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We were obsessed with Polly Pockets as kids.

We could carry that little woman around in our pockets all day, and not to mention all of the contents of her house, too.

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We haven't a clue why the toy has made a resurgence (and why we're still so into it in our 20s), but alas, a Polly Pocket bag is being released to the market, and we want one.

Pink Polly Pocket Heart Shaped Cross Body Bag

Yes, we may be adults now, but look how cute it is.

Pink Polly Pocket Heart Shaped Cross Body Bag

The perfect night out accessory, right?

The '90s bag of dreams will be on sale on June 8 from Truffle Shuffle and you can get yours here.



Does anyone else agree that those weird military style shoulder buttons on your jacket are totally pointless?

Well, apparently they've held a purpose this entire time… our minds are more than a little bit blown.

A woman has kindly revealed this fact to those in the Twittersphere, and the internet has lost it's sanity as a result:

 So, you mean to tell us that our bags are actually meant to sit on our shoulders… and not fall off?

But, is this not impossible? Like a long lost wish from an apparel genie?

Francheska Horsburgh, 18, from Cumbria has caused a minor meltdown with this information, and the photo has now been liked over 78,000 times. Good God. 

What many people don't realise is that this style of shoulder feature is actually a military throwback.

Back in the day, these bad boys used to hold ammunition bandoliers, back packs and bayonets in place. They were also a sign of your military rank or insignia.

See gals, we can learn something new every day. 

Drop this knowledge on your fellow gals and we guarantee they'll be SHOOKETH.

Feature image: Gyfcat



Unless you have been living under a social media-proof rock these days, you may have noticed that Gucci is having a major moment. 

From that double G belt to bee-embellished everything, the designer label has never been more popular among celebs and bloggers alike. 

Unfortunately, the high end look comes with a high end price tag, but thankfully the high street is stepping in with some Gucci-esque pieces for a fraction of the luxury price.


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Penneys is flying the flag for savvy shoppers everywhere, and their latest offering is saving us big bucks when it comes to obtaining a designer look. 

This bee embroidered bag is selling like hot cakes, thanks to its couture colour scheme and lavish look.

From the cute cross body shape to that golden bumble bee, we seriously need this in our lives. 


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And at only 10 quid a pop, you really cannot go wrong. 

The bag is available in all Penneys stores, but you better act fast. 

According to Penneys HQ, there are less than 1700 left across Irish stores.


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Sharpen those elbows, we'll be nipping to Penneys after work for this bag alone. 

In typical Penneys fashion, we'll probably be leaving with a whole new autumn wardrobe, a new bed set and a coffee mug, though. 

See you there!

Feature image: Sharee Hannon / Instagram



Without a doubt, a dead phone battery is one the most irritating things about modern technology and it's even more annoying when you're nowhere near a power source.

The clever among us have copped onto the concept of keeping a power bank in our handbags, but have you ever thought how simple life would be if you bag was a power bank?

Well, a new Kickstarter campaign wants to make that dream a reality.

The FYB London Handbag can charge your phone while it's simply resting in one of it's stylish compartments.

But that's not all, this bag features fingerprint locking system, making it near impossible for thieves to grab your valuables. 

The company's Kickstarter page originally asked for $30,000, but that target has since been doubled. 

Speaking to Metro, co-founder and designer, Dani Richeson, said, ''As I began travelling around for work, I identified common inconveniences and anxieties that hindered me.'' 

''These included having to carry multiple bags to accommodate my work and personal items, running out of battery charge in the middle of the day, and lacking organisation within my bag which made it difficult to keep track of travel documents, business cards, etc.''

Not your style?

Don't worry, according to Metro, Dani plans to extend the collection to include more styles and even a menswear range. 

For now though, one of these babies will cost you anywhere between $399 (€356) and $450 (€402).



Justin Bieber is reportedly being investigated by police for an attempted robbery!


The 20-year-old pop star is believed to have got into an incident with a young woman who he thought was taking photos him on her mobile phone on Monday while he was in playing mini golf near his home in LA.

The woman claims Justin demanded to see her phone so he could delete the pictures, and when she refused he grabbed it from her bag.

She began ”wrestling” with the star for the phone and although he ”ripped it out of her hands” he wasn’t able to access the pictures because the phone was locked.

Justin then demanded she unlock it and she proved she hadn’t taken any snaps.

Apparently the woman told Justin she and her 13-year-old daughter just wanted to say hi, and Justin screamed that she was ‘humiliating’ herself in front of her child, and told her to leave.

Following the incident, the woman filed a complaint with the LA Police Department.

While Justin has reportedly not yet been charged with a crime, police are taking the matter seriously.

Meanwhile, Justin is currently awaiting his trial for charges of driving under the influence in Florida following his arrest in January.

Oh Justin, what’s next?!



Trust Solange Knowles to give us major bag envy with her lemon-shaped bag!

Beyoncé’s little sister is pictured above rocking her Kate Spade New York Via Limoni Lina bag at a Q&Q launch event in New York at the weekend, and it’s just mouth-watering!

However, she’s not the only celebrity to be sporting this juicy colour-popping trend.

Lauren Pope, Zoe Hardman and TOWIE’s Jessica Wright have all been spotted out and about with lemon shaped bags recently.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to Solange heights – her bag costs $348 – Lauren and Zoe’s New Look clutch bag comes in at a more reasonable price.

There’s also an orange slice and watermelon segment due to hit stores in a matter of days too, costing €12.