Shaving is a necessary evil.

Yes, we all love having smooth and silky legs, but no one likes the nicks, razor burn or dryness that sometimes comes with shaving too. 

Now, two Swedes are trying to conquer our shaving woes with technology, and have designed and built a consumer razor that shaves your hair with an actual laser. 

The razor uses wavelengths and light to cut unwanted hair without using a blade. 

Unlike traditional laser hair-removal devices that are only able to cut through dark hair, Skarp Razor claims that it can zap away hair of any colour, on any part of your body. 

Sounds brilliant, right?

But, as always, there's a catch. Skarp Razor isn't available just yet.

It has exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal and is said to be available to buy by March 2016 for €144.