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Like many crazy trends, the cat café started in Japan, and again, like many crazy trends, we are totally digging it. 

Who doesn't want to sit down with a cuppa tea and stroke cute, furry felines all day, huh?

Well, we all might be able to soon as a Kickstarter campaign has landed in Ireland, and if successful, it will see the first cat café opening in Dublin.

Georgia O Neill has a full plan for her business, but just needs a little money to get started. 

Her goal is €35,000 which will be enough to get the business completely set up and people in the door.

She also is offering a range of awards, from discounted visits to personalised t-shirts. 

If you want to learn more about Crazy Cat Café, here's the link to her campaign.

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No matter what your bra size, every woman comes across the same problems with a strapless bra. 

They will just not stay put! And even though your outfit might be #onpoint, it's totally ruined by you yanking up your top or dress every five minutes. 

But there is a new start-up business called Kellie K Apparel that has answered all of your strapless bra woes. 

The bra is said to cling to your skin and compares the bra's stickiness to the bottom of a gecko's foot, calling the new technology GeckTeck.

The idea is that it will cling to any surface, but will also remove easily without tugging or hurting your skin.

There are two different styles – one with wire and one without – and each has a lightly lined cup for shaping and support. 

It doesn't come cheap though, with a starting price of €77, but hopefully if you buy it, you won't have to buy another strapless bra again. 

After a successful Kickstarter campaign (which raised €24k), the brand started to take pre-orders. But you better run quick because today is the last day to get your orders in


When the temperatures drop the winter seems to have well and truly grabbed us by the frigid hands, then all we want are warm and cosy outfits.

Honestly, nothing beats the cosy allure of a chunky hand-knit scarf. Or indeed a blanket-scarf? 

A ridiculously oversized cloud of fluff that is made using bare hands in place of knitting needles seems like it would do the trick. Well, luckily for all of you knitwear lovers out there, the ultimate in winter accessories has been found.

Kiev Ukraine–based Anna Marinenko may not have actually invented the chunky-knit blanket, but her Instagram-worthy creations, made under the name Ohhio, were inspired by the idea of giant wearable creations. 

The designer says in a press release that she found herself with a large amount of gigantically thick wool last year. She had the burning desire to create something, but alas she didn’t have a pair of knitting needles quite large enough to take on the task.

So she started knitting with her bare hands. The results were a gigantic 3-inch-thick stitch that has pushed the concept of oversized knit to the extreme. She says the literally handmade designs, made from fine 100 percent Merino wool, are warm in winter and lightweight enough to keep around in summer.

Her work is available on Etsy, where she offers blankets in a range of sizes colors. She also takes custom orders AND sells a range of chunky-knit pet beds. We are tempted because we know Fido appreciates a good chunky knit when the weather gets chilly. 

She also sells comically gigantic wooden knitting needles and balls of super-thick yarn for people who feel like taking on the mega knit challenge. 

She has launched an already funded Kickstarter campaign to expand the brand. She is currently offering blankets and massive chunky neck scarves.

We will take all of them, please. 


Poached, scrambled, and now… cat-shaped.

Your Sunday morning Instagram feed could be about to get a lot cuter, because cat-shaped fried eggs are a thing now and the internet is having something of a meltdown.

The idea was created by foodie Cindy Ho who is also the creator of her own food blog – fittingly titled Egg Addiction.

Her silicone fried-egg moulds will allow brunch-lovers to easily whip up feline-shaped eggs, simply by pouring the egg white into the mould and plopping two yolks in for eyes.

The catch? Cindy's idea is still only in production, and though she has finally landed on the perfect prototype she needs the internet's help to make cat-shaped eggs a reality.

Not to worry though, as Cindy's Kickstarter page has already raised an incredible €64,000, ten times more than her original goal.

"Although a Cat Fried Egg Mould may seem like a simple product, the actual design process was pretty tedious and complicated," Cindy explains.

"I have about 100 more prototypes in a huge box in my kitchen pantry. I have tested many different Cat Fried Egg Moulds and COOKED EVEN MORE EGGS than I have ever in my lifetime."

The fact that any investment over €10.60 will also earn you your own mould (shipped to anywhere in the world) is no doubt one of the main reasons why Cindy's fundraising has gone so well.

Any donations over €16.70 will secure you some other extras, too, like a smaller egg mould for quail eggs (fancy) and personalised postcards sent from Cindy's home in San Francisco.

You'll have to move quickly though, as the page will close on November 13.


Shaving is a necessary evil.

Yes, we all love having smooth and silky legs, but no one likes the nicks, razor burn or dryness that sometimes comes with shaving too. 

Now, two Swedes are trying to conquer our shaving woes with technology, and have designed and built a consumer razor that shaves your hair with an actual laser. 

The razor uses wavelengths and light to cut unwanted hair without using a blade. 

Unlike traditional laser hair-removal devices that are only able to cut through dark hair, Skarp Razor claims that it can zap away hair of any colour, on any part of your body. 

Sounds brilliant, right?

But, as always, there's a catch. Skarp Razor isn't available just yet.

It has exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal and is said to be available to buy by March 2016 for €144. 



Kickstarter is a great funding outlet for aspiring musicians, filmmakers, designers… and it seems, potato salad lovers.

Back in June, Zack Brown jokingly started a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of raising $10 to make some, you've guessed it… potato salad.

His idea went viral and of course the entire internet jumped on board, with Zack receiving funding of $55,000 in just 30 days.

What to do with all that money? Well, aside from making an initial donation of $20,000 to a charitable fund in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, Zack also threw a giant festival-style party in the town over the weekend.

Aside from music, family events and beer, there was of course, a LOT of potato salad at the festival, aptly titled PotatoStock.

Local restaurants and chefs helped to make mounds of food and offered up their own favourite recipes.

Back in July when the funding came through, Zack admitted that what had started out at a bit of fun was now a chance to make a significant change. He described the potato-y goodwill as  "an opportunity to make the world a better place," adding that "those opportunities don’t come around every day".

Almost 7,000 people pledged money towards the bizarre cause. Those who donated larger amounts will receive t-shirts and a recipe book containing potato salad recipes from all over the world. As for those who could only spare a couple of quid, Zack didn't leave them high and dry either – he promised to say their name "out loud while making the potato salad." Creepy!


The Coolest is a cooler created by Ryan Grepper and it has already found itself in the 20 most funded projects on Kickstarter after just five days.

Why? Because it has everything you could ever want from a cooler! Check out these awesome features:


A waterproof wireless music player


A USB charger for your phone 


A light so you can see your beer in the dark 


A bottle opener that keeps the caps 

bottle opener

Plastic plates and a rust proof knife


 Split storage for ice and beer so your hand won’t get all wet when reaching in 


A rechargeable blender built into the lid




Scrubs star Zach Braff has been slammed over funding his latest film Wish You Were Here on the crowd funding site Kickstarter.

It only took 48 hours for Braff to meet his goal, no doubt because of his celebrity status. A month later, $3.1 million had been pledged by 46,000 backers for rewards such as a production diary (for a $10 contribution), a soundtrack and playlists ($20 contribution), a credit on the film ($9,000) and a line in a scene with star treatment ($10.,000)

Critics said he was exploiting Kickstarter, or just pulling a publicity stunt. One newspaper said: “Where every penny in the tiniest budget is hard won, it seems somewhat askew that an actor/director who has the means to either fund his movie himself, or sign a typical financing deal, is asking you for cash.”

Another asked: “Is this a fun way to get common people involved in the movie industry or another way for the 1-percenters to make the expenses ‘public’ while keeping the profits ‘private’?”

However, Braff said that they could only get financing from one company. Producer Stacey Sher explains the strict conditions they would have been subjected to had they gone down that road: “We had to cast mega stars in every role (whether they were right for the part or not); shoot in Vancouver for the rebate, where they suggested we ‘roll around a few palm trees’ for a movie that really is a love letter to L.A. And if we could make all of that work, Zach had to forfeit cutting rights and artistic controls that he had on Garden State. It was creatively untenable and no guarantee that we would satisfy the financing requirements.”

Do you think Zach should have reached into his own pocket?

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