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This morning, Penneys HQ opened its doors to the press and influencers alike, to showcase it's champion pieces for the Spring/Summer season. 

Nestled among linen suits, perspex sandals and a whole new range of fragrances, thee was one piece we kept coming back to have another look at. 

This saddle-shaped, studded handbag is a definite trophy piece from the upcoming collection. From the golden chain handle to the strap overlay, we're beyond obsessed. 

Reminiscent of the kidney-shaped Dior Saddle Bag, this summery offering will certainly come in at less than 1% of the cost (€2,800). 

The OG Saddle bag came onto the scene back in 2000, and became the official it-bag of the turn of the millennium, booting the Fendi Baguette bag off it's original it-bag pedestal. 

The bag faded out of fashion, until Beyonce (queen) brought hers back out in 2014 – setting off a chain reaction that caused the bag to be resurrected and the style to return to fashion focus. 


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Penney's version has a boxier shape, so it's perfect to add some structure to a loose white summer dress, or oversized 80s blazer and jeans combo. 

It also calls on zebra print, the pattern of the season, so it ticks two major style boxes. 

 Want to see the rest of the pieces? Check out our Insta story at @shemazingie. 


Kylie Jenner has been sneaking peeks of her Handbag Vault over on Instagram, but the reality TV queen just revealed it's contents in a YouTube video. 

Her collection includes a never ending supply of Hermès Birkins, Dior Saddle Bags, Louise Vuitton Hold Alls and Gucci Dionysus.

'This is pretty much where I keep all my purses. I made a little room in my house and I did this all custom so they all could have a little home and be lit up really pretty,' she said. 


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Kylie cites her Birkin shelf as her favourite area of the room – and it's not difficult to see why.

The makeup mogul has an array of the iconic Hermes Birkin bags in various different colours.

Kylie said that she has been collecting Birkins for years – including a miniature pink one that she says will be Stormi's first handbag. Casual. 


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Kylie also divulged that The Hermès Himalaya is the one bag she would save from the vault if her house was on fire.

The bag has been described as 'the most important handbag in the world' by experts, with only a few of them being made every year. 

Fans of another makeup master, Jeffrey Star, amy have noted in his recent series with Shane Dawson that he owns one too, and he told the camera that they cost around $125,000 as a collector's item. However, one recently sold at auction for $432,000. 

Another notable piece in Kylie's collection is a hand painted one of a kind bespoke Xupes x Zero London Louis Vuitton handbag.

The piece was gifted to her by momager Kris, and features a 'Girls Just Wanna Have Funds' slogan, along with Kris's Snapchat-filtered face. 

'She knows how obsessed I am with her, so she got this really cool piece from an artist," Kylie said.


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Kylie also has a collection of miniature Louis Vuitton purses and a Prada evening bag that Kris gave her and Kendall when they were children.  

Conservative estimates have previously placed the value of Kylie's handbag closet ay $450,000, and with the addition of the Hermès Himalaya, it's looking like it's worth closer to a cool one million dollars. 




The humble handbag is an essential part of any woman's life, and while we might complain about have to lug it around everywhere we go, we honestly don't know how to function without it.

But what if we told you your go-to black tote was actually a breeding ground for germs that could be making you sick?

Think about it. They come absolutely everywhere with us, in the car, on the bus, pub, clubs, and of course, public bathrooms – and while we haven't done the exact math, we're guessing our our bags pick up a whole lot of bacteria along the way.

In fact, a new guide compiled by the Good Housekeeping Institute states that there are eight household items that harbour more germs than the average toilet seat, and rather unexpectedly, handbags came out on top of the list.

It seems that while kitchen worktops, bathrooms and dirty floors are usually cleaned on a daily basis, even the clean freaks among us can forget about the less obvious offenders.

Toothbrushes, remote controls and towels all featured on the list, as well as laptop screens, dishcloths, keyboards and pet beds.

So, is it time to replace all of our beloved handbags?

Probably, yes. However, experts recommend that in the future,  instead of placing you handbag on the floor when out in public places, instead try to use a hook or door handle to reduce contact with any germ-ridden surfaces.



Unless you have been living under a social media-proof rock these days, you may have noticed that Gucci is having a major moment. 

From that double G belt to bee-embellished everything, the designer label has never been more popular among celebs and bloggers alike. 

Unfortunately, the high end look comes with a high end price tag, but thankfully the high street is stepping in with some Gucci-esque pieces for a fraction of the luxury price.


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Penneys is flying the flag for savvy shoppers everywhere, and their latest offering is saving us big bucks when it comes to obtaining a designer look. 

This bee embroidered bag is selling like hot cakes, thanks to its couture colour scheme and lavish look.

From the cute cross body shape to that golden bumble bee, we seriously need this in our lives. 


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And at only 10 quid a pop, you really cannot go wrong. 

The bag is available in all Penneys stores, but you better act fast. 

According to Penneys HQ, there are less than 1700 left across Irish stores.


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Sharpen those elbows, we'll be nipping to Penneys after work for this bag alone. 

In typical Penneys fashion, we'll probably be leaving with a whole new autumn wardrobe, a new bed set and a coffee mug, though. 

See you there!

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You don't need to be a genius to hazard a guess as to the items women carry around in their handbags, right?

Purse, phones, keys… so far, so standard.

However, a deep-dive of any woman's handbag will unearth a plethora of items which we couldn't live without… and a selection of others which we inexplicably carry around for months on end, but never use.

Only the very blessed among us possess an organised handbag, and the rest of us just suck it up, heave that yoke over our shoulder, and set about our day. (Dislocated shoulders, be damned.)

Here are nine things you most definitely have nestling at the bottom of your bag right now. 


If you don't have at least two tins of Vaseline in your handbag at this very moment, do you even have a handbag?

Murphy's Law: The moment you buy a new tin of Vaseline, the other one will make itself known.

Boots vouchers

There is at least one Boots voucher nestling in your purse, between the pages of a diary or in the inside pocket of your handbag right now.

And what's worse is you'll probably forget to use it.

Religious trinket

If you're the offspring of an Irish mammy, there's a chance you are currently in possession of a miraculous medal, mass card or guardian angel pin.

And every time you stumble across it, you feel a pang of guilt that it has yet to be used in the way your mammy would have intended.

Flattened tampon

If you don't have at least one flattened tampon with a peeling wrapper secreted in the depths of your bag, we doff our cap to you.

At least one a month finds its way to the graveyard at the bottom of our bags where it will languish until we get an upgrade.

Battered fruit

We have been known to find at least three battered pieces of fruit in our handbags by Friday evening.

Our intention to fill up on our five-a-day is easily forgotten as the week progresses, natch.


Chances are there is at least one receipt in your handbag right now which speaks to your poor life choices.

Whether it was a round of shots in Coppers or an inflatable flamingo from a Euro shop, those receipts are sent to test us.

Over the counter remedies

Whether it's a Lemsip sachet or three individual painkillers (one of which is covered in Vaseline), you most definitely carry around items which help to numb pain in some way.

And why? Cos you think ahead and should be celebrated for that.

Grubby loyalty cards

You might only use one on the regular, but that doesn't stop you carrying around more than a dozen for establishments you never intend on returning to.

There's no way you're throwing it out; what if you NEED it one day?!

Totally random item

It could be a coin from a recent day at the zoo, a sachet of sweetener, a doodle your mate did for you or an article ripped from a magazine on the benefits of colonic irrigation.

Let's face it, your handbag wouldn't be a real handbag if it didn't contain at least one item which you would struggle to explain in polite company.



Just like Rihanna at the Grammys, we've all had moments when we just want a drink.

Whether it be at family gatherings, a hell-ish Luas journey home or even while you're doing a bit of Sunday shopping – sometimes a birra wine just makes everything better.

Well, those moments are going to get a whole lot better now that there's a WINE handbag on the market.

Bella Vita has designed a bag with a secret pouch for storing your favourite vino (or whatever booze you fancy). The alcohol is stored in a zipped, insulated pouch, so all you need to do is unbutton a little flap on the side, pull out the spout and pour away.

The bags retail at $75 (€70), so they're not too pricey, and they're even big enough to hold all of your essentials.

Shneaky naggins in the club, how are ya.



OK, so we legitimately cannot begin to cope with the CUTENESS of these amazing backpacks we discovered online. 

Dresslink is a worldwide fashion retail website that we recently discovered and, oh my GOD, it is amazing. 

The site is a one-stop shop for all things fashion, but it was a certain backpack that really captured our attention. 

Dresslink is currently selling the cutest Minnie Mouse-inspired backpacks, that are decorated with ears and a sweet little bow.

Can you even deal?

But wait, it gets better.

This GLORIOUS creation is currently on sale… for just €7 (we are NOT kidding, here). 

The bag comes in three different, amazing colours, and ships worldwide. 

We're in love… like, really in love. 


It seems as though almost everything that comes out of Zara is an absolute WINNER, and their latest bags are no exception.

The Spanish retailer have rolled out a collection of handbags, individually inspired by zodiac signs. 

That's right ladies,you can now flaunt your horoscope proudly on your arm. 

The best part? The bags don't cost a fortune (God bless you Zara), and will set you back just €29.95 each.

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We are LOVING these.


Attention book worms, and friends of book worms: this is the bag for you. 

Krukru studio is a business based in Russia, and they have been creating the most amazing handbags inspired by books.

Designed to look exactly like your favourite books, Krukru have created the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys reading.

The company describes these book-shaped bags as "one of the most functional in our collection. Their shape is perfect for holding documents and… books!" 

There are over 50 book shaped bags available, inspired by classics like Pride and Predjudice and Lolita.

OBVIOUSLY, they also have Harry Potter book-bags available, because what would be a book related collection without the man himself. 

The bags sell for €97, and are available on Krukru's Etsy page. 

LOVE these. 



These handbag essentials will get you out of many a stitch. There's a reason we carry the kitchen sink, you know!

1. Baby wipes
You don’t need a baby to need baby wipes. These are handy for any spills on your clothes, smudging make-up and are really handy if you need to apply make-up in the car.

2. Hand sanitizer
Because you never know when you might have to use a public bathroom. Or shake someone’s hand when you really don’t want to. Or sneeze. Or get sneezed on. The list is endless.

3. Pen and paper
If you’re anything like us, making lists is a way of life. Grocery lists, reminders or an idea for that book you want to write that you know you’ll forget – having a pen could literally change your life. Or something not quite so dramatic…

4. Tissues
At your boyfriend’s friends house having a few pre-game drinks and there’s no toilet paper – we’ve all been there. No woman likes to drip-dry so pack some tissues.

5. Sunglasses
Unexpectedly, the sun comes out and you are left squinting over your coffee – so not chic. Sunglasses will always be the epitome of glamour so keep them safe in your handbag. Oh, and they’re good for protecting your eyes too, or something like that.

6. Tampons
The horror of realising you have gotten your period while in a public place alone can never be underestimated. Keep some tampons in your bag and never be caught in the lurch again. Plus, you know your not-as-organised friends will be thanking you when you can lend them one.

7. SPF
Looking after our skin is really important and although your make-up may have protection in it, keep some high SPF in your bag too for top ups.

8. A small umbrella
Because we live in Ireland, it could be the hottest day of the year and you may still end up thanking your lucky stars you packed an umbrella.

9. Mirror
You just ate the most amazing spinach salad – now let’s make sure it’s not in your teeth.

10. A hair bobbin
It’s a lovely sunny day and you get a 99 (with a Flake) when suddenly a gust of wind blows all of your hair into the ice-cream. Avoid this disaster by making sure you have some hair bobbins in your bag.

11. Safety pins
For those awkward moments the zip pops – oops! 

12. Pain killers
If you get a bad headache, always reach for the water first. That said, having some pain killers on hand can also be a good idea. 

13. Clear nail polish
Dabbing some clear nail varnish on a small tear in your tights will stop it from getting worse and takes up less room than a spare pair. 

14. Hair brush
Neaten your look in seconds with a quick sweep of a hairbrush. 

15. Mints
Garlic breath right before your date? Not cool. 


No need to stress before Electric Picnic, our resident beauty expert Odette is here to tell you exactly what you need to pack in your handbag.