.

But don’t worry Pharrell was crying tears of joy, as the singer talked with the host about his childhood and the reaction Happy has had across the world.

One of the many viral reactions of the Oscar nominated song, was shown to Pharrell including Donegal’s own dance version of the hit song.

After, Williams saw the entire international compilation of various Happy covers, he started to sob and said: “I have no idea why I’m crying.”

The singer also saw snaps of his childhood before the video compilation, so it’s understandable why he might be a little emotional.

After he wiped away his tears, Pharrell went onto to discuss with Oprah what inspires his music.

“My best songs come from two different ways. Either when I have a really good gut feeling about something, it’s written in the shower or on a plane.”