The perfect pixie style for girls with short hair


Having short hair can often mean that you are left with a limited amount of things to do with it.  However, there are a few things you can do to switch up your style.

Try these tips to funk up your short hair:

Blow dry your hair straight

Use a round bristle brush and dry your hair straight making sure you have no knots.  Don’t roll it instead you should pull it down to help smooth out you locks.

Spritz it with a little shine

Run a little serum through your hair or use a spritz to add some much needed shine

Use wax to style it up

Mold your style into your desired spiky shape by using your chosen wax. You can make it as spiky as you want – go wild!

Add a clip

Prettify it with a clip or hair band.

Now off you go and wow your mates!